Become More Social in 2018

Our complete become more social guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

I meet guys who constantly struggle with talking to others and want to know the quick fix that’s going to make them a social butterfly. When I say “You have to push yourself to talk to everyone you encounter through your daily life,” they are taken back and don’t believe it. They think I’m giving a cop-out answer and there’s some hidden truth that I’m not sharing.

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Ive stopped doing it and Im back at square 1. My problem isnt approaching a girl standing / sitting alone but a group of people with a particular girl Im interested in. I know practice makes perfect but every time(literally) I approach a women we converse for a short period of time. Then the conversation goes dry and Im at lost for words.

become more social

How To Become More Social Instantly

There are lots of ways to improve yourself. Below are the general social benefits I think they all lead to.

A word of warning first: I think indirectly investing in yourself can be a powerful way to improve socially, but it does have limits. The biggest is that in the end, your actual social skills still matter more than anything. You can be extremely well-rounded and accomplished, but if your awkwardness or personality flaws somehow overpower that fact, people will still judge you negatively. And lots of socially capable live pretty mundane lives ‘on paper’, but they’re still fun and likable. This article isn’t saying everyone needs to become incredibly talented and colorful. However, if two people have equal social skills, the one who has more going for them will probably do better.

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ShynessAnother big way to improve is to do so indirectly by becoming a more interesting, well-rounded person. When I think of people I’d consider well-liked, they do have good social skills, but beyond that they also have genuine things going for them. You can take months off from practicing your social skills much, learn a bunch of new things to make yourself more well-rounded, and then when you go back to talking to people, find it’s all a little easier. However, if two people have equal social skills, the one who has more going for them will probably do better. For example, being creative is great. You don’t have to struggle as much to think of things to say. They usually involve you doing things other people wished they could do, but can’t, or haven’t.

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