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This is basically an example of the kind of thing you’ll get by email.This is what the kind of emails which are going to change your life. You’ll actually have this one in your inbox already but to get you started:

[Social Academy] Day 1: The Tale of You Beating Shyness


Welcome to Social Academy.
(Which is my little name for the email advice I give)
Real glad you’re here.

I’ve worked with a lot of people to beat shyness and the
worst thing I see is when people don’t even try.

Before I start I have a question for you…

QUESTION: Why do YOU think you feel shy?

Think about the answer. Most people won’t get close.
But give it a shot anyway.

You don’t need to, but feel free to email me your answer.

I’ll give you the answer tomorrow. In the training email.



Social Academy is the result of years of experience.

Experience of coaching people. Both online and offline.
And first hand experience.

I was shy for years. Probably more than you are now.
I went for weeks barely leaving my room.
These days it’s rare I have five minutes to relax.
My social life is pretty packed.

But I wasted a LOT of time trying to get here.
And money. Those self help books added up.

But, now that I see how easy it actually is?
Well OverShyness is now my third shyness site.

I’ve been helping people for years.

Because I know exactly what shyness can do.
If you let it run your life.

I love helping people stomp their shyness.
I love reading the “thank you” emails I’ve got.
I’ll share one some time.

And, if you’re willing.

You have no idea what learning to overcome
shyness can do for your life. Jeez.

But I don’t beat around the bush.
Most of you will fail.

It’s not that it’s hard to do. It’s easy.
But people resist change. It’s human.
We avoid it. Hide from it.

Most of you won’t listen. You’ll go on
wasting away your lives.

And I hate that.

So I won’t go easy on you. If I don’t
think you’re trying I’m going to call you
on your bullshit. Publicly.

Social Academy and the training we have
can change your life. For the better.
If you ignore it then you’re basically
asking to waste your life away.

And I’ve no time for people happy to waste
their lives. I’d rather help people willing
to LIVE.

I’m not kidding either.


You get a lot of emails. No doubt about it. Some
of them get your attention. But most don’t.

I need your attention!

Partly because I’m just needy that way.
Mostly because I need you to follow what I’m
showing you.

I need you to commit to me and to this training.

If you want to send me a photo of you wearing a
silly hat I wouldn’t complain either. But that’s
just because I like silly hats.

But in order for me to help you,
I need you to play your part.

You know the saying: “You can lead a horse to
water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Same applies here.

Every email I send you will have a subject line
prefixed with:

[Social Academy] Day X: ______________

When you see that email hit your inbox – open
it and read it.

You’ll get one “bite sized” email from me each day
for the next four weeks.

This is on purpose. So you can easily consume
each email (lesson).

Reading these emails (and doing the tasks) is
a small commitment on your behalf.
Trust me. It cost me thousands and years of my
life to learn this stuff myself.

Don’t let the side down.

I’ve got your back … but only if you stick
to the game plan.



Please don’t bloody delete *any* of these
emails. 🙂

Check your junk or spam mail folder if you think
you’re missing an email – just in case.

Make sure you’ve got me coming into your inbox.
You might want to create a folder called ‘Social Academy’
In case you need to read over anything again.

Each day when a training email comes in:
1. Read it.
2. If there is task for you to do – do it.
3. Then archive the email in your Social Academy folder.

I know some of you won’t want to wait each day.
And I respect that.

I don’t buy this “patience is a virtue” thing.

If you want to jump the gun and get started
then you can use the SSA system.
Which you can read more about here:


Working with that from the start will certainly
give you a “leg up”. In fact you can start seeing
changes within hours.

But even if you’re using it still keep an eye on
the emails. I’ll reference the system a lot
so you’ll still learn something.

The nitty-gritty of Social Academy starts tomorrow.

Be Bold. Make Things Happen.

Chris “Going to a BBQ” Malone