Dealing With Social Anxiety

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You want to meet people, make friends, and share yourself with the world, but social interactions can be especially intimidating for people who struggle with social anxiety. While many people feel nervous before a presentation or speaking event, social anxiety interferes with your normal routine and causes tremendous distress on a regular basis.You may constantly doubt your social adequacy and worry about what might happen if you receive a negative evaluation. Although therapy can be very useful for people who suffer from social anxiety disorder, there a number of techniques you can try to combat your anxiety without professional intervention.

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dealing with social anxiety

How To Deal With Persistent Social Anxiety

Children with social anxiety disorder experience intense feelings of anxiety about a number of different triggers including speaking in front of others, reading out loud, fear about being evaluated by others, fear of offending others, fear of embarrassment, and fear conversing with unfamiliar individuals. Children with social anxiety disorder worry in a lot of social situations (school, teams, play dates, enrichment classes, and even family reunions.)

Social anxiety disorder can cause significant distress for children and has a negative effect on academic performance, social relationships, self-confidence, and other areas of functioning. Children with social anxiety disorder are likely to avoid engaging in things like sports or other group activities with their peers for fear of negative scrutiny or embarrassment.

Parents can help children with social anxiety disorder by understanding the nature of the disease and teaching them how to cope with their symptoms.

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Children with social anxiety disorder are likely to avoid engaging in things like sports or other group activities with their peers for fear of negative scrutiny or embarrassment. The disorder can emerge out of a childhood history of social inhibition or shyness but can also be triggered by a traumatic experience, including bullying. 1 Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety disorder. Children with social anxiety disorder know that they feel fearful and anxious in social situations, but they dont always know why. They do what they can to avoid engaging in situations that cause the most anxiety.

is it just me or do you get nervous and a little bit self conscious anytime you walk into a room of people you don’t know I know it’s not just me because it happens to all of us and butterflies and anxiety are totally normal anytime you’ve got to stand up and give a presentation or a speech in front of a group of people but social anxiety or having a phobia about going out interacting and meeting new people this is something totally different this goes past just butterflies and feeling a little bit self conscious this is an absolute fear of embarrassing yourself or being judged harshly by others this fear anxiety social anxiety is so strong that it actually prevents you from going places and doing things because you know how uncomfortable you’re going to be when you get there it’s social anxiety and the social anxiety is absolutely limiting your happiness and your ability to go out and socialize you’re missing out on great times and good people so like I mentioned social anxiety is this fear this unravel fear that you are going to embarrass yourself or you are going to be scrutinized so intensely that it’s unbearable alright and you know in your rational mind you know that people really aren’t being as harsh as you think they or feel that they are about you but you can’t help it common social anxiety triggers are things like meeting new people being the center of attention making small talk public speaking being called out in class but it can also be triggered by things like eating in public going out on a date or even using a public restroom nobody likes using a public restroom does this mean you have social anxiety alright and getting nervous when you get up in front of an audience or you go to a party and you’re around people you don’t know does this mean that you have social anxiety no all right social anxiety is much more intense like we talked about nervousness and being a little uneasy in new situations perfectly normal but if this anxiety is preventing you from doing things then there’s something that needs to be done about some warning signs that you may be experiencing some degree of social anxiety because here’s the thing they’re varying degrees some people have mildly other people have it pretty substantially but if you stress out and are anxious about doing everyday things you may have a little bit of social anxiety if you worry intensely for days weeks months leading up to a specific event then you may experience some social anxiety if you feel like you are constantly being judged or you worry that other people are picking you apart all the time you may be experiencing some social anxiety there are some behavioural symptoms as well like when you get invited to someplace to use room just decide now I’m not going to go even though you got nothing else to do or do you feel compelled or the need to bring a friend with you or you the type of person that stands in the background off tries not to talk or say anything just don’t mind me I’m just here or do you drink prior to going if you said yes to any one of those things or you do it consistently and chances are you do have a degree of social anxiety so now let’s talk about how to get it in check tip number one is challenge your own negative thoughts because that’s one of the things when people have an experience social anxiety they got all these negative thoughts going on in their head right you’re not going to be good enough you’re going to screw this up you might not be liked challenged it don’t just accept it alright well why don’t people like me can’t come up with anything or maybe I’ll say something stupid well what will you say or maybe I won’t have anything to say and people are gonna think I’m boring well why won’t you have anything to say thank you something before challenge the negative thoughts don’t just let them just play cause when they go unchecked jett things get out of hand and you start to believe them alright Challenge them alright they are negative ideas they are negative thoughts but you don’t have to let them rule you tip number two is learn to control your breathing in through the nose out through the mouth alright because when we get nervous it’s short little breaths and these short little breaths alright they cause us to be more anxious than we actually may be or need all right by practicing learning and adopting some relaxation techniques or some deep breathing exercises and just chill slow your row just center yourself calm down all right you’re going or see yourself relaxing you’re going to feel a bit better it’s going to be easier that’s it number three is face your fear alright if you are sit if you’re the person that is never going out because you’re scared to actually interact meet people talk to people alright if you just are avoiding these situations you got to be willing to be uncomfortable all right you’ve got to go know just right now you are going to be uncomfortable it’s going to be awkward you’re going to feel like running away but you’ve got to face the fear if you never do you’re never going to get better you’re going to go all right you’re going to go you’re going to hang out you’re going to talk to somebody all right maybe you only stay for ten minutes twenty minutes but you win that’s the big thing next time you go a little longer you’ve got to face your fear what you’re going to learn over time is that you can do it then nothing bad is going to happen that people aren’t looking and whispering and talking about you it’s okay face your fear and if that doesn’t work all right then you may want to try number four which is talk to a therapist go seek professional help because it’s out there a lot of times we as individuals have a very tough time basically working things out when it has to do with us we can give great advice to other people right but when it comes to actively and actively actively and actively twice actively helping ourselves or being able to work the things out in our brain that we need to sometimes we just can’t do it and so a great idea is to actually go and seek counseling therapists are a wonderful tool all right they are there they’re unbiased they’re going to and their only job is to help you get over the issues that you’re having with going out and being social and when all that fails there’s always number five which is medication there are some great medications out there to help you take the edge off get you situated right you don’t need to feel like this you’re not meant to feel like this you are beautiful special and you deserve to have wonderful interpersonal relationships you you should be enjoying your life going out seeing things doing things but if your social anxiety is getting the best of you and causing you to have more fear than fun gentlemen it’s time to take action I know you can do it it’s tough but if you take the first step I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with the way that you respond.

