How To Be More Sociable

Our complete how to be more sociable guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Being an only child with an introverted personality is an interesting experience. It taught me how to feel great on my own, to appreciate my own space and allowed me to have lots of fun. I was always more introspective than others; I read and practiced drawing a lot and even built my own world inside my head.

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But Im sure that becoming more social is possible for everyone. Dont sit in a circle and talk to only the people you know. Use parties or meals with friends as an opportunity to talk to people who are in your circle but you dont know well. Find your own way to approach strangers and open your mind to them. Are they becoming different people? I am certainly an introvert and find that it often takes a lot of energy for me to be social. Breaking the ice with strangers while travelling on long flights is the hardest thing.

how to be more sociable

How To Achieve Your β€œIt” Factor And Finally Have Success In Life – Jeff Banman (Ep. 155)

One of socials definitions is sociable, which is solely the aspect of liking other people or accepting of social activities.

When dealing with the two terms as synonyms, one way to consider them is social people like going out and being with people, whereas sociable people are easy for others to get along with. Sociable can also be used when you want to clearly mean interacting with people, especially when one of socials other definitions could cause confusion.

But in the end the distinction is arbitrary and personal preference reigns.

Sociable has the derivatives of sociably and sociableness.

Once any corporate obligations are out of the way, marketing your franchise through social media can be an excellent tool to reach your customers and generate sales. [Forbes]

She told of how her mother was a happy, social person who liked to help out elderly people by delivering her own version of meals on wheels. [Bucks Free Press]

But about 25 arachnid species have swapped the hermits hair shirt for a more sociable and cooperative strategy, in which dozens or hundreds of spiders pool their powers to exploit resources that would elude a solo player.

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A social person likes to be around others or enjoys having conversations with others. Social can also describe things that have to do with society in general (e. g. , Social Security). Sociable can also be used when you want to clearly mean interacting with people, especially when one of socials other definitions could cause confusion. Yorkshire County Cricket fan Donald, who lives at William Wood House, in Sudbury, was a passionate gardener, creating beautiful roses and landscaping gardens from scratch

