Privacy Policy

We’re open and transparent about how we use your information. If you leave a comment on the website it may become openly visible to everyone who visits the website to read. If you contact us by email we will not use your name and/or email without your consent. If you submit advice or experiences to us we may display it publicly after requesting your consent.

Our server tracks basic information about its visitors. Basics like (but not limited to) your IP address, browser version, the time you visited and the webpage you came from previously. We don’t track who you are personally nor do we want to. It’s basically so we can monitor the statistics of visitors on the site and what kind of articles people are most interested in etc… We track browser information to make sure everything is displaying properly whenever possible.

We might, on some pages, use browser cookies to store information about your preferences. Advertising partners might also use cookies and web beacons to provide you with features and related content. We do our best to only partner with people we trust but their cookies and tracking is subject to their policies.

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