Well it wouldn’t we a website if I didn’t have some legal jargon somewhere, right?

Well first up nobody who writes for this site is a medical professional. We are not psychologists and we don’t claim to be able to replace a medical professional. If you think your health or safety is under risk then you should seek medical help. Most of the articles, guides and videos here are based on research and personal experience. I’m not just making things up for the sake of it and all submissions to the site are carefully checked. Stories submitted by users are submitted by third party writers who want to share their experiences and advice.

All information is provided ‘as is’ without any warranties or assurances of completeness or suitability for use. In no event shall overshyness.com or its writers or agents shall be held accountable for any problems arising whatsoever from the use of materials or advice. I understand shyness and I believe myself to be ethical with how I give advice but you should never do anything which places you in harms way.

Any other websites we link to does not show endorsement, support or trust in that site. We can’t be responsible for what happens on other websites so follow all links with care. We don’t really link to anyone we don’t trust but websites can change content and owners. Some of the sites we link to might be paying us a referral or advertising fee. This means we might be compensated for any purchases you make on sites we link to. If we do this in any case it’s because we believe in the product or site. We don’t just link to anyone.

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