today I wanna talk about social skills, and
how I used to be a freak of nature;127 pounds I as I like to tell people I
had thedimensions of a supermodel a female
supermodel.And I wanna talk to you about howimportant social skills are. I’m not saying I’m the best at social
skills ; that’s not the caseat all. I’m told that I don’t smile
enough, that I’m notvulnerable enough, that I’m cold
sometimes are many things people say andthose are the nice things by the way. But I learned over time how to talk to
people in different situations, forexample:I used to not know how to talk to women. I
I would come across, like, I might be able toget people to laugh, but I was almost
like a clown. and I didn’t know how to be masculine, I
wasn’t sure how to bea man. Same thing was true up talking of
talking to people at cocktail partiesor random events.
I would go up to them I
would shake their hand, I knew that much,and then I wouldn’t know how to carry
the conversation how do you make itinteresting?how do you present yourself as someone
memorable? how do you actually learn aboutsomeonebeneath the surface of “oh who are you
and what brought you here” and thingslike that?so what I want to do is show you how I
went from that,to some of the things I do now.Now I’ll
routinely speak in front ofa hundred or even thousands of people. I’ll appear on national TV. I’ll do things in one take, which I love
doing. I don’t waste my time when I get in front ofthe camera ‘be done’. so what I want to is show you
an exampleof me appearing on a national TV show,
and analyzewhat’s going on in terms of social
skills. here take a look:Most of the work is done before you
ever walk in that room:making sure that you’re a top performer,
asking your boss what it would take toget a compensation adjustment, and
actually exceeding those goals. and letting your boss know.
.. now what I
just did there wasn’t veryobvious, but I did it for a reason. When I
held up my fingers and saidand basically did 123, I did that becauseanchors are very quick to start speaking
again. This segment is very very shortand they want to get right back to the
message so when I’m still doing one twoand three with my fingers,I’m suddenly signaling her but I’m still
going with my pointsand you notice that at the end, I lowered my
voice to let her know. I was done making my point and just like
I’m about to lower my voice now,you’ll know when I’m done speaking
“Say you,you should go in there knowing
that even in this economythere’s still a shot for you to have a
race. ” : absolutely people don’t believe it, thefirst thing he say is’well maybe that works for that guy or
that woman’. .
: what I did therewas, I realized I jumped the gun.I started
off speaking very, very quickly,so instead of speaking very quick like this
I slowed it down. I made an expansive gesture and slowed
down my speaking. sometimes in the middle of a sentence
you realize you are speaking very quicklyand then you can actually slow it down
and get more in controlof your voice. What may seem really
slow to you,actually seems highly credible to
other people. : ‘but not for me’, : I know! you worry they’re gonna
go in and upset your boss, like he is gonna sayhow can you talk about that in this economy you expect
to getmore money’ : ‘yes, because most people
believe they walk in and say ‘I want moremoney’,and the boss says ‘no’, and they walk out
embarrassed. That’s not the worst : what. I’m doing here is being very expressive.
now, not my face you know I have I’ve
one of my new year’s resolutions one yearwas actually to smile more.But here I am
using a lot of really high pitched tone, like’yeah, give me money’ and i’m saying no it
doesn’t work. and it’s good because it mixes things up. One of the biggest challenges. I see people having is they remain in
the same flat monotonespeaking, like this about the most
exciting thing that ever happened tothem, like the birth of their daughterthey still speak like this. it’s just not
emotionally engagingand so to be able to get expressive with
your face,your smile, even your intonation can be
extremely powerfulin getting people to pay attention to
you. now I used to go into meetingswhen I was younger and, like, I’d be meeting
a CEO or something,and they would say “what do you think
we should do with this?”what do you think about that and I would
start jumping into the tactics: “well,I looked at your website and I really think
you should change your check boxes to radio buttons. .
“and they would be like “who the hell is this guy he’s
speaking at this level I’m speaking atthis level”.. I didn’t understand how to calibrate
myself. so when I’m going to thesemeetings I would say something, and. I would actually see people’s eyes
rolling or people start going like this,I mean people would actually look at
their watch and go “oh God is this guy going tostart talking again?”and it really irritated me, because I
knew I was doing something wrong. I didn’t know what, and I would watch
other people and they would startspeaking. And it would sound crisp, and they would use
intonation,and I was sitting here speaking in a
really bored way but I thought I wasreally interesting. and then I can tell I was not because
people would be looking at their watch.
.not a good place to be. so along the way I learned a lot of
little social cues,social triggers and different things I
could do to improve my social skills. I want to share a few of them with you
today. now some of these might seem a littlebit basic, likewhat do you do when you walk up to
someone at a cocktail party? what do you say tothem?but i wanna walk you through this
process and I’m confident even one of these,just one could dramatically change the
way you interact people. and in my experience more and more
experienced you get, your technicalskills matter,but your social skills matter at an
