Extroverted Introvert Definition

Our complete extroverted introvert definition guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

You need something that is going to engage you otherwise the conversation feels like a waste of your time. It could be time you could be lost day dreaming in your own head instead of awkwardly laughing at a joke you didn’t even find funny. You want meaning and you want depth to a conversation. You want to find out who a person really is, not hear the generic lines we use to everyone we pass by.

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You dont want to answer any texts, you dont want to leave the house and you want to cancel all your plans. You think about plans you made or how youd rather be home when youre with your friends. You think about everything from being lonely to being in love with your life. If youre given too much time to decide it becomes a constant battle in your own head between what you actually want to do. You are laid back about most things and almost prefer to have others make plans for you so you dont have to decide what youd rather do. You have no problem putting yourself in their shoes, in fact you kind of like doing it.

extroverted introvert definition


There are a lot of misunderstandings about what introversion and extroversion actually mean. To many people, being an extrovert means youre outgoing, and being an introvert means youre shy. Or maybe you see introverts as homebodies while extroverts are out chatting it up with strangers on the street. Maybe you think introverts are sensitive while extroverts have a thick skin. None of those stereotypes are correct, so lets set the record straight before we get further into the weeds.

Introversion and extroversion are aspects of personality coined by Carl Jung in the early 20th century. Since then, theyre often included as parts of personality scales like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Shyness and being outgoing dont have anything to do with it; its more about where we get our energy from. In fact, the differences are pretty simple:

Thats it. Theres nothing about shyness, being a homebody, or how adventurous you are. Both types can be social, both can creative, both can be leaders, and so on.

Countless studies show differences between extroverts and introverts relating to clothing choice, sexual behavior, and more.

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The same goes for extroverts. you think introverts are sensitive while extroverts have a thick skin. Shyness and being outgoing dont have anything to do with it; its more about where we get our energy from. The problem is these studies show a correlation between brain differences with introversion and extroversion, but dont show that the brain differences cause introversion or extroversion. Introversion and extroversion are part of a scale. These days, despite what listicles would have you believe, psychologists view introversion and extroversion as a spectrum where we all tend to amble between the two isnt to say people dont lean more toward introversion or extroversion, of course. Introverts can also enjoy talking to people and can have great social skills, just as extroverts are capable of enjoying a beer by themselves at a when you self-identify with an extreme binary, you tend to use that personality type as an excuse, or even to ignore your own needs.

