Life of a Loner

So I’ve been in exactly that situation before. I know what it’s like to feel lonely and feel like you have no friends. In fact I know exactly what it’s like and did for a good number of years. I was a pretty shy girl all throughout the beginning of my educational life in high school- so shy in fact that I had a below 5% attendance rate for my classes because I couldn’t bring myself to face anyone and had to do all my studying online.

This became pretty bad, If I was ever late even by mistake for less than 10 minutes i ended up hiding away most of that day in cafeteria and bunking class because I was too scared people would look at me when I walked in late in the morning.

I’ll never forget the massive fear of the heads of my classmates rising up to the attention of one person walking in late especially that person being me. That fear made me miss so much of my school life. I didn’t even want to walk in once everyone was seated down so I tried to turn up earlier just so I could walk in and get seated with the rest of the class without being noticed.

I wasted a good chunk of my life away and didn’t know how to meet new people or even hang out with the few I did know. I couldn’t keep a conversation going and ‘knowing’ this I didn’t even want to try and end up in that awkward situation, so I completely avoided it – there was a while there when I couldn’t walk down a busy street. In fact I remember going to online forums years ago and asking them why do I have no friends?

And why do I tell you this? Because it’s important you know just how easy it can be to turn this kind of thing around. If you want to become the kind of person who is soon going to be living without regrets, over things that don’t even matter. Then keep reading.
i feel like I have no friends

Useless shyness quote #324153

Sod all this useless nonsense about learning how to cope without friends or what to do when you’re feeling lonely and alone. If you’re lonely and have no friends (or worse if you have friends but are lonely still?) then you need to make a change. No, I’m not talking about some of this useless mumbo jumbo “just get out there and go to the party” advice that gets thrown around far too much.

In fact I’ve a pretty easy strategy here.

What to Do if Your’e Lonely and Have No Friends Super Awesome Strategy #1

There, I thought if I gave it a really long name it might pull people away from all these shyness quotes that make them feel better about themselves for five minutes. I’m not here to tell you that it’s OK to be lonely or explain why you feel lonely or cuddle you for not having any friends. No pity involved.

I’ve wasted enough of my life away hiding away in my own shy little bubble.

I’m here to do what I’ve been doing for years. Teach people how to beat the crap out of shyness. Feeling like you have no friends? Feeling lonely and alone (which by the way are two different terms) is just a waste of your time. Especially when it’s so easy to learn to make friends, friends you’ll actually be okay hanging out with. If you’re here for a little ego boost pick me up though – I’m sure I can scramble something up.

There. This is exactly what most sites do. When they’re not providing bad information which is going to hurt your social ability more than help it – they just plaster a bunch of motivational rubbish around the place and make you feel better about being there.

What to do when you’re feeling lonely? Just look at this shiny new poster on Facebook.

What to do if you’re lonely and have no friends? Just read over some of these quotes until you forget that you’re wasting your time away.

Oh and don’t think I’m just complaining about all this useless advice without actually offering a solution. I mean it when I say I’ve been working with people and their shyness for years. You should check out the I have no friends shyness training if you actually want to feel like you can make friends wherever you go.

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