increasing rate. That’s why I’m spendingthis time today here in the studiotalking about some insights I learned in
terms of social skills,and let’s see what you can apply to your
life starting today. okay so I went out to a lot of different
I will teach readers I said:what are the challenges you have when it
comes to social skills? one of thebiggest was”what do I do when I see someone at a
party and I just wanna talk to them?I’m not talking about using game and
going up and negging them, I’m not talking aboutthat.
maybe another I’m
just talking about what do you say at aprofessional eventthat can actually get a discussion started. Here’s 3 lines that you can use. very simple stuff, but stuff that people
don’t often use. so one thing you can do just go up and say
“hi nice to meet you,I’m Ramit, what brought you here?” simplevery simple. what brought you here. then
they’re gonna say “I came herebecause I know the. .
the founder of this thing.. ” “oh that’s
interesting how do you guys know eachother?”ask another question and now you’ve got
a conversation started. second thing you say very simple:”hi I’m Ramit”
“hi I’m Mike”boom off to the races. typically in
events that you go to where you’re goingto introduce someone,they’re there to meet people as well. In
fact, to reframeyour mental game you can say, ‘look I’m
actuallydoing them a favor by talking to them’
why? because no one wants to bethe person standing at a party alone. so
by going up to them,yeah it’s anxiety producing, and you feel kind of
wierd, buttrust me they actually feel amazing you
came up to them. and here’s how you know: imagine yourself
at a party,you’re up there you just got yourself a
drink you can like looking around you’reabout to pull your phone outso you look busy, and somebody comes up
to you and says hey my name’s John.
awesome, you feel great.someone picked you at this crowd to come
up and talk to you you’re going to begrateful,not weirded out. OK? that’s how we start
changingthe way we think, as well as changing our
behavior. another wayyou can break the ice is to simply go to
someone and say ‘sohow do you know John?” John beingthe name of the organizer, maybe the birthday
host. so I’ll give an example. I was at a birthday
party the other day,it was a birthday party for, it was a co
birthday party thrown by fourdifferent people at a bar, and you know
I came out to my friend is it how’s itgoing happy birthday. and then I was mingling, so I didn’t
monopolize my friends timeand what do I do? so after I said hello
you know we can hang out a little bit. I mingled around and I went up to people
I said oh sohow do you know Michelle and that was a
great conversation starter because ofcourse,everyone’s there, they’re are supporting
your friends and we got some greatdiscussions, right? someone has this great startup,
someone’s doing this,someone was making fun of another person’s
shoes it was great.
that is how you canbreak the iceand get that conversation started.the next thing that I will teach readers
told me was,’how do I keep a conversation going?’. so
it’s one thing to got someone sayyou know what brought you here or how do
you know the host, but it’s another tookind ofask that question and then get stuck. so
what do you do to keep the conversationgoing?and going in an interesting direction? Let me give you a few suggestions. my biggest mistake early on was askingtoo many questions. okay so I’d be like
oh so what brought you here? oh really?you know him? do you know that? what do you do? bla bla blaand get a little bit weirded out like is
this dude interrogating meso what I would do is instead of simply
asking question after question afterquestionask a couple questions and then I might
make a statement reflecting on what theysaid. I might say”that’s really interesting you know I
wouldn’t have thought that would benatural to go from X to Ybut the way you say it it makes a lot of
sense” and of course they’re likeoff to the races with that right? so one
thing I learned was not as too manyquestionstypically I know this from eavesdropping
on hundreds have datesthat happen next to me in the places
that i write, coffee shops and thingslike that every time a date sits next to me I
immediatelygo to my computer, put my headphones on
youand then listen for the next hour it’s what
I do. and so I’ve been able to drawseveral conclusions from this the number
one isguys talk about themselves way too much.
so my problem was asking too many
questions, oftentimes you have guys,especially when they’re talking to women,they’ll just talk too much blah bahbah
bahbah not actually asking anythingabout that person.they walk away, and if you were to say like
what do you know about that person, they’dbe likeah I dono they seem really nice, they
laughed at my jokesso you want to be very careful about
calibrating yourself. asking too many questions or not asking
enough questions at allok? here are a few ways you can keep this
conversation going. so one thing you cansay isso what brought you to this event? and
as they tell you that,’oh you know I’m here because my company
sponsored it and blah blah blah’then you follow up on the next natural
question which isoh what do you do? now that’s a little
bit of a cliche question,but it’s an easy one that you can pull
out if you need toand you’re stuck. what do you do gives
you an opportunity to kinda practiceyour different answers too. so for example if I say what do you do
and someone says ‘oh. I’m a strategic operational consultant’ I
may be like okaythat sounds really impressive I’m just
not sure I understand what it means. or I can say oh wow so do you work with
all industries or do you work with all industriesor just this technology industry?
see how I took two totally differentapproaches?if I’m costly talking to different
people I can actually test which oneworks betterjust by watching the reaction.
one is