9 More Obvious Traits You’re an Extroverted
Introvert.Not all introverts or extroverts are identical. You might see a bit of yourself, or you may
think that your introverted or extrovertedfriends are nothing like this”. There isn’t a solid and absolute definition
since people have different degrees of introversionor extroversion.
So, in other words, extroversion and introversion
isn’t an either or type of thing.It’s a spectrum and you can lie anywhere
along that spectrum. For an extroverted introvert, we happen to
be very close to the middle and even flip flopbetween the two. We can be an outgoing person just like extrovert,
and yet we desperately need our alone time.
I know, it’s confusing.Some of us learned to become more extroverted
because we realize that the basis of humannature is grounded in interacting with each
other, it’s kind of unavoidable. To relieve you of some confusion, in this
video I’m going to show you 9 more obvioustraits you’re an extroverted introvert. Before we start, make sure to like this video
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1.Because we can be outgoing and calculated
at the same time, sometimes we end up beingleaders. But that does not mean we want praise, nor
do we want to talk about how great we are. People seem to think that we’re fit to be
We can stand up and talk in front of crowds
when we need to.We can make decisions when we need to. But we often analyze ourselves and don’t
think highly of our skill sets. Sometimes we don’t believe we’re good
enough to lead.
We always think we can be better so praise
often makes us cringe.2. We bounce between wanting to be noticed for
our hard work to panicking over the thoughtof somebody else paying more than 30 seconds
of attention to us. Sometimes we want attention, other times it’s
hard to believe anyone would spend more than10 seconds on us.
3.People think we’re flirtatious. We’re not. We understand that interacting with people
is a necessary part of life.
So we make an effort to do it intentionally,
and genuinely want people to know that theyhave our undivided interest and attention.4. We get mad at ourselves for wanting to stay
in and letting our friends down. Which is why we sometimes force ourselves
to go out.
To let our friends know that we enjoy spending
time with them, not because we want to beout.5. We’re at our happiest in places like coffee
shops and cafés: surrounded by people, butstill closed off and keeping to yourself. We just like being around people, even if
they’re strangers.
It’s the compromise of being around people
but not having to talk to them.6. We have a constant inner struggle of controlling
our introverted side. It’s frustrating because we’ll realize
when we start withdrawing into our own mindsand become extremely introspective.
It happens when we’re in really big crowds.And the only thought is, “Oh no, it’s
happening. No. I have to talk to someone now.
But it’s so difficult.No. Yes, you have to talk or else you’re going
to end up in your head for the rest of thenight. ”7.
We really don’t like small talk.We’d avoid small talk if we could. We want to really get to know you. We want to know what you think about, what
your goals are, what your family is like.
We don’t want to talk about how bad the
weather is.But if that’s what you’re comfortable
talking about, then we’ll talk about it. 8. We don’t actually have a staple “group”
of friends.
We often pick and choose one or two individuals
from different social groups that make upour closest friends.But we make this handful of best friends our
life and we’d do anything for them. 9. If we like you, we really like you.
We’re extremely picky about who we spend
our time and energy on.If we’ve hung out multiple times, take it
as a compliment. Seriously. If it’s such a struggle to talk to people
and if we get so exhausting going out, it’sa big deal if we’re willing to spend our
time and energy with you.
It isn’t to say that we’re full of ourselves.We just wouldn’t want to spend that energy
with people whose company we don’t enjoy. Well, that’s the obvious traits you’re an
extroverted introvert. No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert,
or somewhere between them, let us know ifthere are any other qualities you think an
extroverted introvert person possess!So, really cool information isn’t it?Please do share your thoughts and experiences
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hey this is Evan mark Katz dating coach for smart strong successful women and your personal trainer from love welcome back to the love you podcast where you can learn everything you need to know about dating relationships sex and men from man’s point of view and today we’re going to dive in with an admission I don’t understand introverts that’s not an attack on introverts it’s anything pretty humbling for me my job is to understand people and work with people and appreciate the nuances of dating and relationship dynamics and one of one of my blind spots is the ability to understand introverts because I’m so the opposite and I’m an extrovert I’ve I’ve never had a thought that I haven’t expressed out loud and um I lead a very introverted life I mean I I work from home I don’t commute I do a lot of writing um so there are weeks I barely even leave the house but my personality type is to be around people I get energized around people um and that’s not particularly unusual but when you sort of dive into the research and the minimal research I did I realized that over 50 percent of the world is introverted which means that um there’s a there’s a growth curve there’s a lot to to understand about introverts and learn from introverts the issue and part of the reason that we’re we’re diving into this introvert extrovert thing again it’s not to throw introverts under the bus it’s really to find out what kind of pairing is going to work for you as a couple there’s introverts introverts extroverts extroverts and you know the cross parents so by the end of this podcast we’re really going to talk about what what may work best for you first let’s start with a definition um introverts I’ve always been taught but was actually recently just challenged are people who get energized by retreating to their nest right extroverts come alive around people they’re going to get energy from being around people introverts have a smaller tolerance for being around other people and are more likely to recharge by being home alone at least that’s the going story ten minutes ago I was reading on my phone