Easy Cure For Self Consciousness

Our complete easy cure for self consciousness guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Self consciousness can be a major factor and a cause of a lack of self confidence. Firstly, lets define what self consciousness is and then go on to describe how it affects your performance in social situations and what you can do to help yourself with this knowledge and understanding. The result I hope will be – better self confidence!

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You start to notice how nervous you feel. This is self consciousness focusing on yourself. You feel embarrassed and more self conscious and it becomes even worse. Notice how the other person is talking or find something in the room to divert your attention from yourself and your feelings for a second then try to relax. I really need to get over this self consciousness and have my life back and be who I really want to be

Easy Cure for Self Consciousness

Problem With Self Consciousness?

The thing about this perception of events is a state of mind and it could be easily monitored and kept in check by instilling a few habits and changing the way you look outwards. Here are a few tips to help you shift the perception and re-focus it outwards instead of focusing it on yourself, making you less self-conscious and more confident.

Identifying your shortcomings is always the first step while working on it. Try to take a look inwards, into your own self, and understand when you are becoming self-conscious. Take note of the times when you tend to become a little more self-conscious, and identify the pattern. People usually do not tend to get self-conscious all the time, monitor and identify the patterns.

When do you tend to get more self-conscious or what is it that is making you think more about yourself? Your hairstyle, your dressing, walking style, doubts about intellectual abilities, etc. Find what is making you more concerned about yourself and you are already halfway there. Try to be a little more introspective and you will find your moments of higher self-consciousness.

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Easy Cure for Self Consciousness 3In fact, he was actually not thinking about because someone is looking at you doesnt mean the person is thinking and analyzing you, theyve got more work to do. So, just relax, understand that not everyone is thinking about you or gossiping about how you look, this will lift up your spotlight illusion and get to Everyone is busy thinking about down the you come to the terms that many few of the people you meet daily actually care about you or your looks, you need to turn down the spotlight from yourself. Stop reacting to every little thing immediately and remember the spotlight thing. Once you do this, you yourself exhibit the fact that youre not perfect, no one is, and youre happy the way you are. All tips are great and very useful me in life.

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alright so if you’re a person who’s very self conscious and the only reason why self consciousness really makes it well there’s actually a few reasons why but I’m not gonna touch on it but the main reason why self consciousness is a big deal socially is that people can notice that your movements change when you’re overly self conscious you’re overly focused on yourself you’re no longer moving in a self conscious I mean subconscious way and you’re consciously controlling your movements you’re constantly like just monitoring yourself the thing is is that you start moving differently and that’s the the big deal about it it’s like you know that people will notice that like nothing else has noticed they’re in a self anxiety attack or something like that self consciousness will be noticed so the thing is is that you got to get to the point where you don’t fear people noticing that you’re moving in awkward self conscious way it seems as though like people attack people more you gotta get used to that as well like if somebody is gonna that’s what they look for you look at they look for people who are more self conscious and things like that and they see them as more of an easy target so that it’s like one of those things were okay if you if you’re worried about looking self aware because of the fact that people are gonna notice you and bully you more I mean that is what it is there’s a good reason to be worried about it but even with that being the fact right even with that being true you guys still stop worrying about whether people are noticing you being self conscious because the idea of you noticing it and trying to pay attention to it keeps you self conscious you know I’m saying it’s like a mental trap you know I mean and then on top of that if you start trying to move more smoothly if you start trying to move naturally you can’t for one disa Bandhan that idea like you can’t move naturally and and nobody pick it up if you already like our movies self consciously because you don’t consciously move with your which your conscious mind is your subconscious mind like your conscious mind kind of tells you that what to do but you know it’s really like not really you’re not really thinking about every little thing like how to get into a car and how to depress the brake and all that type of stuff but you are when you you’re self conscious but uh so you’re not going to be able to manage all that just with your conscious mind so just abandon that so what you need to do is stop worrying about whether people notice it like if people are noticing that you’re moving awkwardly because you’re self conscious don’t try to move any different just allow them to notice it and that will take away the fear like there’s really nothing to fear about that if you’re in an environment where people are going to be more predatorial and they see stuff like that and then they start attacking more then you just need to get out of that environment you know I mean but in general even if people are starting to slight you because of this self conscious movement don’t worry about that like you’ll be out of that situation in a few seconds few minutes it’s not a big deal the big deal is if you make it a big deal where you’re consciously constantly moving that way and you you become like to the point where you’re constantly like monitoring yourself and how you move that can have a big impact in your life but like just little episodes of it don’t worry about it and that’s how to let go that’s how to make it where you don’t have a big subconscious habit being formed it’s just basically like not worrying about if people look at you also if you start trying to move smoothly that’s another thing that I like I used to do like I feel myself get self conscious then I start trying to move my my body more smoothly I try to make myself look natural even though I don’t feel natural on the inside and that and another sokichi keeps you self conscious because you’re still even if you’re trying to move naturally you’re still consciously guiding your movements so trying to move smoothly isn’t gonna work as and keep yourself conscious so what you need to do is just distract yourself but at the same time don’t even worry about trying to do that like that’s hard enough as it is basically just the best way to do it is to stop feeling the fear because as long as you keep filling fear you’re gonna your mind is gonna be focused on that fear because the fear is the most powerful emotion so don’t fear people noticing that you’re moving self consciously and eventually your mind will naturally drift onto something else and you’ll be moving consciously again that means subconsciously again so boom you know me and like that problem like it’s just a huge problem but once you get it solved like it’ll take so much pressure off you so make sure you subscribe and I do these videos practically every day I do like at least 7 videos a week so make sure you subscribe you don’t want to miss anything peace.

