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Little cites the theory of extraversion by Hans Eysenck and research by William Revelle of Northwestern University, explaining that introverts and extraverts naturally differ when it comes to their alertness and responsiveness to a given environment. A substance or scene that overstimulates the central nervous system of an introvert (which doesn’t take much) might cause him or her to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, rather than excited and engaged.

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A substance or scene that overstimulates the central nervous system of an introvert (which doesn’t take much) might cause him or her to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, rather than excited and engaged. “Introversion is more about how do you respond to stimulation, including social stimulation. So extraverts really crave large amounts of stimulation, whereas introverts feel at their most alive and their most switched on and their most capable when they are in quieter, more low-key environments. “We had evolved from an agricultural economy to a world of big business, and so suddenly people are moving from small towns to the cities, and instead of working alongside people they’ve known all their lives, now they are having to prove themselves in a crowd of strangers. Certain professions — including writers, in-the-field natural scientists and behind-the-scenes tech workers — can give introverts the intellectual stimulation they crave without the distracting environment they dislike. Plus, most phone conversations require a certain level of small talk that introverts avoid. When the cup is empty though, we need some time to refuel

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The Ultimate Guide To Being An Introvert

We are more likely to access our innermost thoughts and creative ideas because we embrace solitude. We are capable of great focus, which comes in handy when completing pretty much any task that requires extended periods of concentration (advanced mathematics, writing, art, science, etc. We tend to process greater volumes of information in any given situation. It is for this reason that we tire more easily from overstimulation. For real -Google it!

6. We embody the old adage you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Everyone likes to be listened to. According to my research, most introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which has obvious advantages. Personally, I dont fit into this category because I tend to take a more intuitive, emotional approach to decision making (anyone else out there like me?). We can be quite observant of both environmental and social subtleties. While others are yammering away, were taking everything in and processing it in our ever-active minds. We are well-loved by landlords and the elderly for our quiet, peaceful nature (ever seen an advertisement for a loud, wild, party-loving tenant? Didnt think so).

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being an introvert quoteI didnt fit in at all. I love being in a solitude and prefer to listen and observe than to talk. I am fifty years old how can you live that long with out realizing what you are . Im sorry, but are you seriously defending lacking social skills rather than trying to work with them? I probably will get hate messages, but please know that Im not trying to troll or insult here, Im really curious of why would somebody that lacks something would feel like doesnt need some ability or even feel proud of it. Talk about tough! Oh, the life of an introvert.