an article that was linked to me from the New York Times I’m not going to be able to cite it that challenged that so this is new information for me too but basically they said introverts and extroverts do get the same energy about being around people but rather introverts have essentially a lower tolerance for it they just need less of it so an extrovert could wants to be the first person at the party and the last person to leave the introverts still enjoys being at the party just they can get what they need in an hour and a half of it and that sounds like it might be even a better definition um being an introvert doesn’t mean that you are necessarily a misanthrope who doesn’t like people the problem as I see it is that the world is largely geared towards extraversion and again that’s not a slam on introverts the perception of introverts and this is what I got from we’ve known doing a little online research for the perception of introverts is that they are aloof were weird or insecure or boring and that’s not true anymore than the assumption that all extroverts are toxic soul sucking narcissists who are tone deaf to other people’s needs um sometimes you know that can be true but for the most part that’s not that’s not the whole story introverts have a ton of strengths they’re imaginative and they’re focused and they’re good listeners and they’re they’re peaceful and they’re often more humble and so the perception that they may be shy or rude is not necessarily reality it’s that they only talk when they feel they actually have something to say where extroverts will talk for no reason whatsoever and what makes this even more complicated and it’s it’s tough to acknowledges people don’t know what those want to hear it is that perception is reality right um how we identify matters to a degree in terms of our own self esteem but ultimately it’s about how people judge us if I think that I should be a male model that’s not gonna happen just because I think I’m really good looking if I think I should run an investment bank because I’m a really bright guy who get a good nap SAT score well that’s silly my own perception of my intelligence is therefore irrelevant it’s actually how others perceive you so if you’re quiet and withdrawn if you don’t socialize that much and you don’t share your thoughts with anybody outside your inner sanctum what conclusions can people draw about you right and that’s that’s again that’s one of the tricky things about being an introvert in a world that highly values first impressions introverts are not always geared towards dating where you have to make a strong first impression in a really short period of time you’ve got 90 minutes to to you know make the impression that makes someone want to go out with you a second time and that’s you know I’m a coach for women but you know men are listening to that if you’re an introverted man then you go on a date and you don’t assert your personality because you’re just asking questions and kind of being quiet and getting a feel for the room where you’re uncomfortable in any way and making an extreme case but that’s not always going to be the best for dating right interests probably my guess is that they’re even better in relationships because they’re there they might be more intuitive or soft spoken or better listeners but to get that that first date to make that strong first impression to build up connection and chemistry it it’s often an extroverts world so if dating involves a certain amount of advertising sometimes it feels like introverts are advertising themselves with a you know it’s like you’re putting out a product that’s just got a you know a blank white label and we have to sort of guess what’s inside um so terms I always use it’s never right and wrong it’s effective or ineffective what works what doesn’t we’re not going to try to suggest that anybody is wrong we’re just trying to observe reality here’s how it works what you know what what’s working for you what’s not working for you and who should you Alton Lee pair with you can change to accommodate your partner if you’re an extrovert you could accommodate your partner’s needs if you’re an introvert you could go be more extroverted to be that partner or you compare with someone who’s just like you my wife and I are both extroverts um I’m she’s a stay at home mom I work from home we have a really really active social life we need to be around people so at the end of the day we need to talk we need to connect we need to get out of the house and sometimes that flips over she’s even more extroverted than I am um so sometimes I’ll notice that we’re booked for four straight days and that’s I don’t want to I love going out and I don’t want to go out for four straight days and so um there’s a cost sometimes to being with an extrovert who who always needs to be out and about always needs to talk really it’s not going to have a moment of silence in the home at the same time what we have works for us because you know I don’t I don’t love silence I like to hear what’s on my wife’s mind I feel more connected to her when we’re out and when we’re sharing my sister on the other hand is an introvert and she married an introvert they are perfectly content my sister and her husband does staying at home they don’t have a ton of friends they don’t socialize very much he could play video games she could read books they’ve got two kids and and for them to be in crowds is somewhat draining and overwhelming um even though they have they have wonderful personalities it’s their choices is to be there the life of a build works um the best example that I know of a introvert/extrovert Perry is my friend Carol Allen and her husband bill Carol’s like me and an extroverted writer her husband’s an extreme introvert we’re seeing them tomorrow night but we’re driving to their their neighborhood their house and it’s going to be a short affair the way Carol and her husband handle things is they usually take separate cars to parties she’ll come early and stay late he’ll stay for an hour and a half and that just the separate car thing has has largely saved their marriage because they have such different ways of operating so when we come back from the break we’re going to talk more specifically about issues that come up around introvert/extrovert pairings how we’re going to navigate them I’m excited to share it with you my name is Evan Marquette’s this is love you podcast and we’ll be right back.

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