kinda fun lighthearted oneone is a more curious serious one
probablyif we’re at an event I actually but you
that the first one goal for better ifyou’ve calibrate your body languageone thing you can say is you know what
was your biggest takeaway today?what was your biggest insight today? I
would again test those two words you canget very different responsesfrom just testing those.One thing you can
do that worksreally well, is after listening to people
reallyunderstanding who they are you might
ask and what do you do? orare you here from outta town or are you
local? oh I’m here from outta town orfrom Houston “oh Houston I love to bbq
there!”so one thing you can do is also make a
comenton them. you can say something like ‘you know
you seempretty adventurous you know I know a
couple of other management consultantsbut I don’t know anybody who does scuba
divingon their off time it seems pretty
ventures’ obviouslyyou’re complimenting them but you’re
doing it in an authentic way why?because you point out ‘look I’ve listened
to you, I know other people like youand you seem XYZ’. now you’re not doing
this to be a kiss ass. if you do this and you’re not authentic,
people will recognize it from a mile away. what you’re doing though is truly listening
to them and then making a commenta little bit about who they are. now obviously
you know something nice to say, don’t sayit at all. I learned that lesson myself as wel.
l but
what you can do is show that you’ve beenlistening, it actuallyhonors someone when you make a comment
obviously complimentary comment,’so you know i’ve really listen to who
you are and it seems to me that XYZ’that’s really the message you’re sending.they love to have their thoughtsacknowledged. they love to bethe center of attention, more importantly
they love that someone would take thetimeto actually think deeply about them and
make a very informedpositive comment. like if someone came to
me and he said you know. Ramit you seem, you seem a lot more
thoughtful than I thought you know likeon your website you can make his
bombastic claims, you’ve got the I willteach you be rich name,but meeting you, you really seems like you
spend a lot of timestudying the psychology, the deep theory
of the stuff you’re talking about. I’ll be over the moon. I’ll be so happy
for the next monthjust thinking back to what that person
said. of course becauseits positive, it shows me that they’ve
really understood who I am,and what would happen? I would like that
so we’re not tricking anybody here if they
said something like Ramit, you reallyseem you seem like just
awesome, like everything you do is just sosuccessful, just incredible. I wanna I don’t know how you do but I
just wanna know everything. I’d be likeaah your like kinda creeping me out. butif someone is actually thoughtful and
listens that canreally change the tenor of that
conversationoooo k:how do you get yourself out up a
conversationwhether it’s fortunate or unfortunate I
have developed a nacfor extricating myself from super
awkward conversationspossibly because they happen to me so
much. possibly becausesome other people watching this corner
me, and then I have these really weirdconversations where I have to figure how to
get myself out. so I’ve tested many many many ways and
I’m pleasedto deliver what I’ve learned along the
way. solet’s say you’re in a conversation, one of
two things can happen that make youwanna leave:1 it’s just the natural end of a
conversation right you can havesaid hello you got to know each other,
the second thing isyou’ve kinda encountered a weirdo who’s
just like, you know, they’re just a littlebit off or theircoming along pretty strong basically
every woman watching this is like yepthat’s been happening since I was you know it. but guys we don’t really
have that experience up having toextricate ourselves as much. so there are classic ways to get yourself out o
these things. it’s very simple. if you see that the
conversations kinda dying down to anatural level,or you’re just ready to leave, you don’t
have to make it awkward. you don’t, not at all. classic way to do it
is simply.
you say wellit was a pleasure meeting you, thanks for
chatting.that’s itbut notice that in my intonation, even in
my body language,I’m signifying every possible way it’s
time for me to go. if you don’t do this, oftentimes, and this has
happened to me many times,you get stuck talking to the same person
for like 40 minutes,and you’re like why am i here talking this
person? I wanna like mingle,I wanna go get another drink, i jus wanna
do something other than getting stuck. but you know something we’re afraid of
confrontation. I know I have been afraid ofconfrontation the past. so you can use this line of “you know, it
was a pleasure meeting you,thanks so much for chatting” and you’re
on your way. now I will tell you thatin a couple situations I’ve had someone
who wasn’t very socially receptiveand they just didn’t get the message. so
like okaysounds good I’ll come with you and I’m
like nah nah.
so I, this actually just happened about a
month ago.I wasat a bar meeeting some people, somebody
introduce me to somebody else,and I’m chatting with this guy, he’s of
monopolizing my tim,e and I was trynamake my way out of it, but he’s one of
those guys that he would start asentenceany be life and then he would have
another clauseand another clause in other sentence and
then he tell a story,and I’m kinda like this; I’m sitting here like ‘ please
kill me right now’. . so I tried my line, and he actually,like, he wouldn’t let me go he’s like
‘oh yeah yeah yeah, but one thing:when I was a young lad in a blah blah
blah’ so actually, I finally had to be very,very, very direct with him. I said “you know
what. I really appreciated talking you, but I’ve
got friends here from outta town,and I’ve gotta go talk to them now. thanks. ” and he was like”oh”, he finally realized that he had been
