How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Now, if you’ve landed on this page then I’m sure some level of thought must have brought you here. It could have been a small question and it could have been hours of thinking and self-consciousness, maybe you’re just looking for a solution for something you think is not a big deal, or maybe you’re the person who’s felt this for so long that you’re feeling like you’re on the edge of venting, and just want it to stop.

Well, what ever it is you have come to the right place, because not only can we help you figure out how to overcome social anxiety. But we will help you a long the way. But you’ll have to be your motivation we’re here to show you the way. If you want to find out how to overcome social anxiety we have a training program which has been created for that exact purpose. But I’m not here to sell you this or say it’s the best thing in the whole damn world. Nope. Im here with some facts, some feed back, reviews and proof of my own being to help you realise and make your own decision.

AnxietyNow we all think we know exactly what the social anxiety disorder is and what all it’s symptoms are but thats not really true. Although the social anxiety disorder can have a greater impact on your life with more visible symptoms than shyness, it doesn’t mean its impossible to overcome. Or even difficult for that matter. Feeling extreme fear due to an event that’s about to happen or you’re already in the middle of is social anxiety.

I remember the feeling of confusion and panic I felt in the blink of eye when everything used to go from normal to a blur. I remember a risen pulse and the struggle to breathe normally. I have embarrassed my self on occasions, and in from of friends, family and even complete strangers. But here I am now, I can talk to almost anyone at work (except for a few evil individuals), because I cant please everyone, but that’s okay. And a part of learning how to overcome social anxiety is to accept that.

You might have looked into the mannerism of those who suffer social anxiety disorder and by now figured out that maybe you’re one of those who feel this way. This can quickly lead to you asking yourself ” why do I have social anxiety ?”.

Do You Have Social Anxiety ?

You can ask this in a form of a biological explanation, or pretend that its something that you were genetically coded to feel and ponder upon the though for ages. Or make the whole process a little bit easier and take out Social Anxiety test. Which ever way you choose long or short don’t start it with complete negative thoughts. You need to know that the disorder is not a disorder and thats not how I’d like to refer to it. Yes, it’s something that needs attention and action against, but you’re not mentally sick.

To a certain subconscious level we all place ourselves somewhere on the social rating board, this can be anywhere between popular to completely unwanted. And thats just how life works, In reality you move on this scale consistently up and down or even forget it, but the problem is when you place your self somewhere on this imaginative scale, somewhere you’re unhappy, and don’t move.

It’s either turning up to a phychiatrist and having hours of conversation starting from A-Z or stopping for a moment and asking your self do you have social anxiety? Because getting the answer to the question is a little bit easier and less time consuming then actually overcoming social anxiety.

Why do I have social anxiety ?

As important as it is that you figure out and find the root of the problem here, it’s equally important that you don’t spend any of that time in a whining about the ‘why me’ kind of situation.Never ending cycle

It’s an occurring and reoccurring theme where I have seen and heard of people who have spent too much time wondering “why do I have social anxiety“, and not enough or any time at all overcoming social anxiety. After overcoming my own issues of social anxiety, and when I actually got the chance to help others which the pathway I found was the most useful, I also had the opportunity to speak to these people one on one. By the end of their month in training with overshyness the most common and first thing I always got to hear was, “I should have done this earlier.

Too much time has been spend in dark rooms, bathroom stalls, empty houses, and tucked inside the cosy safety of blankets and not enough training in overcoming social anxiety.

Anxiety can be caused in unexpected situations but in the bigger picture it’s caused by the confirmed feeling that you are lesser or even nothing compared to others. Figuring out what the triggers are and what causes you, personally to be anxious even the slightest to the most extreme means you have a starting point. After that you can start wheel of motivation within yourself and begin to overcome social anxiety.

So what are the treatments avaialable?

When you have asked yourself do I have social anxiety and figured out why, naturally you would want to find out how to get rid of it. I know for a fact some people are just happy knowing that thats whats wrong and accepting that it’s just the way they are, but that feeling for temporary satisfaction is exactly that, Temporary!. When you’re approached by someone you’d love to talk to but cant even get a word or even a muffled “hello” and feel embarrassed, accepting thats the way it is wont be enough.
Anxious womenTo find the social anxiety treatment that suits you specifically a lot of your time can be taken up. Turning up to groups, appointments doing once a week questionares and even taking the wrong advice from books there are many ways. Of course the way that I chose was this online training program, but I didn’t just guess that this would work and gave it my all in the first go.

Unlike yourself, I didn’t have a website to land on, So going from group to group soon began feeling like going from door to door begging for some decent and easy way out of feeling this sort of confused self hatred type of feeling. Shrinks took a lot of money and time but just not enough to solve my problem, and Social anxiey medication? we’ll let’s not even go into detail how that made me feel.

You know where I found the solutions and tricks and a suitable social anxiety treatment to me? Right here, The training program was perfect.

I didn’t have to throw my self in the deep end and be scared of the consequences of drowning in my own fears, Step by step but at just the right pace, the program offered progress, and not just progress which was visible to me. I mean real progress. The kind where I met new people, learned new things, experiences different adventures and still landed safely on a bouncy castle. That’s the kind of progress you need. That’s treatment right there.

