How To Be A Confident Person

Our complete how to be a confident person guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Maybe you’ve never been as unsure of yourself as I used to be, but you can likely relate to that feeling of wanting to do something but feeling terrified to start. This not only limits your potential in life; it also minimizes your ability to make a positive impact on the world around you.

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But some of these people consider me to be very good. Im not sure what that would look like for you, because theres a lot I dont know about you. everyone i hope that you all have been very confident in yourself i think that being confident in yourself because good things come and good things go so be very most welcome. The more I work at something, the more confident I feel. So there was a time when you didnt feel this way? I feel so right now.

how to be a confident person

8 Easy Ways To Become The Most Confident Person In The Room

Here are 10 ways to become a more confident person, which will help you achieve your goals. Take stock

Write down or type everything you are good at. Be sure to list any item you can think of, even if it does not apply to your current job. For example, you may make the best chicken soup known to mankind. Write it down.

Do you keep a clean house? Put it on the list. Are you great at memorizing every single song you hear on the radio? Yep, it goes on the list. Read over your list. Never take your skills for granted. Take pride in what you do well, and do not be afraid to share those things with others.

Make the soup, and take it to work. Learn how to accept praise

It is OK to receive a compliment. No matter how large or how small the compliment is, say thank you.

Do not brush praise off. Accept it, own it, and realize that you are worthy of the compliment. This is tough, especially after years of not accepting. With practice, form a new habit of thankfully, and gracefully, acknowledging your admirers.

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Read over your list. Take pride in what you do well, and do not be afraid to share those things with the soup, and take it to work. Read about art, fashion, entertainment, the Middle East. You know, that one negative friend or family member that brings you down just by being around him or yourself from such a person. Surround yourself with those who make you feel good about yourself. It will be the hardest thing on this list to know people that make you feel good? Often, extra work exposes you to people in your company you haven’t worked with when praised, accept it Appreciate your confidence grows, help others grow their self-esteem.

