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Dh and I have been married 10 years and together 13. He is a wonderful man who I totally adore but the last year has just been awful for me and I can’t see it changing. He works constantly and when he is here he is either glued to his phone or ear plugs on with his laptop.

Ashley’s answer is a profound observation on human relationships. When isolation infects a marriage, a husband and a wife exclude each other. When you’re excluded, you have a feeling of distance, a lack of closeness, and little real intimacy. You can share a bed, eat at the same dinner table, watch the same TV, share the same checking account, and parent the same childrenand still be alone. You live together, but you don’t share life.
Because of the alarming number of couples in good marriages who are unaware of this problem, I must state forcefully a sobering truth: Every marriage will naturally move toward a state of isolation.

feeling lonely in marriage

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Many of my clients discuss a feeling of loneliness within their marriages. Often their spouses look at them with confusion or contempt, asking how its possible to feel alone when they are in fact, in the same house or even room with them a great deal of the time.
When you feel lonely within your marriage, you dont feel like youre part of anything bigger than yourself. Either way, when it is just you and your spouse talking to one another, you dont feel close or connected, and you dont feel secure and safe.

A prominent reason for modern day divorces is a busy schedule of the couples. You and your man are so busy with your careers or with family matters that you hardly get any time to spend together. This creates a vacuum and time only widens that gap. When you sit back and think, you could feel the loneliness all around you.
Your mother is seriously ill and you are worried. However, your spouse doesnat make an effort to ease your anxiety nor does he acknowledge the pain you are undergoing.

Much more problematic is when you feel lonely and isolated because in fact, you are under emotional attack. If he criticizes you often, belittles you, tells you that you are nothing without him and threatens to leave or hurt you, then this is emotional abuse. In this setting its not unusual for the same man to isolate you from friends and family in order to keep control over the relationship. This is lonely and frightening. This is a relationship you need to get out of.
Lastly, but certainly not least, is the woman who really cannot tolerate being alone.

The more detached the passive aggressive appears to be during conflict the more anxiety you begin to feel over the realization that this person is not emotionally invested. This is the most important person in your life, refusing to do what other couples are able to navigate. marital conflict and connect emotionally.
The passive aggressive is capable of making a connection but only up to a certain point. When they begin to feel unsafe with their own skewed emotions they disconnect and leave you with more anxiety and doubt in yourself and the relationship.

I know the difficulty of what Im about to say. Love is as much about the will as it is about the emotions. Wake up each day with a mission to love your spouse and kids no matter what you get in return. Encourage them, do kind things for them, serve them, and pray for them. Challenge yourself to do something intentionally loving for each of them for 40 days. I know it will be hard, but do it and see what happens.
Weve married over 6 years . But I was always feeling lonely from the start .

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Gary Chapmansays in his book desperate marriages hesays your environment this can affectyou but it doesn’t have to control youand so you have the power to get outthere and to do some things to overcomethat feeling of loneliness you knowwhether it’s getting getting a hobbytaking control of your own happinessyeah and you know you shouldn’t feelalone in your marriage this probablyhappens more often than it actuallyshould one of my good friends dr.


In “Married And Still Feeling Lonely” we will explore tools and skills for creating intimacy in relationship by communicating about what you need and want in your relationship.

Struggles in this life are real. What do you do when you’re marriage is crumbling, your family is in strife and you feel and lonely? Be encouraged today. Do you have a question that you want Don to answer? Ask it at New videos posted every week! today so you never miss a video: Watch our full playlist to see what other questions Don answers: asks:
“Hi Don, I am a backslider.

Hello from Michigan! My husband and I are staying in this hotel that overlooksLake Michigan – it’s gorgeous.
Last night we got to see the NorthernLights here which was really cool. So it’s
gonna be a really cool week!I’ve told you girls how I quit my job to travel and speak full time, but what I haven’ttold you is that while I’ve been on
those speaking tours for months out ofthe year, I have struggled with insane,
intense loneliness.


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