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Other than that, I understand you. I always felt good alone, and actually thought spending time alone is cool. BUT I do feel lonely now, after I lost my soulmate, he left me. I spend most of my time alone, somehow Im not even motivated to talk to people. Is this belief right and wise, or am I trying to mold myself into some kind of superhero?
I tried to cram everything into my memory on how to go about it but it didnt seem to work, so I just started doing things impulsively.

I have not had any contact since then with my mother – who I now call ex mother – at all and don’t intend to. I am on the disability pension and struggling to survive as I pay private rental. Even tho she owns 2 houses – she told me she has not left me any provision in her will to ensure I do not have to be concerned about my future. I stopped contact with my younger sister about 8 years ago.
I am now a divorcee without family and friends. Nobody to talk to at all.

no family and no friends

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I don’t like music, art, anything, sometimes might try to watch tv series or shows but my attention span is short and I get bored or tired so yes, just sit or lay in bed all day, get drunk and have some benzos when I can, like now, when I don’t have to work on my thesis.
Like I said, no interest in ANYTHING, I’m not kidding or exaggerating.
Don’t know others, don’t talk to others, don’t even have interests to bond with others.
Go see a therapist. If you’re in school, your school should provide you with free access to one.

I’m new to these forums too. Just been reading a few stories before getting around to posting my own.
All I can say is, you are not alone. I’m 38 now and I feel exactly the same way.
First of all you ain’t invisible. I read your message and I know it was a year ago so I hope you’re all good now. but if you are still feeling lonely, know that there are millions of friends out there you havnt met yet! I live in Sydney too, I know it can be a cold place, even though it’s the summer land, and I would so happy to hang out and catch up and be an ear to lend.

Ruth Sutherland, the chief executive of Relate, said the survey revealed a divided nation with many people left without the vital support of friends or partners.
While the survey found 85% of individuals questioned felt they had a good relationship with their partners, 19% had never or rarely felt loved in the two weeks before the survey.
“Whilst there is much to celebrate, the results around how close we feel to others are very concerning. There is a significant minority of people who claim to have no close friends, or who never or rarely feel loved something which is unimaginable to many of us,” said Sutherland.

hey there is nothing wrong with you, you have a good sense of when people take advantage of ones kindness,these days you have to be carefull who you trust, its hard, being introverted is not such a bad thing.
i was just looking at pics of my “best friend” with all her other friends, all those friends were my friends too, as a matter of fact we were closer and i introduced them, now they all get together and no1 calls me. even when my “bf” hangs out with them she never invites me and always has a stupid excuse.

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To Help me: on Social Anxiety: Channel: anxiety, the friend killer. Well, I have no friends in the real world. My story is a bit more complicated than that, if you get a chance, view the full story here: in this video I share my life with social anxiety and how not having friends has affected me.

Viewers call in on the subject on loneliness.

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