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Explode Your Social Life in 27 Days

Most sites offering "shyness advice" get a page or two on the topic followed by some bad advice. Some real bad advice.

Advice you might of heard yourself before.

"Just get over it"

"Go talk to hundreds of strangers"

I won't get into why this is horrible advice just here. I start to rant about all the bad advice I see bumbling around the internet.

Instead I'm going to offer you a way to actually do something about your shyness.

I dealt with that crap for years myself. I wasted so much time sitting doing nothing and for what?

So every month we start an Over Shyness Online class. Our training is daily (we don't break for weekends) designed for people dealing with shyness and put together by the entire team combining decades of experience.

We've had thousands of messages over the past few years about how we've changed their lives. We'd like to add your name to that list.

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What do I get?

Daily training designed to help you overcome your shyness. You won't see an instant change after just 1 day but we guarantee if you follow it properly you'll change your life around.

We give you techniques and training methods to improve your social skills without the stupid advice like "just get over it" or "go talk to loads of strangers". We also change your mindset and help you understand your shyness in order to beat it.

What qualifies you?

Dealt with shyness for years. Overcame shyness myself. Years of running shyness training courses and a track record of thousands of people coached through shyness over the last couple of years.

The new training also combines the experience of the full Over Shyness team combining decades of experience.

How does the class work?

You can do the class in your own time and mostly from your computer.

Most of the training is by email with some video etc... and will be sent to your inbox each day.

Some parts will also be web seminars which will be at set times (we give as much notice as possible).