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Just in case anyone is confused by our completely stunning graphics – this is not a dating site which is going to be able to connect you to million of people worldwide. We’re also, luckily, not one of those rubbish sites determined to make you a pen-pal or internet friend.

Because really?

I mean, really?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.We’re not here to give people platitudes or useless things which are not going to make any difference. If you feel like you haven’t any friends or you think you need help getting some then you don’t need that crap. But it is 100% something I can help you work on. If you can honestly ask yourself “How can i make friends” then I’m hoping you can want to improve your social life well enough to actually do something about it. It’s the same reason as I think living with social anxiety is just stupid.

Learning how to make friends is not about finding a website to give you someones contact details or about getting some random advice which isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s about actually learning to improve your social skills and confidence. You know all those people around you that you see making friends so easily?. Don’t let yourself sit there and waste your time thinking I have no friends and I have no social life, get up, and change that.

i want to make friendsIt’s not that they were born with some amazing super power or anything. It’s because they either learned their social skills at a young age or they’ve relearned them and kept in practice. Whether that was subconscious or not only  they’ll really know. In general society expects you to learn this stuff when you’re younger but some people don’t for various reasons. And it can happen just as fluetly as growing into social skills, to not.

So if you don’t learn it as a kid are you stuck with social anxiety and being lonely for the rest of your life?

Heck no.

You can learn how to make friends wherever you go easier than you might imagine. I went from not being able to walk down a busy street to chatting away to people without really thinking about it. I went from never having a social life or having any friends to being that person who is just overly familiar with strangers and chats to anyone. I’ve disturbed more than a few people by this point but it’s led to a pretty busy social life and I wouldn’t change it.

Making friends online is one thing but sometimes you just need to go out there and meet people with often either the same likes and interests are you and they just fit the puzzle and fall into a the category of ‘friends. Now I’m not at all saying don’t make friends online at all, I’m just saying keep a balance. You can just as easily chat to you online friends as you can meet and chat to your friends outside, at work, or at college for example.

My point in telling you all of this is because it’s important you know that whether you want to know how to make friends at school, college, work or just standing in the middle of the street anyone can learn to do it. Heck, if I can anyone can. The idea of shutting myself away in my room for weeks on end was pretty standard to me not too long ago, it didn’t take much of a thought I felt like it was just the way I was and no one can ever accept that. But since I learned how easy it was to learn how to make friends I can only look back and laugh at all that time I wasted as well as wish I had looked into this training program earlier in my life.

So if you really want to learn to make new friends? Don’t waste your time meeting people online that you’ll never see again. Take our training and learn how to improve your social life and make friends in just days. Trust me your life will change for the better. Maybe you’ll end up like me and not only helping yourself but becoming capable to help others.


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