How To Be Fun To Be Around 2018 Guide

Our complete how to be fun to be around guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

People who are jolly tend to live a healthier lifestyle compared to those who are lonely. Being jolly and funny is not about telling jokes or someone who’s behaving like a clown either. A jolly person is someone who is genuinely happy at heart. If you are not that fun but want to get funny, there are things you need to keep in mind. Trying to be fun means changing your whole personality and becoming more charming in the eyes of people around you.

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Trying to be fun means changing your whole personality and becoming more charming in the eyes of people around start off on your journey to becoming more fun to be with, you have to change the way you look at things around you. They are one of the most memorable people youll ever you want to add more joy to yourself and the people around you, here are some jovial tips that will help you become a jolly person whos fun to be Be confident It is not easy to be funny, you need self confidence to actually pull off a joke in the middle of the conversation. The more people at your silly jokes and the more you make them feel happy, the more confident youll Think positive Being around with someone who sees the good in everything, attract people. Focusing on the good side even if its a bit difficult, makes more people want to hang out with you and being a positive influence to them make them happier. This will help you start to get spontaneous and to truly appreciate the fun things in life. Put your energy focusing on the good and you will not only be fun to be with but youll be happier as Have tricks and talent Being fun to be with means having skills they can pull off that will make other people have a good time.

how to be fun to be around

I’M A Clean Fun Person To Be Around.

It’s true: Some of the best things in life are free. You don’t need to go on a pricey vacation or buy a lot of stuff to have fun. Many times it’s just being in the moment with the people you care about. And that costs nothing. Check newspaper listings or your town’s website for ideas of fun low-cost activities in your community. You think you don’t have the time.

There is always time to have fun. I don’t care who you are or how little time you think you haveyou can make the time. Also, fun is found in the little momentsyou don’t need to carve out your whole day. Block out a half-hour to do something you enjoy, just for the fun of it. You think you need to plan it.

If you’re a Type A planner, keep in mind that the most fun can be found in spontaneous unplanned moments. Let things happen naturally. Let yourself experience spur-of-the-moment trips and last-minute get-togethers. Be in the present moment. You mistake solemnity for seriousness.

As Jim Morrison wrote, “No one gets out of here alive.

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is the last time you really had fun?. Get out there and have fun. post your ad in 1 I add one more: I have fun only with a few things. In fact, we should be able to enjoy every minute by seeing something positive and feeling happy about it, instead of being restrictive to certain time or things or not bother anyone elce, but it bothers me that the “8 Ways to Make Your Life More Fun” are: You’re worried what other people will think.

