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Here’s why the best jobs for introverts aren’t always easy to pinpoint: Introversion is a spectrum of personality traits, not just a single characteristic. Everyone is introverted in some way—to at least a small degree. So popular stereotypes about introverts are sometimes misleading, even though they prove to be accurate for many people.

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Home Best Jobs for Introverts Here’s why the best jobs for introverts aren’t always easy to pinpoint: Introversion is a spectrum of personality traits, not just a single characteristic. That is, they don’t experience much, if any, anxiety in social settings. And they tend to be good at understanding their boundaries and developing meaningful relationships with the people who become part of their small inner circles. Examples include occupations such Like social introverts, anxious introverts prefer to be alone. people are crippled by their social anxiety. In fact, inhibited introverts have a strong preference for thinking before doing almost anything.

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There are actually 4 types of introverts: social introvert, thinking introvert, anxious introvert, inhibited introvert. Someone can be strongly one or the other, or they can be a mixture.

A social introvert prefers to socialize in small groups and occasionally decides not to socialize at all. Social introverts are loyal and understand boundaries. They enjoy developing meaningful relationships with others. For these introverts, working in a small group setting or even working from home is good for them. Steering clear of crowded settings with little to no privacy is best for this type introvert.

Choosing a career as an Equipment Operator/Tractor Driver or a Truck Driver would be ideal jobs for this type of introvert. Equipment Operator have little interaction with others. They focus on controlling heavy farm equipment. Truck drivers are an integral part of a farm or agribusiness, they assist with the functionality of a farm and/or agribusiness and help create a continuous flow of movement. The day-to-day responsibilities of a truck driver can range from delivering products, loading and unloading trucks, keeping records of shipments, and performing maintenance on the vehicles.

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Youll be much happier and as a result, will work more are actually 4 types of introverts: social introvert, thinking introvert, anxious introvert, inhibited introvert. Ag Electrician, Service Technician or Mechanic is another perfect career choice for this type of introvert since they are fairly independent Equipment Operators jobs Logistics and Transportation jobs Maintenance and Repair jobs thinking introvert isnt shy or afraid of large group, but instead they become lost in their thoughts. career in a detail-oriented job, that involves critical work, such as a Lab Technician or Assistant, could be the ideal career path for this type of introvert. They can be the voice of reason to their colleagues and Finance jobs Science jobs is dedicated to growing agriculture careers. We know and understand agriculture and the range of opportunities that it provides.