so I had this friend of mine recently asked me he said you know he didn’t know I used to be an introvert he thought I was like this super flamin extrovert that always had a really good conversational skills and never had a problem actually talking to people but what he didn’t know was that I’ve actually had a problem talking to people my entire life and imagine if I can’t talk to normal people imagine how hard that is to talk to an attractive girl for example well in today’s video I want to share a little bit of my journey to becoming more confident because that’s something so many of you have asked me about about how to actually really become a confident person and some of the mistakes I made along the way as well as what I think is bad advice when it comes to being more confident what’s up guys Alec tine here author of mass for the day and one of the pieces advice I hear a lot about when it comes to being more confident is just to fake it til you make it and I don’t think this is necessarily good vice I think it’s good advice to be confident no matter what one of the things is that if you’re not confident how are you supposed to fake it right like if you’re like if you have very low self esteem you don’t think very highly about yourself how are you supposed to do a mental thinking exercise and suddenly be confident it doesn’t really work for me and I don’t really think it’s good advice a person like let’s say I’m super skinny I don’t think women like skinny guys I don’t have good conversational skills I’m not interesting what what do I have to be confident about nothing so the first thing that’s helped me a lot is acquiring small wins so I believe that the best way to be confident is to earn it so in order to be confident don’t try to fake it but instead do things that allow you to be more successful because then you’ve proven to yourself you’re confident you’ve proven you really are confident rather than trying to trick yourself into being more confident so one of the things for me for example one the hardest thing for me was talking to pretty girls so talking to pretty girls was the hardest thing for me and what I did was rather than just randomly going up and approaching people I would just start with trying to start a conversation with people I would start a conversation with a random dude and then a girl that maybe I wasn’t as intimidated by and then eventually every night for one year what I did was I went out to a bar or a club twice a week and I dared myself the dare to myself no one else knew I was doing it I said before I go home whether that’s 11:00 p.m. or 4:00 a. m.
I have to talk to the prettiest girl in the whole bar and you better believe that had me shivering you know shaking in my boots women don’t know pretty girls don’t know how scary it is for guys when they don’t have confidence to actually approach them and over this year of getting rejected rejected rejected and eventually realizing what worked I developed a lot of self confidence because again I wasn’t faking it I actually had been in the trenches been in the arena and learned what really worked to have good conversations with people whether you were intimidated or not intimidated so the first philosophy is kind of this small wins philosophy the second thing I’d recommend is that kind of changing yourself identity visualization we talked about I’m a big believer and I’ve seen it play out a million times that we only act in accordance with our own self image so if I believed myself to be confident and I see myself as competent I will act confident but that’s not always an easy thing to do and one of the ways to get started with this is what dr.Maxwell Maltz recommended in his book psycho cybernetics where he talked about how he would give these patients plastic surgery he was a plastic surgeon he would give them plastic surgery and a certain percentage would never be more confident no matter how much he altered their face no matter how much he made the woman’s nose beautiful gave her perfect boobs slimmed down her stomach or shaped her butt some people would just never become confident and you thought that was really puzzling and he couldn’t quite figure why that was and what he later understood was this idea of self identity is that if we believe that we are so unlovable no matter what then it doesn’t matter you could you could turn yourself into Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt and you still wouldn’t believe in yourself you still wouldn’t see yourself as attractive and thus externally you would not project that kind of confidence and so one of the exercises he recommends is visualization and affirmations so he recommends you visualizing yourself as you would like to be so if it’s approaching the girl it’s seeing yourself being confident not a douche being confident and going up and just talking and her smiling and laughing and having fun if it’s going through the job interview it’s sitting down being professional being relaxed having a lot of fun and in getting the job if it’s some other aspect but you’re competing you show up there’s no butterflies in your stomach and then you dominate and you do great and this kind of visualization will actually change the way you view yourself again that is your whole self identity something I talked about in the Michael Phelps visualization video and the third thing is really a very important concept you become more confident by getting more wins by taking action most of the time even though I was doing visualization and all these things you want to know what the biggest thing that made me more confident it was that yeah for that year I talked to and tried to dance with the prettiest girls in the club because that was the scariest thing in the world to me it was just like my whole body wanted to clench and just retract that was the scariest thing and when I did that every time it became one percent less scary it was with my writing my first book all the fear of criticism and thinking that people would hate it well I got a lot of good reviews and I got some bad reviews and it’s just the fact that I’ve lived it now I’ve been in the arena of being an author I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur I have my own business I know what it’s like to have a lot of happy customers and some really pissed off ones the most important lesson in confidence is that you have to be taking action in the world you can’t just magically navel gaze and become more confident you have to be getting out there and doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable or else you’re gonna live forever afraid now before you go I want to hear more about your story because I want to know if you were 10 and a 10 confident what is something you would go after that you’re not going after now because you are hey guys it’s Alex did you like this video if so there are three ways you can really stay in touch with me the first thing is obviously to click the subscribe button right there every single day I’m releasing a brand new tiny house video now if you lose weight feel awesome and live better second thing is you can check out my book master today brand new just came out it’s been topping the Amazon bestseller list and it’s been getting great feedback it’s all about the tiny success habits to help you lose your next 20 or 30 pounds and get to kind of that next level both in your health but also in your life and the third thing is come visit me over on my website modern health Montcalm punch in your email there and I’ll give you a free guide on the exact 5 daily habits to help you lose your next 20 or 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you’ll find it’s very rare now today you’ll find somebody who’s successful and shy at the same time majority of time they’re confident and they’re successful and that’s the way things are why because when you’re confident you’re effective at communicating your message out to the masses which means that you become a master salesperson and you guys know when your master salesperson guess what you can attract all of that wealth into your life it’s a trait of every millionaire and billionaire they’re amazing at selling so confidence is really the key to becoming more successful in life so in today’s video I really want to reveal to this freaky daily habits of confident people and you may be wondering Tim what gives you the right to talk about this well for all of you who see my life story video you guys know up until the age of 17 I spend majority of my life as a socially anxious person as somebody who’s really shy