I mentioned before that I’d bought self help books?

That was a bit of an understatement. I’d spent a fortune on trying to make a change to my life. I was just to afraid of the fact that I have no friends now and there is no way out. Silly me.

I knew everything in my life could be better if I had better social skills so I poured everything I had into it. Although I did find a very small number of social skills books you might find worthy looking at. So not all 100% negative.

But Books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, sessions, talks, coaching, and then there’s the medication, just don’t. Don’t waste your money and time!.

no friends anymore

So of course I’d become pretty jaded. I thought that was it – I was just shy and nothing was going to change that.

Then I learned about Sean’s system.

And I learned about Neuroplasticity.

Basically scientists recently discovered that our brains and adapt and rewire themselves. It’s basically reprogramming your brain.

And Sean’s system exploits that to target specifically target shyness and social skills.

I was still skeptical when Sean explained he could basically reprogram my brain but I went with it.

His “system” as he calls it gave me a social life in just days and, hell, it changed my life.

But I was where you are now.

The amount of times I’d got my hopes up only to see no change… I couldn’t keep track.

i feel like i have no friends anymore

So I’ll make you a deal.

If you really want to see the kind of changes I did I can help you out.

If you’re sitting there thinking “I have no friends anymore” where and how do I find friends.

A way to “supercharge” your social life.

But, if I give it out to everyone I’ll probably get chased for giving away free information from books and courses I shouldn’t. Not to mention if people recognized the methods I suggest they might know you’re working through a shyness system which isn’t great.

So I’ll be limiting the download to people who come through this site and are using Sean’s system. I’ll maybe make it a public download later but not for a while at least.

I’ll also be limiting the number I allow each month I don’t want too many people at once doing it or it might take away from the effectiveness. Though if you still see this message I have at least one more for this month.

Get his system (I’ll link it below) and send me an email (Contact link is also below) with the number it gives you and I’ll send you my notes. These are the notes I took when I first went through the system and combine everything he has with everything I’d learned over the last few years. I think it’s the best combination to get the best results. My usual goal for people I’ve helped is a growing social life within just 27 days.

… Click here to get Sean’s system.

i have no close friends anymore


I know most people won’t actually do anything about this. They know they deal with shyness and/or anxiety. They know they have no friends, no social life and they know they’re just wasting their time. Treading water in life.

Most people are so resistant to change and doing anything uncomfortable they won’t do anything about it. I don’t understand the logic myself.

“I have anxiety but it’s fine I’ll just save this page for later.”

“I have no friends but it’s cool I can just watch this TV show.”

“I don’t have a social life, it’s fine I can play World of Warcraft and talk to people there.”

or waste all the left over time panicking like ” I have no friends anymore what do I do”

There’s really nothing better I can suggest for getting a social life, than this training program.
And trust me the grass really is greener. Stop hmming and hawwing and do something about it already.