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I should probably coming at you from my video studio your Southwest are learning at the kingdom hey in this field let’s talk about high 650 in careers now let’s have a look at what kind of career to do best let’s also have a look about the kind of challenges most high sensitive people have regarding to careers and finances and and why they have them and then of course let’s let’s talk a little bit about your talents and gifts so you can start to create basically your own career right so again you know you might already be noticed on the best career for you is to create your own career right now of course many will say well I’m not a sales person not a marketing guy I’m not I’m not entrepreneur I’m not really I’m not really like that okay now and I get that you know because to be honest with you I really started marketing and sales and I also did it for quite some time right but more because I was after the money and so I basically I’ve got the intellectual knowledge but then I hit to a point like okay what but what I’m actually going to do with all this kind of knowledge right also it starts to feel like okay you know I got it you know I know how it works I get it I get the intellectual knowledge but still you know it really also really starts to feel like I like it like a job right really like it like a flatline routine and it becomes boring right it really started to get boring for me and chasing down money didn’t really motivated me so much anymore and I really want to work from my exploring my other gifts and talents as well you know so you might be experiencing that as well but of course this disciples knowledge right is really practical knowledge is essential if you want to put your own stamp out in the world right if you want to really start solving problems in this world again and curate your own career so the basics is very important to learn to learn to apply of course and from there you can move forward so building your own career now this is really comes down as well with with our personal challenge as well right because hey chances are Tyson’s people they they are of course great MPs and and and what they do is they they they are concerned about the feelings and emotions from other people right and chances are they grow up with someone who was in the constant needs of the care right the emotional care from you right so what we do is we are constantly trying to please other people and that’s why we give away our personal power so that’s one way we give our away our personal power and one and also reflux down is that we great like a victim mentality writers often other way that we give away our personal power and then of course we become like a resistance fighter right I’ve got to fight a spirit and it’s either I scrub the victimization or with which with the resistance fighter spirit rights are not really fighting for what we do want but it’s really fighting against what we don’t want right we look for things in the world that that doesn’t feel right for us and then we are like I you know it’s this that we don’t like that look we don’t like and then we are just getting away our energy so we’re giving our way our energy rights to prevent what’s not really beneficial at home now so what is important right for a personal life okay that improves your career life work life is to reclaim that Grover okay because we are we are indeed off the self accusation right because if we give away our personal power like what an exit does it shuts down our lower chakras life I hope you know what chakras are and otherwise I will make another video about it let me know the first power comes down to them to the solar plex right the solar plex and we know the silver Plex is the V sacral right which stands for our emotional needs right the creativity sexuality and then the root chakra so those free lower chakras are very very important for us right to develop maintain because we are those high sense people so we are more open up at those higher chakras right the third eye and the crown so we are receiving all that’s what is out there in the from the non physical spiritual realms and what is important for us and that’s really our job is to let that down right and let that flow through us right so we can start to express it right through of course practical actions okay so that is a way that that are basically really our true gifts and talents is that we are more open already okay we are we have this kind of sensitivity right and some might start to develop their the psychic abilities clairvoyance a clear seeing and all the kind of things right and then it’s essential to use that right their intuition because most hygienists people have like a general right that they can use they can work with an intuition that that can be very very useful in day to day activities right so for example you you have a career writing Human Resources right so you’re talking to people every single day you’re trying to figure out what kind of position fits better for the first right and all through intuition you can use it let’s say you are very creative you are like an artist okay now the beauty of about being an artist is is walk through nature right and boom they get something right herbs from the hi itself right the universal whatever and I’d be and boom they get back to the computer or back to their art room right let’s start to work and create out that ID and boom they give to the world okay so that’s also very very powerful now let’s say you are more regarding to business entrepreneurship marketing sales right so you’re also also talking to people you are helping people you’re solving problems right and then of course also your intuition your your your instincts can be used to really define out what exactly are the pain points right the problems people have so you can find like better solutions for them okay so this is like entrepreneurship and a higher state of consciousness so that’s also something that’s very very powerful okay so working with people use those special abilities that can be very very beneficial for you in your career now I still got a little bit already about our challenges right well we have a lot of challenges when it really comes down to a career and they’re kind of things because like again we give away so much of our personal power right which which is not really that good for developing our sense of work right our sense of self worth so what we are trying to do because we like right so many