About Me

I’m going to try and keep this pretty short since I guess there’s not really that much to say. I guess I’m just another guy in the world trying to find his way through life.

Somewhere between the later years of high school and university I became very shy and reserved. I started to spend most of my time either reading or on the computer. And for a while this was fine.

But then I started to see what other people had. I realized I was letting so much of life pass me by and I wasn’t happy with where I was anymore. I was very shy. To the point where I used to avoid going out as much as possible and the few times I did (usually out of necessity) I would run between the quieter streets trying to avoid people as much as possible.

But I didn’t let myself get stuck this way. I firmly believe everyone is entitled to be happy and I fought to overcome my shyness. I made a lot of mistakes and if I had to do it again I’d do it differently but after learning all that I have and helping a lot of other people overcome shyness I started this site on how to overcome shyness to try and help as many people as possible.

I’ve spoken to a few people over the last few months and I’ve been told that I’ve helped them change their life for the better. If I achieve anything in this world I’m happy that I was able to bring a little happiness to at least one persons life.

Maybe that’s all a little cliche and corny but suck it up. If you want to learn to overcome shyness then I’m glad you’re here and if you give me half a chance I’m sure I can help you make a huge change to your life.

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