7 Things You Should Know While Dating Someone With Social Anxiety

We all have grown a fondness for a few introverts around us. They have a different kind of charm, isn’t it? But there is a difference between a person who’s just an introvert and someone who has social anxiety. You have to be extremely careful if you think you have fallen for a person with a social anxiety so that you don’t worsen it if you at least cant help. Here are a few things you MUST keep in mind.

1. There is a difference between ‘social anxiety’ and ‘being shy or introvert’. Social anxiety is when a person is consistently afraid of a social situation or being put in a spot. A better understanding of the whole issue of social anxiety is very important.

2. Words of encouragement aren’t enough. If you think that positive and inspirational words or stories for that matter can help in any way then you’re wrong. No pep talk can help the situation. Just be on their side let them do their thing.

3. Don’t make them feel like it’s their fault or in any way, they are responsible for what’s happening. This will only worsen the situation.

4. Don’t make it seem to them that what they are dealing with is an easy thing. The more you normalise the problem the more difficult it will seem to them. Slowly understand the problem work your way out together taking professional help.

5. If you feel that putting them is a social situation just randomly is going to help them learn to socialize. In fact, you might just traumatize them for life. Instead, you should listen to them try to understand what they want.

6. Give them their space whenever required. You might have to understand from time to time that people with social anxiety need their own space.

7. Studies have proven that people with social anxiety think their friendships are worse than they actually are. You must from keep explaining it to them in subtle ways that this is not the case and that situations are better than what they think.

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