hi I’m Bernadette Lok from country living welcome to this vlog today in which we are talking about being socially awkward self conscious or maybe having social anxiety it’s a lot more common that you might think so you may be experiencing out on a very low level or you may have it on a really extreme level from something as just feeling self conscious around other people when you’re in a social setting or in a work setting through to full blow and social anxiety where you really can’t feel at ease being in groups or out amongst people and you get very very uncomfortable so I’m just going to share a few insights with you and a few tips today to help you with it so let’s get into it right now so when we talk about being self conscious being a little socially awkward or having anxiety and social settings that may come across as like a worry that other people are judging you that may be feeling very attached to what other people think of you it may be being highly sensitive to the way that people look at you all the things they say to you taking things too personally it may also feel like you don’t fit in or you don’t belong and feeling very acutely aware of that and so not feeling any sense of connection to those around you and spending a lot more time in your own head and your dialogue and your feelings then really being in connection and feeling connected to what’s going on around you so in this video what we’re going to talk about is let’s dive into the root cause behind that because I could give you some tips around how to bolster your self confidence and how to calm your nerves and how to address your anxiety and the moment so that you can feel a little bit more comfortable and a little less stressed out but I don’t want to deal with you at the level of the symptoms I really want to take all the attention off the season take all the attention off the other people involved take all the attention off the dynamic of who’s saying what and doing what and where you’re going and how does that you feel in that environment come back to what underpins all of that and what underpins all of that is your seats of yourself everything begins with your seats of yourself so when we’re talking about this topic we’re not going to talk about your confidence your social interaction skills your ability to communicate we’re not going to be talking about other people on what they’re doing we’re going to be talking about you and what’s going on with them here your relationship with yourself so that we can start at the place where all things begins that we can deal with this issue at its root cause state what’s happening when you feel socially awkward when you’re uncomfortable when you get anxiety you’re very self conscious is that the seating and the other people trigger something in you so they are not the cause you know that right they just simply trigger something because in other settings not with those people not in those scenarios not being in a group not being put on the spot not having to stand in front of other people not having people look at you you don’t feel that same way in other settings with other people or with smaller groups of people or in your own comfort zone or at home or with no one around you don’t feel that way you feel safe you feel comfortable so we want to look at what is it that’s going on within you because that season that’s something those people are triggering something in you and when that pushes that raw nerve what rears up is the dialogue the negative thoughts the stressful dialogue the anxious dialogue the self conscious dialogue what does that drive it drives feelings of social awkwardness of being self conscious of being uncomfortable of being on edge of being nervous okay so when you know that you’re an inside out creator and that everything stems from within you beliefs what you believe to be true about your self life and other people drives the majority of your recurring types of thought patterns your internal dialogue your self talk and then that drives the majority of your feeling experiences what’s going on within your own mind that then drives how you choose the high enact and interact with people around you which then kind of flows into your experience of life rate your results so when we look at how you feel in those social settings we look at what are you thinking about and those settings we step back from if that’s the way you’re feeling and thinking where is that stemming from in your coding what do you believe to be true about your self life and other people that may be driving all of that because that’s where the root causes I want to propose to you something that’s probably not that unfamiliar to you if you haven’t looked at it already you’re probably only one scratch away from really seeing it clearly for yourself and that is that when you’re in those environments and you’re with those people and you’re getting those looks and you’re being self conscious and you’re feeling judged and you’re thinking other people are better than you all of the awkwardness and uneasiness and nervousness and anxiety comes from you not feeling comfortable with yourself you feel lacking somehow within yourself you’re perceived lack within yourself drives you to not feel comfortable being around other people