of us we lack self knowledge right we become no idea Google till you are right because we’re constantly trying to please others right give our way of personal power so what we do is we are trying to do too much our best trying to fit in and adapt to the world like it is right now which doesn’t work for us right well what I mean with that is that the regular world right it’s like the education system you go through the education system and then boom you get a label like okay now you are an engineer right now you are this now you are test right and then then you’re going to apply for a job and say okay what kind of label do your hands on your head right let’s let’s find the perfect position for you okay now that’s really like it’s like really really like a flatline experience right of deadlines of life and so many of us they believe that that is the best thing for them to do they don’t know any better they don’t really ask themself any questions what is their free choice of course but we ask ourself questions like is that really the way you know again we are really after after experiences right we want to experience different kind of things and we want to learn and explore what the world really has to offer so this whole kind of the D doesn’t really apply for us but again we are trying to fit in right we’re trying to put in that jacket of what the world is describing for us so again it’s very important that we start to tune in develop this this channel that we have this high sensitivity channel so we can get our messages right and the best thing because I also talked about you know we’ve got to be very very ground because everything has to lend so being in nature right because nature really inspires creativity high energy and it helps you really to to ground with pleasure so when it comes something couples invite an ID or whatever okay then take that ID and then go and take action on it right and bring it to the world so I say you know marketing is the art of communicating solutions right and selling is serving so those are of course very important skills that you need to learn even if it’s just a little bit of the basics right that can get your ID into the world right because what we are doing because so many things like alt IDs or paradigms of illusions from our current world right doesn’t really isn’t really in align with our true human nature so our job is to remind people what their true nature really is okay is to let them remember okay who they are where it came from and who they really are right is to let them reconnect with their core essence is to open up the heart center right the heart center of unconditional self love because when we start to develop that we are being guided to more like activities that we truly love to do okay and when we express that to the world and it doesn’t really feel like work it doesn’t really feel like effort and then and then abundance starts to flow right because we give so much to the world then they will give so much back to us so it’s basically like this kind of philosophy that I have like hey we are all like a single drop of water in an ocean of infinite energy okay so if we start to take care of this ocean of infinite energy then this ocean that’s infinite abundance starts to take care for us so for us it’s our job to reconnect with this infinite field of energy right and that really starts with developing this self love right open up the heart chakra and be more into nature right is to reconnect take really good care for yourself right start to listen in to your higher senses use this type of knowledge you students eyes of wisdom apply this into really simple day to day problem solving activities okay and then you can basically create your own career or either it’s something artistic right of course you could you want to get your own stamp on this right because that’s what we want we want to still we are still a little bit after the recognition right we are still a little bit in the process of our of developing our sense of self worth which keep on doing that I’m doing this everyday right so put your own brand on it right create your own brand and if you create like your own brand whatever it is right maybe you’re into blogging videos like this right only your own brand then you also can just recommend products and services that you use for yourself that helps you along the way to become the greatest version of yourself all right so that’s also a way to start monetizing let’s say if you say like hey I’m really into writing I mean the videos I’m into images I’m into that kind of thing right social media marketing then correct your own brand right great value top step into your highest senses right use the knowledge give knowledge to worlds right let let people remember who they truly are and then of course you can say like hey man I use this kind of marketing to for my daily operations or use this is personal development coaching program that helped me with XYZ okay so you can start to remember recommend products and services as an affiliate all right and then once they buy a product that you get information with if you do that long enough then eventually you can get correct your own economy so shop all year a little cell phone and we spoke about a little bit about the genesis once Isis people have what kind of career should you focus on a lot of developing your own career of course and then of course what you really need to start to develop them are your unique gifts and talents right by setting in your integration pay really good attention to that go to local weekly meetings that has some sort of workshop where you can practice that again which I really start paying attention to it a little bit more as well alright so she probably hopes is helpful it’s got any questions please let me know and if you want to go into more in the career test and on my website you will find a career test as well that you can take a little bit deeper a to see what kind of activity really starts is resonating best with your kind of personalities right so because part of us we are an introvert or an extrovert or some are a little bit of poke okay I see that you can really start to figure out okay that’s the kind of activity that I want to focus on okay now I know exactly what kind of certifications I need to get I woke up what kind of studies I need to follow right because hey that’s the kind of profession and I focus on a day and from that I put my own stamp on it so hope it’s helpful take care for now bye bye.

