How To Not Be Shy Around Girls

Our complete how to not be shy around girls guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Shy guys tend to find a girl they like and then idolize her. Without even talking to her they imagine her as an angel and fantasize about having her as a girlfriend.
You end up building up an fake image of her in your mind. When you put her on a pedestal like this it makes it impossible for you to be normal around her.
Instead you should remind yourself that attractive girls aren’t perfect princesses. They are flawed smelly humans just like everyone else.
Your shyness with women is probably influenced in a big way by your general shyness around talking to new people.

The very first and the most difficult part you need to get rid of is the belief that she is very hot and you look average or you have less money or she will reject you. If these beliefs are already in your brain then get rid of it because it will help to not be shy around girls.
According to various surveys and the from the experiences of dating gurus it has been found out that the feeling of inferiority is the main cause of shyness with both boys and girls.

how to not be shy around girls

3. Take Girls Off The Pedestal

No matter how much a woman likes you, if you dont learn how not to be shy around girls you will never be able to seduce them.
Being shy around women is something absolutely normal and it is based on the fear of being rejected at some point although this is not the only reason, as we will show you later.
The main point here is not only to overcome our shyness, but to learn how to be more self-confident, understand how things work around us, lose our deepest fears, and succeed in life.

Standing at the edge of a cliff and talking yourself I. to jumping off. I literally couldnt have said it better myself. I get that feeling EVERY time I even think about asking a girl for her number or a date or anything really. Cooper, you are an inspiration to shy guys everywhere. Ive been interested in girls since a very young age, but I always was to shy to talk to almost any girl unless they spoke to me first
I should include that I had 5 girls that Ive called girlfriends before this, but I was never intimate with any of them.

What happens is you create this impossible fake image of her in your mind and that fact alone makes it impossible for you to just be yourself around her.
No matter how amazing you think a girl is, she does have flaws and she is human. Deal with it realistically and your shyness wont get in the way.
It doesnt matter who you are because meeting anyone for the first time is going to make you a little nervous in the least.
In other words, you arent anything special because you are shy.

Guys are supposed to make the very first moves naturally. No matter the level of your shyness as a girl, you must always make the first move and not the girl.
Every cute girl gets attention from several guys at the same time, so you are not the only guy wooing her. If you delay in making the first necessary move, someone else will.
This means you must learn to be assertive, mostly on yourself, and whenever you get the chance, make the initial move. It doesn’t matter if she rejects you, it will be an experience that can help you get better results the next time you try.

From all of my past cumulative experiences with dealing with shy guys and girls, I have realized that in most cases, the main cause of shyness is actually because they feel inferior. If you somehow feel that you are of less value than the person whom you are interacting with, then you would naturally feel shy and nervous when you are around her.
A simple way to illustrate this would be to imagine a plump or unattractive girl whom you know of. When you are around this girl, do you actually feel any sort of anxiety or nervousness? In most cases most probably not.

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