and when you are around other people there is an unspoken sense that they will see that lack within you and all that you see that they are at a level that you’re not at so you don’t feel comfortable because they thing they’re not lacking they seem comfortable and you don’t within yourself so it creates this distance and this separation and the seeming and balance okay and that is from your own perception that is very real to you that feels very real to you but it is not truth because of course you’re not lacking of course there’s nothing that your Mustang of course you are as good as everybody else that you see they are no better than you they are no worse than you you are no better than them you are no worse than them they don’t have something that you don’t have and hearing and who you are but your mind has gone on a tangent which sees otherwise and because of that those beliefs driving thoughts driving feelings driving interactions creates the seeds of self just my social awkwardness social anxiety F within yourself you don’t believe that you’re enough well you don’t believe you’re good enough or you believe that you’re lacking maybe believe that you’re not smart enough or not intelligent enough or that nobody cares about you or there what you’ve got to say isn’t worth anything Lea you’re not worthy or you’re not deserving or you’re not capable or you’re not confident and you don’t maybe you don’t like yourself maybe you don’t accept yourself maybe you don’t feel assured within yourself any of those things one or all doesn’t matter when you carry that around in your beliefs it’s like the lens that you look through a few of any of my programs you’ve been in coach you know you’re following this channel on my website or on you know I talk about this all the time the reason I talk about it all the time is because it’s the number one thing you want to get straight in your life because it really influences every single thing in your entire life your entire experience okay what happens is is because you look through this lens of feeling lacking within yourself I’m lacking or I’m not good enough or I’m this I’m there in the negative and they’re limiting perspectives and you don’t have a secure anchored robust sense of yourself of course when you go out into life and you’re around other people you feel vulnerable you feel fragile you feel like someone’s going to see that about you someone’s going to expose that about you you don’t feel like you belong because you don’t see yourself on an even footing with all the other people around you therefore what happens is you wait for life to show you that you’re right you wait for life to reflect back to you what you believe to be true whatever you believe you go looking for evidence to support it so if you believe negative things you will look around use the evidence to support it if you believe positive things you’re naturally looking in life for things to support that perspective if your mind is always seeking evidence to support your perspective the interesting thing is is you will always find evidence to support your perspective the minds very clever like that ego is very clever like that you will always be able to say if I think I’m not good enough and I believe I’m not good enough I would be able to lock on to anything that I see going around me a little look here and there from someone a word to see by somebody and to put it in a slightly warped way can become evidence that I’m right and I’m not good enough and they think I’m not good enough or they’re they think I’m not smart and now I know I’ve just given evidence to my belief that I’m not smart so these are just examples it could be an array of different things but these are just simple ones that I can use to help you to understand what I’m talking about so you will always find evidence so you are looking through those beliefs and you’re looking for people and life to reflect back that you’re right and you all lock and load onto anything that supports there why would we want to do that to ourselves right why would we want to look for evidence and then lock onto it to support something negative that we believe about ourselves when you don’t do it on purpose you’re doing it because there is your reality that is what you believe is true and real about you and so it just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy if you like it doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck within that loop there’s absolutely a way out and the way out is to master your mind and rewire your belief so that you actually live from the truth and you actually create and grounded and anchored sense of yourself a robust teacher who you really are so that you can be with anybody in life people that you perceive to be up here or down here people that earn more than your earn less than your people whose IQ is literally higher than yours or not people who are more beautiful than you or not it doesn’t matter you can be with anybody in any sitting and just be comfortable in your own self comfortable in your own skin you can accept yourself and like yourself and that is when social anxiety starts to rock away when you don’t feel so self conscious anymore because you’re not looking for people to accept you you’re not looking at