kinda monopolizing my time.
almost by definition he hadn’t realize that.sothat is kind of an escalation script you
can use if someone’s really not gettingthe message,but in general, ninety nine percent of
the time you can simply say “you knowwhat, it’s been a pleasurethanks for chatting” and you’re good to
go. one thing you can do to be extremely
memorableis to tell stories. now in my dream job
course I talk about having a storytoolbox. this is basically havinga few stories ready, you can just pull out of your pocket at any given time. so whether you’re in an interview,
whether you’re at a bar, whether you’reat a birthday party meeting people for the
first time, you can have like a shortstory,a very emotional story, a longer really
funny story,and you can kind of hone and test the
stories until they are razor sharp. any professional comedian, for example
Louis CK,Chris Rock, any these guys they practice
theirjokes over and over and over again. by
the time you see them on a stand upspecialthey are finely honed perfected jokes.
you can do the same thing with your own
stories, okay?so I’ll give you an example: I was recently
teaching a class and.I told a story about how I used to write
a comedy column,and I told this story, anda few minutes later someone said to me
hey Ramit, you always talk abouttesting stuff, have you ever tested
anything on us right now as we’ve beenhere for the last couple days?I said actually yes, when I was telling a
story about writing a comedy column,I was testing to see if it hit and it
totally BOMBEDno one smiled, no one laughed it was just
dead crickets in the room. and I said I’ll never tell that story againlet’s take a lookis when I, i used to write a comedy column for my
college newspaper,it was called two guys who are better
than you. I actually have a thing for names like
it’s very,it’s not too modest. anyway um and the
funny thing was we took,we took these photos the first day, they took
photos of us, and we did these really, we did likenormal photos, and then we did these really weird
ones cuz the photographer,well they were supposed to be a friend of
ours, so we did these really weird photos like. I stuff like that. and they actually
accidentally ran the really weird photos. so people were like, seriously what kinda guyslike, put these photos in the newspaper.
so from then on we just ran with theweird photos.. there was a question about whether you
test your storiesyes oh yes listen I,who hear, you’ve heard me tell some of the same
stories twice, you guys areaware that by the time you see Chris
Rock or Louie CK,they’ve taken the same joke and tested it
fifty different ways. are you aware of that? just like that i test
storiesso I I have a story that i think is a
great story and I’ll tell itand i’ll know, and I’ve told stories today
and I know, and I’ve told them into slightlydifferent ways than ever before. and I’ll notice where it hits and where it
doesn’t. for exampledid you guys noticed that as I told that
Stanford daily story I talked about myphotographs with my friends?my friend? and did you notice that it didn’t really
hit? you guys didn’t reallyget it, or laugh at the end, where I
talked about how they ran the weirdphotos. only being here in the room could you
noticefrom this perspective at that part that that
story did not hit and I’ll never use it again. .
so in this case I realized that the story
was so badthat there was no chance of salvaging it at all.usually if I get like one laugh,I think alright this person’s got a good sense of humor. but in this case it was just dead. in other cases I have stories whereit’s really good people are engaged, and then
their eyes start droppingand that means it’s a little too long,
okay? soyou have to really be socially receptive
to look at the person as you’re tellingthe storyand kinda gauge where they are interested,
where they are not, where are they laughing,where are they not. that is more of an
advanced technique that you can use asyou tell stories,that’s exactly what comedians do,
right? they’re noticing not only the volumeof the crowd, but the tenor of the crowd. is the person laughing in the middle a joke?are you laughing at the end? how long are
they laughing? what kind of laugh?THAT, determines whether the joke earns
its wayinto their special. how to make small talk so. I get so many emails from people that
say ‘Ramit, I don’t want to habe to waste timemaking small talk.
I prefer to just get to the point’ and I
say “you’re doomed”because most of life is about making
small’s about buildingrelationships,getting to know each other it’s about
neighbor saying ‘how are the kids?’it’s not instrumental, it’s more symbolic
for the most part. and if you actuallybuilt a great relationship,then you become close and maybe one dayyou need something from your friend your
friend need something from you. but youdon’t build a relationship based onjust getting to the facts. Okay? that’s
why I’m telling stories here. that’s why my emails are this long, but
they’re different than”top five things you must do today”,
because we want stories you want thingsthat engage us. so I wanna show you how to do small talk. that’s itthat’s a big task for small talk, but i
wanna give you a couple of suggestionsand I want to show you a video,on how to actually do this.
in small talk, yes
you do have to play the gameand it is a’re talking to people,
you’re building relationships, you can’tjustgo to a restaurant, sit down, and
immediately have the food brought to youin five seconds and you leavenow you have a little dance the waiter
comes to how you doing todaywhat can I get you any allergies any
company brings a food how’s everythingtasteit’s a whole process. we maythink that we want everything to be
direct, but actuallywe are comforted by having a long set
rituals. like ‘how are you’, ‘my name’s Ramit’, ‘what