hello I’m Lawrence champion senior product developer just publishing this presentation is about employment strategies that can work well for introverts maybe you are an introvert or maybe you work with introverts helping them to make career decisions and plans the presentation is Ament to help you understand what introversion is and how introverted people can make satisfying and rewarding career choices the goal is to understand what works situations are most and least appealing to introverts and how to encourage introverts to use their strengths in the career exploration and decision making processes the presentation will also suggest strategies for introverts to deal with challenging workplace situations finally because so much of the growth in our economy is in high touch occupations such as healthcare where introverts often feel out of place it’s helpful to learn which introvert friendly jobs still promise good economic rewards the psychologist Carl Jung described two kinds of people extroverts whose psychic energy flows inward gained from other people and introverts whose psychic energy flows outward gained from solitude nowadays we don’t take the concept of psychic energy literally but psychologists continue to recognize that some people are stimulated by social settings and feel most comfortable there whereas others are more energetic and productive when they can escape distractions caused by other people so psychologists still speak of introverts and extroverts and these terms can be helpful to understand whether your personality leans toward one of those types some people seek out social occasions and others treasure the time that they spend alone some people when they’re traveling on a plane or bus like to strike up a conversation with the person next to them and others prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves I find cellphone behavior says a lot about tendencies towards introversion or extroversion when extroverts are in situations way they don’t have to talk to anyone let’s say they’re staying in a supermarket checkout line they’ll pull out their cell phone and call up someone they know introverts on the other hand probably will not do this in terms of work environments extroverts might enjoy having music or talk radio playing in the background whereas introverts would prefer a quiet environment extroverts might be checking their email constantly whereas introverts would probably do so only as often necessary from these behaviors you can see that introverted behavior is a matter of personal preference many introverted people behave very well in social settings they can handle themselves well however they prefer not to be in those situations so they’re not necessarily shy or suffering from social phobia these issues of comfort or discomfort in various situations are important for the matter of job satisfaction we spend a lot of time at work and so we want to feel comfortable in the work environment and this relates to the larger career development theory of person environment fit according to this theory success and satisfaction at work depend a great deal on how the person fits in with the environment certain kinds of people fit in better in one environment than in another the environment is partly a question of what sorts of work go on it’s also partly a question of what sorts of people are working with you if you’re comfortable with these work settings and these work tasks and the people working with you then you’re more likely to be successful and satisfied with your work the theory of person environment fit underlies the career development approaches of myers briggs and holland and how they looked at personality and its fit with the environment i’m not very fond of the myers briggs approach because based on a set of scales in which people are measured against opposite extremes in most psychological matters people tend towards the middle now i am interested in how people might vary towards introversion or extroversion along that one scale but i don’t think it’s likely that most people are going to gravitate towards extremes on multiple scales holland as no doubt you already know developed six personality types and arrange them in a hexagonal diagram and useful way to look at that diagram is to consider introversion versus extraversion the personality types near the top of the hexagon are more introverted and those near the bottom are more extroverted and this may correct some of the stereotypes that you have about introverted people many people think of introverts as bookish people but actually a lot of them are working in realistic occupations where they’re working with their hands now let’s consider some of the strengths that introverts bring to the workplace because they tend to work by themselves they have a tendency towards thoughtfulness on the job they also can be very patient and persistent in their work because they think for themselves and by themselves they often are more original than extroverts and because they’re not distracted by a lot of other things going on because they like to focus on one thing at a time have a high work output all of these strengths often make them good writers unfortunately many of the trends in today’s workplace create difficulties for introverts some of these changes are technological changes cell phones are ringing all the time instant messages are going off emails coming in in the inbox introverts have trouble achieving the focus that they enjoy when there are so many distractions another problem is a tendency towards multitasking that so many managers seem to want these days in diverts prefer to focus on one task and see it through studies have actually shown that multitasking is less efficient in the long run and yet this is the way so many business people operate nowadays work is often organized into work teams and of course into Hertz would prefer to work by themselves also a lot of economic growth and job opportunity are to be found in the service sector where there tends to be more work with people introverts face other challenges when they look for jobs in job hunting the emphasis is on networking and sometimes making cold calls to find leads for jobs and introverts often have a problem reaching out to other people to do these things introverts also may have a problem talking about their strengths when they’re interviewing they don’t want to sound like they’re bragging but there are strategies that introverts can use such as negotiating the rules of the workplace to make the situation play better to their strengths for example they can ask for periodic breaks during meetings to give them time to compose their thoughts they also can ask that at the end of a meeting everyone has a chance to summarize and speak their mind that way the meetings aren’t dominated by the loudest people in the room another workplace rule that introverts can ask for is one day a week when there’s no email still another way that introverts can escape distraction is to ask for one day a week for working at home let’s not forget that introverts bring certain strengths to the job hunting process they may be very good at researching job opportunities because of their ability to focus on a task and see it through to completion they also can use their strengths in preparing for interviews for example they can assemble portfolios as you know portfolios aren’t just for artists anymore they allow anybody to show evidence of work accomplishments introverts who don’t feel comfortable bragging about themselves find it easy to bring out a portfolio and show it to an interviewer with their skills at being persistent and handling detail they may be able to research information about the company in order to ask intelligent questions at the interview but another strategy that introverts should be aware of is finding an occupation that is introvert friendly how does one go about doing this the US Department of Labor’s ownit database has information on about 950 occupations and most of those occupations have ratings for features that are particularly of interest to introverts the two features that I have in mind are Independence and contact with others and these define what makes an occupation friendly to introverts the rating for independence indicates how much workers get to do their job alone and the rating for contact with others indicates how much contact there is whether it’s face to face or by telephone with other people on the job and that gives an idea of how many interruptions may typically take place this is a listing of the occupations in the O net database that are rated highest on Independence it’s important to understand that the rating does not indicate an amount of time and therefore although the scale runs from 0 to 100 postal service mail carriers having a rating of 100 does not mean that this occupation is solitary 100 percent of the time rather it indicates how much solitude characterizes the occupation here is a listing of the occupations that are rated lowest on contact with others again based on a scale running from 0 to 100 now here are the best jobs overall for introverts and I should explain how I derived this table in the first column you’ll notice the list of occupations in the second column you notice the eye score that stands for introvert friendly I created that by taking the average of the two other scores you just saw that is the rating for solitude and the rating for contact with others in other words the absence of contact others and the score shown here is on a scale of 0 to 100 now in the next three columns you’ll find three economic measures earnings growth and openings the earnings of the annual earnings the median that is the growth is the projected growth over the next ten year period and the openings are the average annual openings projected over that same ten year period what I did to create this list was to sort the list of several hundred occupations several times first I sorted them on there I score and I threw away the lowest half of the list that meant all occupations remaining were above average in terms of introversion friendliness then I sorted the occupations by their earnings and I gave each one a ranking number based on its earnings I sorted them again on growth and gave a ranking number based on growth then I sorted them on job openings and gave them another ranking number then I took the sum of the three ranking numbers for each occupation and that was an indication of the overall economic desirability of the occupation the occupations with the best total scores are the ones you’re seeing here as a general rule occupations with high economic rewards also have high entry requirements they may require a lot of education or there may require a lot of work experience the occupations you see here are in the top ten and they are all pretty high powered and require a lot of preparation however once you get past the top ten you’ll find many introvert friendly occupations with lower entry requirements you’ll also find occupations that will suit many different personality types and interest fields these are covered by various lists in the book the lesson to take away is that if you are an introvert you can find rewarding work you may have to look a little harder than other people because a lot of the growth in the economy is in extrovert friendly occupations however there are many highly rewarding occupations where you can find satisfaction thank you for listening to this presentation you.

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