Let’s say you’re socially anxious.Okay so, what happens when you’re socially anxious?You go to a party, your heart’s beating. Why?The party is a monster. Why?Because it’s judging you. And its judging you, it’s putting you low down the dominance hierarchy. Because that’s what a negative judgement is. And that interferes with your sexual success.
And that means that you are being partially evaluated by nature itself.Right, so you aren’t confronting the dragon of chaos when you go into the social situation. And so what you do. You’re like this, you hunch over. And that’s low dominance, I’m no threat. He well that’s not gonna get you very far. You know, but that’s a logical thing to do, in, in the, in the face of a tyran”I’m no threat”You know, you look at the king and you’re dead.
I’m no threat, I’m hunched over.And then what’s happening internally”How and what are people thinking about me, what are people thinking about me. “”Am I looking stupid?””Am I looking foolish, geez I’m awkward, I hate being here, man I’m sweating too much. “It’s all, internalized. Right, it’s all self focused. The, the, the eye isn’t worki. The eye isn’t working!What do you tell peoplestop, dont stop thinking about yourself, cuz you cant.
It’s like, dont think of a white elephant.White elephant, white elephant, white elephant. You can’t tell someone to stop thinking about something because they get caught in a loop. What you do with socially anxious people is you say. Look at other people. Look at them. Right.
Why?’cause if you look at them you can tell what they’re thinking.And, unless you’re terribly socialized, and some people are, some people have no social skills and so. The reason they cant go to party is because they dont know how to introduce themselves. Like they’re just, noone ever taught them how to behave. And so they’re really good candidates for behaviour therapy. ‘Cause you walk them through the process of how you actually manifest the procedures that are associated with social acceptability. But most people aren’t like that, they have the ability.
So, if they’re really introverted and higher neurotism.They can usually talk quite well to someone one on one. Why?’Cause they look at them!but/what if I look at you. It’s another thing to do if you’re ever speaking to a group of people. Never! speak to the group of people. That doesnt exist!you talk to individuals. And then they reflect for you the entire group!’Cause theyre all entrained.
So you look at one person.They broadcast to you what everyone is thinking and, you know how to talk to one person. So it’s easy. So. As soon as you focus on the person, not you. Push your attention outwards, use your eyes to push your attention outwards. And you start watching, well then all your automatic mechanisms kick in.
And you stop being awkward.’Cause if we’re talking, and I’m looking here I dont know what you’re gonna do next. And I’m gonna put, dysjunctions, they’re like a Bad chords in the melody of our Of our conversation. And the reason is I’m not paying attention. So that’s why they eye is at the top of the pyramid. It’s like The thing that enables you to win the set of all possible dominance hierarchy is the eye! Pay attention. Pay attention.
That’s the critical issue.That’s why the egyptians worshiped Horus. That’s why Horus was the thing that rescued Osiris from the depths. It’s the capacity to pay attention. What do you pay attention to most?*CLAP*What your right hemisphere signals as anomalous. It attracts your attentions. Like, this isn’t going quite right.
I’m not looking at that.WRONG!That’s what you look at. That’s what you look at. What’s not going right, because that’s See that’s the terrible monster that might eat you but it’s also the place where you get all of the information. So. That’s why it’s useful to have discussions with your enemies. Because they will tell you things you do not know.
And that’s such a great thing because, if you don’t know themhewell you’re not very smart, are you?You know, there may be a time when you go somewhere and that’s the thing you need to know.And maybe your enemy will tell you why you are such a fool. You know, and a bunch of other things that are not true toobut. Even one thing that’s accurate, it’s like, yeah thank’s very much man, maybe I’ll do some work on that. And, I wont have to carry that forward. So, and then thats part of the reason again why the terrible predator It’s always the terrible predator that has the gold. It’s like, it’s the person that delivers the message that you do not want to hear.
So it’s rough, it’s rough.But it doesnt matter, life is rough. . .

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