hey guys what’s up my name is Kelsey and today I wanted to make a video of talking about introverts and extroverts again but this time I wanted to talk about introvert and extrovert in college because I just finished my freshman year of college and something that I found and a trend that I kind of noticed this year is that college is pretty geared toward extroverts and I noticed that there are two sides of college right there’s the academic side and there’s a social side and I have found that both of those areas are extremely geared toward extroverts at least at my university so I just wanted to talk about that for a little bit so let’s start with the out of class extrovert ideal I do out to school five days early for something called New Student Orientation and I’m sure if you were in college you had some sort of orientation okay well my orientation five days and I’m not kidding you every day from like 9:00 a.m. to midnight we were doing some sort of activity that involved socializing we would play icebreaker games buy a nice burgers okay we would have like dance parties at night I am fine with socializing for a few hours okay but like 15 hours a day for five days movie pushing it and that just continues as college goes on you know how in the movies like the stereotypical college it’s like all of these parties all of these social events all of this meeting new people making new friends going out partying every night like that stereotypical college right okay well as an introvert that is not my ideal college experience that is my ideal nightmares so I didn’t really feel like the stereotypical college experience was for me and I think a lot of introverts feel that way I think a lot of introverts force themselves to be super extra in college because they think that’s what they have to be in order to fit in which is so much true like I didn’t go to a single party in college and I met some of my best friends and it was awesome and I enjoyed every second of college it was Cola the best year of my life and I didn’t have to become an extrovert to do that if that makes sense I didn’t have to become an extrovert to fit in of course I had to act more extroverted at the beginning in here so I could actually meet my friends but after I got to know them really well after I started to feel more comfortable and after I found out that a lot of my friends are introverts we really understood each other really understood that at night and watching Netflix was probably more fun than going out to a bunch of parties so yeah that’s kind of like the social aspect of college how I found that that was geared for extroverts and now let’s talk about my real pet peeve which is that academics in college are so geared toward extroverts so the first topic I would like to start with is class participation oh my gosh I hate the idea of class participation especially verbal participation if your grade is based on how much you talk in class like that’s that’s like that is seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard okay because let me explain to you what happens when part of your grade is based on verbal participation and you’re an introvert okay so let’s talk about my interpersonal communications class for second last semester I loved my professor he was awesome I loved the class it was great one of my favorite classes but he greeted on verbal participation and how much he taught in class and he used that to determine if you read the book and that’s fine to a certain extent but the problem with this is for someone like me I am always listening in class I’m always paying attention I’m always trying to give the professor my undivided attention because that’s how I learned that’s just how I participate I participate by listening by thinking about it in my head by going back to my dorm room and reflecting on what I’ve learned I don’t learn by speaking out and asserting opinions that in my opinion don’t really matter sharing my opinions with the class is not going to help further my education and I’m going to get docked points for sitting there and participating and paying attention and there’s a girl next to me who’s on Facebook and on Pinterest and watching Netflix with subtitles on and she raises her hand one time and says what she learned in the book she’s going to get raising me even though I’m the one listening I am the one paying attention and she is over here playing on her computer going on the internet like that to me just does not seem fair at all I don’t understand how a professor thinks that a verbal participation is an accurate representation of how much a person is participating because I feel like I participate in way more than Internet girl over here okay but I didn’t say a word and so I’m going to get docked points even though I can probably tell you everything that the professor just told me I can probably recite it all back to you and this girl here is going to have no idea he just said okay so that was verbal participation now let’s talk about class discussions for me group discussions are really hard for me not just because I don’t like to say something out loud because a common characteristic of introverts is that they are processors they process whatever comes into their brain before they can say something out loud okay so in a one on one or like a small group discussion like three or four people that’s fine because I have enough time to process people’s thoughts in order to make a coherent thought of my own okay but when you’re in a group discussion with like thirteen or fourteen people there is one person talking constantly which means I’m constantly processing it means I constantly have to process these thoughts that people keep voicing out loud before I can accurately voice one of my own but the problem with this is that in these giant group discussions people are constantly talking and I don’t have time to process what I’m going to say before the professor calls on me and ask me to contribute to because I’m still trying to process the past ten comments that have gone through my head and so it’s really really hard for me to voice my opinions to voice a thought that is forming in my head when it has a completely formed yet and I think professors sometimes fail to recognize that being quiet is not a sign of being disinterested it’s not a sign of not caring being quiet for me is simply hey I’m paying attention to you I’m listening I’m thinking about what you’re saying I just haven’t figured out what I think about it yet when I was younger starting in middle school going into high school when we started to have graded group discussions I started to think that there was something completely wrong with me I started to think that I needed to be fixed that being quiet was a bad thing because you see if I participated in a group discussion how my brain told me to by silently contemplating what everyone else is saying by synthesizing the thoughts together in my brain by observing everyone else around me then I would get an F but if I participated the way that society told me to by actively asserting my opinions and charging forward in the world of group discussions when I began a and that to me never seemed fair because that implies that there is something wrong with the way that I naturally want to behave to the way that I naturally want to contribute to society and that whole graded discussion system and that whole graded verb which is a patient system only confirms those fears that there is something wrong with being quiet and there’s nothing wrong with being quiet my favorite professor ever and I think he will always be my favorite professor even though I’ve only had one year of college is my gradebooks professor because he is one of the only teachers only professors have ever had that has told me it is okay to be quiet and being quiet does not determine your intelligence being quiet does not mean that you’re not smart that you don’t care in fact being quiet can mean the opposite of that that you’re really smart that you do really care and he was the only professor that has ever told me that this ever told me it’s okay to be quiet and it is it’s okay to be quiet it’s okay to be an introvert and I know it can be really frustrating when you’re in college and you feel like all that people want you to do is talk and all that people want you to do is socialize it all that you want to do is be on point but you don’t have to do any of that to succeed in college or to succeed in life you can be who you are and I promise you these people are going to accept you and know they’re probably sometimes we are going to have to act a little more extroverted and yeah that kind of sucks but it’s okay and then after it’s done you can go back to being injury Google back to being yourself so yeah that’s all I have for you guys today I hope you guys like this video I’m actually really excited about making this video this is a topic that’s really interesting to me and please tell me what you guys think in the comments below if you’re an extrovert please tell me if you think I’m wrong tell me what you think about all this tell me if you think that colleges are more geared toward introverts like just talk to me in the comment section below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more of my videos in the future and I’m actually going to Argentina I’m getting on a plane tomorrow actually to go to Argentina so I’m not sure when my next video will go up hopefully within the next week but I’m not so sure of the Wi Fi situation so yeah I will see you guys when I see you guys in Argentina so thanks for watching bye. .

