Contacting Me

I’m happy to hear from anyone visiting the site. Whether you think I can offer some advice or you’d like to share advice of your own. Whether you want to share an experience or just say hello – I want to hear from you!

You can drop me a comment here on the site (which everyone will see) or join in the email advice and just drop me a reply there. I do my best to get back to everyone as best as I can but if I get a lot of people asking the same kind of thing then I’ll put together an article or email dealing with that particular topic. When possible though I’ll reply to you personally and I’d never use your message to show to anyone else.

So any questions, comments, thoughts, opinions or anything at all!

2 Responses to “Contacting Me”

  • Alex

    Hi, i dont really want to talk about it here but cant find an email to mail even though its mentioned, think you could email me and we can talk there? -alex

    • Chris

      Sorry Alex must of had a bit of an airhead moment there I’ll drop you an email.

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