and somebody who really lacked self esteem as a result it has impacted all areas of mine they impacted my health because my anxiety at one point was so bad I couldn’t actually go out onto the street because I thought everybody in cars were looking at me and judging me I couldn’t get myself to the gym and it really impacted my relationship because all of my friends had girlfriends I remember and I couldn’t even talk together let alone approach them impacted my wealth I couldn’t get myself for jobs I had made confidence to start a business the only job I actually ended up getting was a toilet cleaning job it really impacted all areas of life and this really goes to show how being shy really is a trait that can hold you back in life but you guys know today this isn’t the story of my life today I can speak on the stage and influence the lives of hundreds of people today and network with the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs today I’ve got the love of my life I’ve got a fiance beautiful girl called Tama and today I can really just network and just create that positive Network within myself because I’ve learned how to really master the art being extrovert and notice I call air not because I am still an introvert to this day I recharge when I’m on my own but I’ve mastered the art of what it really takes to become an extrovert so I can speak on the stage as a result so I can go to networking parties and really just foster that positive connections that you need to become successful in life so this is why I believe these freaky habits will help you to really become that confident person I believe you are so make sure to take plenty of notes take massive action and most importantly turn it into a habit okay because during aspect to get massive results just from trying out today because what you’re going against is really negative neural connections right as all of these patterns you’ve been running throughout your life for you to basically assume that after one video your problems get fixed you’re in Disneyland you’ve got to do it for the next 90 days or more to really get the maximum results from what I’m going to be teaching you so without further ado let’s go on to the first point the first point is all to do with diet and fitness and you may be thinking Tim really you diet and fitness is that the secret well yes it is you wouldn’t put in a Ferrari now would you and yet majority people out there are trying to feel good they’re trying to be a high performer I’ve coached hundreds of people around the world who come to me wanting the latest productivity secrets right and they want coaching mentoring and then when I check their diet it just isn’t fueling them right how do you expect to be productive for a day if you just eat crap it just doesn’t make sense so you’ve got to study this field of nutrition study what you’re actually putting into your body is fueling you on a day to day basis consider taking supplements to supplement your healthy diet and I’ve got a list of supplements I take every single day to maintain my high performance state and you can go check that out by following this car that’s going to pop up right now so make sure to really just get your diet in check and you’ll notice a big difference after 60 days 90 days moving forward and in regards to fitness fitness is really important because it’s not in regards to just your health benefits but because of this feeling you get after the gyp okay don’t get me wrong when you’re firstly starting the gym it’s hard it’s annoying but once it turns into a habit comes addictive why because after you hit the gym you get this burst of feel good hormones and guess what when you feel good you’re going to feel more confident thus be able to really just communicate to other people and really just create more of that life that you truly deserve so make sure to really follow through with the diet and thinness moving forward now going on to the second point the second point is all about fostering the right network around you they’re late and great Jim Rome said this you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and this has been the story of my life so far all of you guys know when I used to hang around with negative people guess what I became one event but today I hang around with very successful people and guess what I’ve become a reflection of them the question I’ll ask you is who are you really hang around with at the moment are they really your dream idols right or are they just you know somebody who is actually just reflection of your negative self are they really shy as well because if you truly want to become confident and you want to be an effective sales person you’ve got to come around with people who are you’ve got to upgrade you got to trade up because that’s the only way you’re going to truly become that confident being and this is why’s it because at the age of 17 one of the first pillars I was targeting was relationships so what did I do I started to hang around with people who were good at talking to women and guess what before you know it I became excellent at talking women before you know it I could like walk along the beach see a group of girls they’re not going to start talking to every single one of them something I would have direct literally like six months prior that I would be to do one day and it became a reality because I upgraded my peer group I started to hang around with people who was getting results and because I was playing around with this people they were pushing me to take action as well so peer group is so so important my advice to you right now is to actually consider joining our Facebook community called a succession sidestick a group consisting of almost 17,000 people now from all across the globe you can join that group by following the link above right now or following the link in the description box below make sure to join and just really introduce yourself that way you can trade up and find these positive people that’s going to push you outside of your boundary so you can truly create that life that you really want to live so take onboard that advice upgrade your peer group how many times have to say it do it right you’ve got to do it if you truly want results in your life now going on to the first point which is the final point it’s all to do with positive self talk and physiology physiology is the way you carry yourself your body language and I read a great book on this which I recommend on my site you can click through to the card above to go check it out or you can follow the link in description box below to go over to my website to a recommendation section and I recommend this book that teaches all to this body language how the way you stood you basically portrayed different messages and signals to other people and it also helps you to feel different than when you stood like very confident guess what you feel confident and the way you’re breathing because majority of shy people are breathing from their lungs so they’re clumsy like out of breath right so they saw even more shine while on other other hands confident people they speak from the stomach and it Bri from the stomach and it gives more certainty when you’re breathing and speaking from the stomach so these little tweaks really really make the biggest difference moving forward so make sure to check out our book and really adopt the constant physiology now going on to the positive self talk what I mean by that is majority people out there are really beating themselves up and you’re letting the negative which I like to go to criticize that get the best of you you’ve got to listen and you’ve got to get clarity on who you really are because there are multiple voices up happening in your mind right and you got to really listen to this silence in a voice that is the guiding star and you let that really guide you that that voice I call it the champion let the champion speak out whenever the criticizes like my just yapping away just tell it to shut the F up right and listen to the champion it makes the biggest difference moving forward so inside its data free points I hope you found this video helpful if you have please click that like button and if you’re new to this make sure to subscribe for more videos like this and if you got any questions make sure to leave your comments in the comment box below thank you so much for tuning in inside it and as always my friend follow your heart and take action and go live that confident life you’re born to live speech you see.

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