brought you here?’that’s great how do you know this person
on it’s a ritualisticand it exists for a reason. so yes, you
have to play the game. and yes the game is more important than
you ever thought. the other thing you doin small talkis: you take control don’t wait for theother person to do it. I see this so often,
oftentimes I’mworking at a coffee shop and I see two
people kinda meeting for the first time,right? semi professional context, andone person will just kind of be passive,
like they’ll just be sitting there,kind of waiting for the other person
take the lead, and the worst is whenthey’re both passiveand I’m like, “somebody kill me, cuz this
is the most awkward conversation I’ve everseen in my life.
“but what you can do, is take the active
role that meansasking a couple questions, making a comment
helping the conversation flow in thedirectionyou want to flow right? that doesn’t mean
taking total control,but it means if there’s an awkward
silence it’s awkward because of you,not because of them.I want to show you an example,
from a little tear down I did with mystudents,and show you a short segment about small
talk. take a look:Uh well, I work on an MMO. if you know
World of Warcraft,it’s a game just like that. and if you’ve
ever played World of Warcraft, there’s a lotof things on the screen that tell you
what’s going onand that you interact within order to interact with the world that’s what I work on. i help you
interact with thisrich world. Ramit: so I’m like oh that’s pretty cooluh how long you been doing that? Guy: about three years. uhm.
.Ramit: you can’t depend on me to guide the
conversation. Guy: yeah. . uhm. . for about three yearsuuh the first year or so was mostly a
learning experience but then. .
Ramit: I don’tcare.nobody cares. nobody cares about your
career at this point. we’re in thesocial world, remember?right. they’re done. we’re done with video
game stuff, let’s move on you don’t evenwant to talk about your video game stuff!
Why do you keep talking about it!? Guy: so how do you go from. A to B? you said it’s weird to
put it in the same sentence Ramit: alright we’re going to switch roles, so I’m youyou’re me. so back up and ask me the
question”Oh that sounds pretty interesting how
long you been doing that?” I’ve been there
about three years,hey, let me ask you a question you know
that guy in the audience who asked that,the question about the hot sauce? do you
know what he was talking about?no clue.
okay what just happened there?you made the transition.Ramit: I did it. Guy:sure. Ramit: I leaned in, ‘hey let me ask you a question’leaned in,I mean that’s just typical body language thing,
I want to just like it’s likewe’re getting a little,’I gotta ask you this question that’s been on my
mind like oh I’m like wondering,or like, ‘oh my god did you see that thing over there?’
whatever whatever!I’ve given you a bunch of mistakes that
we commonly make, I’ve also given you sometechniquesfor improving your social skills. again
socially skilled people are not just. Naturals. they actually practice at it for years and
years and years. now as I told you, I wasan awkward weirdo.
ah, to some extent I’m still awkward in
different ways.but I will tell you that I learned to
improve systematically by kinda watchingthe reactionsto the things I said and the way I
comported myself. as I was going through my book launch, I
asked my publisher if they’d be willingtoget me social training in other words media
trainingand they were like ‘why? we you’ve
been on TV we think you’re pretty good”and I was like’well I want to improve my skills’ what I
really wanted to say is ‘cuz you’re gonna payfor it’and they did and i actually learned a ton. they brought me into their studio, they
had read my book, they helped metake a message that was this big and
compress it down to ten to fifteenseconds. then we went, they filmed me, and we
watched itover and over and over again. each time I
got better and better. I hated watching myself on camera, but I
got so much betterby just the end of the day. if you asked me,
you knowtell me about I will teach you rich I
could answer in nine minutes,or i could answer in 20 seconds, and that’s
what I learned.
and I want to do the samethingfor one of you.One of you will be
invited to New York. I’ll pay for your trip, I’m also gonna
pay for your media training as well. you’re gonna learn how to improve your
own social skills. you are going to watch yourself on camera, you
get to work with an expert coach,you are going to work with the same firm that I worked
with, to get my trainingand you’re gonna learn every little
weakness that you have and how todramatically improve it. this islife changing stuff. now for one of
you here’s how it works:I will select out of the comments left below. I want you to each leave a comment telling me
what is your biggestweakness when it comes to social skills
be specific.
don’t just say ‘rambling’ say I tend to
ramblefor example here’s one thing I did, here
were the results of it,and here’s one thing I’ve tried which has or
has not worked.ok, tell me about the challenges that you
have when it comes to social skills. I’m afraid to talk to people I don’t
know what to say when I first go up, I getawkward,I’m not sure if I’m under dressed tell me
the details I will pick one of you andin a future email I will let you know
who won you’ll be flown out to New York,you’ll go attend the media training session,
you’ll becomevery very good. now remember to be
eligible for this you have to subscribeto my email listthere’s a form right below this make sure you do it, and
then leave a commentexplaining exactly what your biggest
social skills challenge is,so that I can choose one of you to fly in
New York and get this expert levelworld class training. thanks for watching. . .

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