how do you have more fun in your life you know this is about the fully charged life we’re always talking about that and the qualities of fully charged life is a life that’s more engaging you know more enthusiastic more energized and a lot of that comes from having more fun you know I’m happy in my life I finally reached a point where I feel like I’m having fun all the time you know and I had to realize how that happens for people you don’t want to go just have fun you have to generate fun as you heard me say over and over and over and for the power plant doesn’t have energy it transforms and generates energy if you want more fun in your life you’re gonna have to generate more fun you’re gonna have to have more of attention and intention to create fun and silly and ridiculous and humorous and just joyous moments so what are some ways you can do that well first and foremost realize most great fun in life comes from an immersion in the moment it requires presence you know it’s like so many people are so their attention is a million different places but have you ever been at a restaurant and you got your four or five friends around and you all are just riffing like you’re just having fun you’re all kicking around ideas and telling funny stories and the phones are off there you know it’s just the four or five of you gathered around maybe the two or three of you just gather around telling stories and you’re all immersed in that moment in immersion joy arises in immersion you know humor can perpetuate in immersion in the moment in presence and of the now you have access to a greater level of energy and awareness all around you that now you can really translate transform into fun so you have to begin by having an intention each day say I’m be present in my moments today I mean present in everything that I do present in my conversations with people present in the tasks that I do because in that presence more passion can come to a light and more fun can be happy begins with having intention to immerse the second thing is to realize well what is fun for you right I know that’s so basic but can you really think of I mean if I asked you right now be honest if I ask you what are the top you know 10 most fun times you’ve had in your life do they come easily to you see for most people it doesn’t they’re like well that was that time that I went on a roller coaster and I jumped out of a plane or you know that time I was at a wedding and I danced like a chicken you know like they really struggle and partially what happens for people is they just go through life kind of bumbling and crashing around and they never having a real reflection on what brought them joy happiness engagement enthusiasm fun so what I do is when I have a fun moment at that and I I’m a big journaler as many of you know I am always encouraging at the end of your day journal about things that you’re grateful for things that you desire cool things or um inspiring things you saw people say or do you know just journal about your life about philosophy whatever it is but I like to write at night and I always tried to write also component what was fun today I reflect on what was fun so for me you know I’ve got so many access points so many references of what was fun in my life it’s just immediate that I know the things that bring me great joy because I’ve thought about them so do you have your fun list things that bring you great joy and great fun in your life and you know what those should be your to do list because here’s what people do their to do list every day are tasks not life and that’s why they’re miserable they’ve gotten lost into the minutiae of what must happen versus who they could be that day and that’s where their life starts to derail and they lose that charge it’s so magical in life so what’s your fun list you know one of those things that you could do that would bring great joy and fun into your life and do them more often and automatically you’re having more fun and a third thing you could do this so simple that’s so simple is write down what is not fun for you and quickly and efficiently and with honor integrity to the utmost ability and remove those things for your life if you’re doing things that just are not fun for you you have to ask can i delegate those are those truly necessary are those creating an opportunity cost of my life where I could be spending more time doing things that are fulfilling they are fun that do move the needle of progress forward in life what are you doing right now that you just like gosh you hate it you take no meaning or joy from that and if there is something there you need to quit that activity delegate that activity or seriously question and plan for the removal of that activity the utmost of your ability sooner than later if you’re like dude my job is no fun then either a you need to bring more fun to that and transform the energy there into fun or be you need to plan your exit and if that sounds scary make sure you watch my video called why to quit it’s about quitting and the power of quitting because sometimes until you quit what is wrong in your life a white space does not open for what is right in your life to enter so sometimes quitting something that is not fun is a way to get closer to something is fun but first question yourself are you bringing the fun it’s the old Zen master tale that the only Zen that you find that at the top of the mountain is the Zen you carry up with you so being fun is what will make anything fun I mean frankly I do a lot of things that sometimes I’m like it’s occasional work I wish I didn’t have to do it but if I’m going to do it I’m going to bring full presence and joy and fun to it myself the next thing to remember is this that most fun the fun that just really is magical and so grateful often comes in a social environment friends we’ve so lost the art of friendship in our modern distracted digitized world let me tell you what just at the try to go out to breakfast or lunch or dinner with your friends at least at least once a week if that sounds crazy to you then you have lost your life into a world work and tasks and fake responsibilities that are only pulling you away from life you need to evaluate your life and say why can’t I get away with some friends once a week for an hour or two for some lunch dinner breakfast or brunch why am I not going out to drinks with my friends anymore you know and don’t pretend and say well it’s because I’m I got too old to go out and you know come on it doesn’t mean you have to go out and party like rock stars till 5:00 in the morning it means brunch lunch dinner you know a walk or stroll a workout with some friends and enough time with them to enjoy sharing stories about life sharing stories about what has been fun with them friendship is the ultimate in the ultimate bedrock of fun it’s it’s the great source and the wellspring of fun there’s a quotable friendship is the wellspring of fun I mean it’s just like one of these things it’s just like once you have friendship you have fun follows you because it’s your buddies but you have to be around them and I know that’s hard look we’re all busy but that’s where life is so do not do not neglect it last very simple adopt a little bit of a mischievous mindset here’s what I encourage you to every morning when I’m in the shower I think what could I do today this little mischievous and fun for somebody not fun for me fun for somebody what what can I do to to cajole to tease to prank somebody who I love not in a mean or disheartening way and but in a real fun way but what could I do to make some fun between us to make some jokes and stories between us what unique things could I do to make somebody’s that even if just think of this what could I do today to make somebody’s day and you know what you’ll find that fun and fulfilling and when you start having days that are much more fun and fulfilling and you have weeks that are more surrounded by friendship doing things that you care about that you find fun and you’re fully immersing yourself in those experiences well over a period of time all that fun and that fulfillment that gives you the charge left you.

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