whether people are judging you or not you’ll just be in you and you like you can like me or not like me that’s cool I’ve got my own sense of myself you could judge me maybe you are judging man maybe you’re not judging me but I’m not going to lock on to every little fun being about me because of why I’ve got a secure sense of myself and even if you did judge me that’s just your opinion and your perspective being critiqued did it be me and it’s got nothing to do with me so these the kind of benefits you can have this more detached robust accurate and anchored sense of yourself but you’ve got to sort out your coding you’ve got to understand what is it that you believe to be true that is driving there it sinks of lack within yourself that makes you uncomfortable and those seashells it makes you self conscious I’ve seen this and myself I’ve seen this in people I know personally I’ve seen this in every coaching client I’ve worked with I worked in the corporate business arena for a very long time I remember coaching staff and dealing with performance matters and in every ceasing this is what it comes back to what do you believe about your self life and other people and what does that Drive in terms of your thought patterns your self talk how you feel therefore what you choose how you behave what you’re doing the results that you get you want to deal with root cause not symptoms okay and that is where it stems from is in here your mindset which is running your life the belief coding that is running your life I’m going to put a link to another video about that there I made a few years ago and you can tune into that if you want more help with that what you want to realize is that if you have a starting point of I’m not good enough I’m not smart or I’m not capable or I’m lacking whatever negative belief you might have about yourself if that’s your starting place then you’re ripe to ever shows you’re ripe for there to be awkward nurse and self consciousness and from that place of what is essentially non self acceptance you already feel diminished you already feel small before you’ve even stepped out the door so it’s not even about again the situation that’s eating the people they just trigger what’s already present within you that you carry around in every other area of your life it’s just that it’s not getting triggered when you’re alone or you’re at home or whatever it is you can avoid things and you don’t want to be in a situation in life where you have to avoid certain people’s settings or situations in order to not feel triggered because there is likely limiting yourself right you miss out on life and it’s natural to want to avoid things that are upsetting to you and trigger you but the much more powerful path for you is to say I’m going to do some healing in my own mind and some growth work for myself so that I can actually experience everything that I deserve and everything that life has to offer me that I don’t have to avoid it and stay inside comfort zone to not be triggered so to finish off the slide I just want to encourage you to step back from any of those things you’re experiencing in terms of social awkwardness self consciousness or social anxiety and say what is it that I do believe about myself we are are my inner blocks my limiting beliefs about Who I am that caused that dialogue and those feelings and therefore my interactions with others to be that way what is that and where does that stem from and am I willing now to do some healing around that to see that that’s not necessarily true about Who I am and that I am and have always been good enough enough that I was born that way that I’m no different to everybody else but accept that my mind has been led into some other perspective of myself from something that’s gone on before in my life or many things that have gone on have caused me and lead me through the years through these coded beliefs that don’t serve me and that I appreciate even logically that that may not be true about Who I am and that that’s possible for me to come back step back from that limiting coating that I have and to create some healing for myself and to start you on grain the truth that’s why I’m such a fan of different healing modalities and mind mastery and F emotions because they allow people to get freedom from that which blocks them so you can unleash your inner peace your freedom and therefore your success in life at all levels if you need more help with that you can either stay tuned for my upcoming master your mind program I’m in the middle of running one and take up there at the moment I’m going to be launching another one and running there and June so registrations will open up for that really soon or you can engage privately with me if you want help with the same thing which is rewiring your mind see it to be powerful take control of all areas of your life I will put links below for you if you’re here on and this has been helpful please do give it a thumbs up and subscribe I’d love to share more coaching blogs on a weekly basis with you as well as my daily inspiration with these short little snippet videos to support you in your daily life thank you for tuning in and I look forward to sharing more again with you really soon.

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