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People charge thousands of pounds to sit in a room and yell social skills advice at you in a crowded room. It might work for some but personally I think the best way to work on your social skills is by a book or course you can work from in your own time. We were asked to take a look for the best social skills book a while ago. I’ve wasted a lot of money in the past on books for shyness and social skills. A lot of them will promise the world but either sit and collect dust or (worse) they’ll spit out some generic and regurgitated nonsense.

Personally we suggest using a proper training course. First of all it’s a lot more in depth than a book someones put together and (more importantly) it’ll give you a bigger motivation to actually work on it. I’d rather have you working properly with some mediocre advice than not working at all (which sadly is where most people end up) but the ideal is working at your own pace with useful information put together by people who know what they are talking about and have actual, personal experience with shyness and social anxiety.

The #1 Best Social Skills “Book”

The best “book” I’d suggest is more than a book. It’s a full on training course. Designed with people like you in mind who want to make a difference to their lives and actually act on it. It’s directed at people dealing with shyness and social anxiety. It’s specific, down to the point and does get results.

social skills book

The main chunk does include a book (alongside a few smaller books for specific topics like conversation skills) which you can work through in your own time. Personally I suggest getting through as much of it as possible as early as possible and then work through it slower on another pass. The sooner you can start putting the training into practice the better but the fresher it is in your mind the better the results you will get.

This is the main training course we’re working with at the moment and it’s getting the best results by far. I don’t have a single recommendation better than this and if you find it’s not for you then cancel for a refund – something you can’t do with a normal book.

Social Skills Books Not Specific to Shyness

The only time I would really suggest something else is if you’re not really interested in it from a shyness perspective. If we’re just talking social skills in general than I do have a suggestion or two. Note that you won’t find any of these “100 tips” kind of books on here. I personally think you’re better to have a proper understanding of a problem to deal with it rather than some fuzzy feel goods.

Crucial Conversations

social skills bookThis can be quite specific to these “crucial” conversations and not so much on a casual conversation front. It’s well regarded and a good toolkit to learn from. It coincides with my own constant preaching that reading alone won’t do anything and actual action is needed to learn something useful. It does refer to a lot of research without showing much of said research and it’s laid out like a textbook with a clear discussion of healthy human social skills broken down into useful models but neither of these are bad things.

There are lighter and easier reading options if you’re looking for a more “entry level” text on social skills but if you can make a little effort on it this is worth picking up. It’s probably not the be all and end all of social skills books but it’s certainly a contender and deserves a spot on your bookshelf (just make sure you actually read it from time to time).

Your local bookshop will likely have this one – you can also pick it up on Amazon here.

There are a bunch of books which appeal to the whole having no friends and being a shy person for life thing but I only bother to look at ones that will make an actual difference. There are thousands of books out there. Half of which are saying the same thing over and over while the other half just talks nonsense to make a buck. Be careful what you read and take it all with a pinch of salt.

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