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When Sarah Lanners moved to George Washington University in Washington, D. , from her California home, she didnt know anyone. She connected with her roommates right away, and she appreciated how open everyone was in the early days, willing to talk, befriend people and hang out together. But over time, as acquaintances and dorm-mates settled into friendships, loneliness and homesickness took hold of her. Returning to school after winter break was rough, she recalls.
Now a senior, Lanners can identify contributing factors to her loneliness as a freshman.

While social media is a great way to feel connected in your friends’ life, be careful. People tend to share only the most positive aspects of their life and often pictures or posts make their life sound more amazing than it really is. It can be disheartening to see your friends having such a great time at college while you are struggling, but remember, social media does not paint the whole picture.
The best way to stop feeling lonely is to make new friends. This might be easier for some, but even extremely introverted people need friends.

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How To Help Your College Student Cope With Loneliness, Without Hovering

So this week of happy stuff was so much more than just good ole chance acting in my favor. This was the week when I began to make those changes to my mindset, my attitude, and how I acted as I went about each & every day.
I believe that because all winter long, I was thinking that I didnt like Northeastern, and that I felt super alone, thats what kept happening I kept feeling alone; I didnt do anything to change that, and I kept disliking my large-sized school more and more.

Feeling lonely in college (and in life) is really normal. Sometimes we feel alone because we havent yet found our tribe, and arent sure we fit in. Sometimes its because weve had a bad day, and even though were physically surrounded with a few good friends, our emotions cause us to feel like we are isolated. Just transitioning to college (or back home, or after returning from study abroad, etc. ) can temporarily exacerbate our feelings of loneliness. Recognizing our feelings for what they are, and the context around them, can go a long way towards tolerating those feelings.

Its only 8 p. So now you think to yourself what you did wrong, what caused me to be in this situation? What caused me to not be close with anyone at a place that seems light-years away from my hometown? Does anyone here actually care about me? Its all my fault that my college life sucks right now, isnt it? So many questions, and the only things to answer them are the monsters in your head.
Its college! The promised land, the place you worked all of high school for, but why do you feel the way you do?.

Students are well served when they find study buddies and study groups. In addition to helping cultivate academic success, these peers can become good friends. As students juggle all that is required of them, they benefit from cultivating habits of good self-care, including getting adequate rest, maintaining a healthy diet, getting vigorous exercise, and taking part in stress-reducing activities like mindful meditation and yoga. Deep reflection assists in any decision-making process and helps with cultivating stillness, self-reliance, presence, and peace of mind, which all enhance the joys of solitude. Find your passion; follow your bliss.

Are you new to college? Are you a freshman and feeling lonely? You were the most popular in high school and now you are one in a million in this new university. Are you feeling homesick? Well you are not alone.
Also, its okay to be alone. No one is making you go hang out and feel awkward. Her Campus says that you should acknowledge the fact that youre feeling alone and try to reflect on what is making you feel that way.
Push yourself to attend some of the dorm events throughout the week.

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A viewer who is feeling lonely at a small liberal arts college wants to know how she can make friends. So far she hasn’t been able to fit in. Marie has one tip that will help her make a bunch of pals fast!


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I’ve read dozens of books on happiness. us/Happiness
Im looking for unique advice. I’ve heard the generic stuff like join school clubs a milliion times before. Frankly, I don’t find 99% of the clubs interesting or worth joining at my school. I view it as a time sink even though I shouldn’t. Let me know! Greatly appreciated.

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Its scary to reach out to people. But sometimes saying just hi is the best thing you can do.

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