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hi guys my name is Kelsey and welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to make a video talking about inch burns because I am introvert I am a stereotypical injure if you google what is an introvert characteristic from introvert I’m probably going to match 99 if not 100 percent of them and over the years I have discovered that there are some unique struggles that come with being an introvert don’t get me wrong I’m sure extroverts have their struggles too but these are just some of the struggles that I face being an introvert so this is basically just a video about common into problems that I think to face on a daily weekly monthly and regular basis so here we go hope you guys like it so problem number one icebreakers literally I hate icebreakers so much like you know when you’re meeting people for the first time maybe you’re like at a camp and remove like oh let’s get to know each other let’s do an icebreaker and then it involves like social interaction with everyone in the room and I kind of just want to die a little bit problem number two hearing your professor or your teacher say these words at the beginning of the semester okay class so 10% of your grade in this class is going to be based on verbal participation number three I think in a high school my parents asked me so many times if I wanted to stay in LA Friday night oh I don’t mind you wanna hang with your friends are your friends doing something don’t you want to like go see a movie you wanna text maybe one of your friends and see what they’re up to no no no I have just had eight hours of social interaction for five days straight right now I’m just kind of need to myself with the book with some videos with my piano that’s okay only being able to stay at a large social gathering for a maximum of two hours like that is all the social interaction I can take especially when it’s a bunch of people that I don’t know I just have to leave I have to get out of there because my body is telling me no no too much those interaction too many people too many people no no no you go the words group project may instill impending sense of doom or dread or desire to crawl under a hole to never come out this one happens to me all the time and this is when you’re in a group of people and there’s more than one conversation going on but you’re not directly involved with either the conversation and so I don’t know where to look I don’t know what to do I don’t know who to talk to you I don’t know who and my little processing brain another common characteristics of an introvert cannot process everything that is going on so I just end up awkwardly standing there like when I’m meeting for the first time I don’t really talk that much I’m not good at small talk nor do I talk much in general so I think people often assume that I’m really that I don’t like them I’m first meeting them because I’m not like all bubbly happy like oh my gosh tell me all by yourself to me all about you life right because like that’s not me and so I feel like people a lot of times think I’m rude but really I’m just quiet I don’t talk I like to listen I am definitely guilty of doing this I make excuses sometimes for not being able to attend a social event because I just need to be alone or I just want to be alone like one of my friends will text you like oh you want to do that sound like oh you know sorry I’m like going up to my grandparents house and really I’m just sitting at home in my bed like stuffing my face and watching movies sorry about it I hate this question and if any of you are ever asked this question please will met with me in the comments below because this is my least favorite question to be asked in the history of questions why are you so quiet or the ever popular why don’t you talk more I was asked this question so much as a child and I think it kind of caused like some psychological trauma a little bit and may think LC ear work saturating why would that question cause a psychological trauma don’t really think about it if from the age of like two or three you have adults asking your parents while you’re shy while you’re so quiet you know this kind of ingrained the idea into your head is that there’s something wrong with the way that you naturally want to behave so growing up I thought there was something wrong with being quiet I thought I had to be extroverted but really I didn’t people are just stupid don’t ask me that question okay thanks class presentations I don’t think I need to say anything else and the last one kind of on a more serious note I find myself feeling guilty a lot of the times for having the characteristics that are often associated with being an introvert introverts tend to be more quiet they tend to not be able to socialize as along because they get overstimulated by too many people too much noise that kind of thing and they need a long time their energy is drained by being with people while extroverts their energy rises back up from meeting people and I always feel guilty or like having to apologize a lot of the times for having the characteristics of an injury enzymes than you I’m sorry right now I’m sorry I mean the quiet order I’m sorry I really just can’t hang out with you like I need to be alone or I’m sorry I have to leave early because I can’t handle all of this stimulation like it’s too much for me a lot of the times I wish it were extrovert you know but I can’t be an extrovert so here I am be an introvert and the thing I’ve learned from being an introvert is that it’s okay to be an introvert it’s okay to have these problems that may seem trivial to some but to me they’re kind of a big deal so yeah those are some of the struggles that I face being an introvert and again if you guys can relate to this video thumbs up comment down below if there’s something that I maybe forgot that you want to add and thanks for watching guys be sure to subscribe and I will see you guys next time goodbye.

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