Social Anxiety and Dating

This is not going to be your average pick up guide or the dating site kind of advice on how to find yourself the perfect  missing in your life. It’s more about how to get to that stage and how to deal with your social awkwardness or social anxiety. Social anxiety and dating are in a way related to one another. Whilst you’re dealing with one you’re learning to do the other. For example if it was a dating class it wouldn’t specifically teach you on how to overcome social anxiety but they would in a way teach you to deal with approaching people in social surrounding, or the way to act in appropriately in a certain social surrounding.

Well, in the training program when we talk of the butterfly trick for example, we are aiming to get you to overcome your social anxiety, and when you do that, you’ll in process learn how to try and react a little more calmly and be less self degrading when that beautiful girl or guy approaches you. Even better, when you approach them.

I think planning what you’ll do to overcome your social anxiety is a great idea. But actually taking action and making a change in your life to finally move on is a much more ballsy thing to do. Yeah, I said it. Ballsy. You need guts, it’s not an impossible task or mission, it just requires time and effort. If you have read some of our post you will know by now that over shyness and the training we help you guys get access to, is not something that’s everyones cup of tea. It’s a waste of your time and money if you’re here thinking that you’ll wake up tomorrow morning and be “cured” of your anxiety then you should probably reconsider continuing to read.

What you’ll find here is reality. How loneliness feels like when you have social anxiety issues and how to appreciate being alone, you will find are two very different things. Techniques and topics to use and talk about which will help you uncover your true self comfortably. I’m not going to provide you with 2015s best chat up lines for socially anxious people, because that’s just not a thing. I want to give you honest and real advice and a program you can actually make a difference in your life with.

Find someone who finds you. I know some of you might read that and go HUH? what?, but here’s my anxiety notes

I have a friend, a close friend actually, so suffered from social anxiety. When she finally agreed to take my advice and took the training program seriously, she slowly got out of her shell. Now, at this point she had not completely overcome her social anxiety in fact this was just around 2 weeks after she started the over shyness training. She found a man. I’m no match maker, but I sure as heck felt like one. I mean I didn’t introduce the guy to her or her to him, in fact I didn’t know him, but the confidence that I have in the training was resulting right in front of my eyes. Her smile after this was like a trophy for a great achievement.

So even though she found him, her found her. After being around her and going out to quiet walks and such a few times he realised and became slightly aware of the way she got shaky and sweaty and weird around him the second she got nervous. He found this completely adorable. When they got to talk about it he helped her in so many ways believe in herself.

That’s sometimes just the right way of motivation you need. Someone who doesn’t want to change you but sees you for you. To get to that point and be able to let someone find you, you’ll need to get out there first. The first step is yours and we’ll give you the top hat and shiny shoes. So lets go for it.

Social Anxiety Symptoms

From the start back in the the days when I was out searching for answers in the deep dark lies of social media and society, I learned that along with many common symptoms of social anxiety, there are also those which will by this time go unnoticeable by you. This is because you’ll just be so used to acting or behaving or feeling that way it’s just too embedded for you to notice its actually because you’re socially uncomfortable and it makes you anxious.

Sweating and shaking are more on the noticible side of symptoms because they are ones that make you feel much more embarrased and show more involuntarily. But there are those types of mini symptoms of your social anxiety that if you start to notive them when you’re doing it, you suddenly stop.

This type of self awareness can make it much easier for you to deal with controling your social anxiety symptoms. Do you know what’s more impressive? . A friend of mine actually used his small, what he called “visible weaknesses” as his strength. I seen him going from panicking about his symptoms to accepting them, controlling them and being honest about them. His girlfriend found his honesty adorable actually, probably why they’ve been together for so long now after he has overcome his social anxiety.

Social Anxiety Support

There are support groups out there and near by, all you got to do is turn up. Well that’s a start, convincing yourself to turn up can be a whole different story. I looked for support within my family or friends because these were the people I already had in my life, but turned out that I was not completly even ready to explain how I felt. The sort of adrenaline rush I felt just because I got asked to answer a question in class (which I even knew the answer for) was too unusual for me to have to sit and explain, and I was afraid I would put them in an uncomfortable situation when I’d expect them to understand.

The fear of burdening those I care about with my own issues also felt like I have no choice left, no ones going to help me overcome my social anxiety disorder. Plus I thought who knows if they’ll even understand me, imagine after all that effort that silence before I began to explain that no one even knows what I mean when I say I panic, I fear.Anxiousness

This is why we need friends, group of people or even one person who you know will get where you’re coming from. That’s kind of the idea behind having anxiety groups. So I thought hey, I’ll turn up, as if there was nothing to lose. But I did.

You of course don’t have to base your decisions of going to groups rather than taking out an online program. But this now, today, I not only have my own experiences to speak confidently about the use of support groups compared to the social anxiety training program we have. I can speak confidently because I’ve met people,  I’ve spoken to people about their social anxiety problems, symptoms and their initial attempts of trying to overcome it.

Sometimes you just need the right amount of push and peace to get you through the huddle. Like I have said time and time again you really don’t need to be thrown into the deep end with what’s already excessive fear. You need motivation, training and then your own time and some daily activities and training to get you there.

I found my means of social anxiety support in but with a lot of time wasted looking for it. You can start now. So why wait?!

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