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Our complete adderall for social anxiety guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Helps mentally for sure, but if your previous anxiety included moderate/severe physical symptoms like tremors. it makes that worse.
The sweating, the look-everywhere-but-not-at-their-eyes-but-look-at-their-eyes-you’re-being-rude-but-not-too-much-stop-being-weird-oh-god, the motor mouth, the saying things/sentences/ideas before they’re fully formed, the overanalysis of the previous sentence I said, the prethinking of future responses to hypothetical things the person might say, the heart racing, and probably many others.
I’m quite convinced that ADHD is 100% the source of the anxiety. Meds prior to Adderall either did nothing for anxiety (SSRIs) or did so much damage to my personality that anxiety just happened to be improved (Benzos).

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Is he really gaining confidence though or just using a crutch to have some temporary form of it? Is he going to learn to become more confident because he’s taking Adderall? Probably not. He’s going to become reliant on his crutch for his confidence and be no different than he ever was. If anything, more helpless because he’ll think he NEEDS the medication to be his normal self.
OP, I agree. Amphetamines help me too. But they can be hard to get from the doc. I’ve found that diet pills that have Ephedra in them have the same effect.

Adderall gives me terrible anxiety, but I cant function without it. It feels as if it sucks the soul out of you. I dont even know who I am anymore because I dont know whats me and whats the drugs.
There ARE alternatives to ADHD and ADD other than Adderall that I would suggest you look into. I hope you find a better solution that doesnt cause suffering.
Miranda, try . 25 to 1 mg of Xanax with your Adderall and see if it makes a difference.

So, remember that it is true. I immediately returned to being a woman who ould concentrate. I became highly-focused and hard-working.
eryknv, I am in a similar boat. I am in school and my job and classes teach me a good deal about psych issues and medications. He wanted to give me SSRIs or anxiolytics. I have no interest in the side effects of SSRIs and I’ve tried a couple anxiolytics from friends who were on them and it made me feel dull and dumber. I tried Adderall, both XR and just regular and it alleviated all of my anxiety.

Although more and more sport organizations have banned its use, a large number of athletes continue to take Adderall to improve their performance. Also, many college students use Adderall as a cognitive stimulant that helps them to better focus on studying.
Adderall enhances the release of important neurotransmitters such as epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine and dopamine and prompts the brain to trigger the fight or flight response. The user feels refreshed and his mental clarity is improved.
Differently from the standard social anxiety therapy, which is based on anti-anxiety medications, Adderall is a brain stimulant that is possible to increase the amount of anxiety experienced by the user.

(Note: It is important to realize that the benefits of any individual drug are not fully understood until one stops taking the drug. It then becomes very apparent which aspects of your personality were being helped or hindered. Drug therapy is a timely process and takes patience!)
I began seeing the good in people and not obsessing as much about what other’s were thinking; in particular of me. However, the prozac did nothing for my social anxiety.
Prozac Klonopin: I then added klonopin to my daily menu; . 5mg twice a day.

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