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Our complete how to become popular in college guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Most students have a desire to be popular during their university years.. They want everyone to know them and to like them. According to this point of view, the first year at college is very important as it determines what type of student you will be. You can become well known on campus due to making new acquaintances with other college students and professors. Besides becoming popular, consider living others with a positive impression after meeting you. Believe me, you will never become popular by drinking and smoking weed. There is no need to be a “bad guy” in order to be popular. You should earn respect for yourself.  Key points of popularity:     – Friendliness. Be polite with everybody around. You cannot allow yourself to be rude with people in case you want them to be nice to you, no matter who they are. It is enough to make one bad impression to ruin the foundations of trust to you. People are attracted to smiling and positive individuals, so it doesn’t matter how down you get try to smile to others and greet them. People like an optimistic personalities, prefer not to talk bad about the people ever and stay positive with them. Learn how to listen and talk, and help them out if they have any kind of problems.      – Intelligence. Do you think good grades make people unpopular in college? Than, you will be surprised to find out, that it is in fact quite the contrary. There are many study groups in universities and being intelligent helps you gain popularity as you can help others in or outside your study group. Moreover, if you get bad marks there is a possibility that you’ll drop out of university and everything goes down the drain when that happens.       – Take an active part in university social life. You must participate in all kinds of activities going around in the university if you really want to be popular. There are numerous activities in all colleges and you should attend as many as possible. Join clubs and organizations as it will help you to meet new people. Also, you can visit different parties as students there are more relaxed and more open to social interaction. They go there to find friends as well as you do.   Becoming a popular student may seem difficult in foreign country, consider advises above and you will get a chance to become very popular student, but, please, do not overdo!

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According to this point of view, the first year at college is very important as it determines what type of student you will be. There is no need to be a bad guy in order to be popular. People like an optimistic personalities, prefer not to talk bad about the people ever and stay positive with them. You must participate in all kinds of activities going around in the university if you really want to be popular. Also, you can visit different parties as students there are more relaxed and more open to social interaction.

how to become popular in college

Why Act Overtook Sat As Top College Entrance Exam

The four words college students most dread? “Everyone get into groups.”

Not since non-alcoholic beer has there been a more worthless addition to the college experience than group assignments, group projects, and group presentations.

Students are not in your class to make friends; that’s what fraternity hazing is for. Trying to figure out whether or not to hug your girlfriend’s parents when you meet them for the first time is nothing compared to the social awkwardness of being forced to ask the kid next to you, “Umm. so can I be in your group?”

Do you know the story of the Little Red Hen? In the story, the hen is on a popular Disney TV show. But then she gets older and discovers her sexuality and twerks on Robin Thicke’s crotch during the MTV awards and the ladies of The View are shocked! But the other version is about a little hen looking for help to make the bread. With each stage of the bread-making process, none of the other animals will help the poor hen; they’re lazy and they’re happy to take advantage of the hen.

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How To Become Popular In CollegeYou’re thinking, “But I don’t care if my professor is a renowned expert in his or her field of study. That’s a lot of bread for one person. except rather than eating the bread all by herself, the professor gives the same grade to every member of the group- the students in the group who did all the work and the students who didn’t do sh*t. Because you’ve just doubled their workload. And today, college students are much more likely to be able to name the Kardashian sisters than to name a single Supreme Court judge. Whether you’re teaching math or English or the anatomy of 80s hair bands, if you’re excited and knowledgeable about the material, you can make it relevant to your students’ lives. Review sheets are a way of telling students that you’ve wasted their time.

hi guys with the thank you so much watching Aussie saying I am pressing the app welcome back to another Thursday video by the way congratulations on your results I’m sure you’re passed with flying colors even if you did let’s just imagine your boss with flying colors alright by the way the progress in my life is that my hair can be braided now guys is not opening up schools are opening up and I thought it is imperative that I shared the knowledge that this genius mind of mine has so I go inside vivo video which is called how to be popular in college and paper you and me baby number one it is extremely important that you stand out of the crowd now typically a person like me with a sense of humor of a 12 year old I would crack a joke like stand out of the crowd you meet outstanding leg out of the class hahahaha sorry when you enter college why should people notice you why should people know that oh my God look at that for me walking up to me unless you make them do that here’s some ways you can do it one west funky clothes I mean run these things Airport wardrobe could be your model for the rest of your college life everything that ranges from a neon green to a neon orange is a go go do not think twice before sporting it no but you go for chunky accessories you have amazing choices these days I’ve been back at all time we didn’t have that but kids these days you know this for these necklaces that say rich or swag or lol or adept go for them they’re gonna help you get nerdy because trust me I am a coding nobody who has more goals than people at our weddings but even I sometimes wear sunglasses when I see those necklaces so it’s foolproof baby no drink could be chilled up hell I mean I know it’s a little passe but everything is okay in college you know that when you enter college you can see each and every type of weird and college and it’s best to be a part of it why don’t you make gelled up hair your thing I’m a horizontal perpendicular parallel anything good whatever Matt worked for you now is just number one can you believe I like for more tips for you you’re welcome now you need to make friends and when you’re in college it’s no one better to make friends with unless you’re professors they will be like traget ah how much of a loser do you think I am but uh yeah it is important my friend who is the one who’s gonna give you your great teachers who is the one who you might have to beg to just in case things go wrong halfway teachers make sure you include books with them I mean you can do all sorts of stuff with them it’s always fun to like have lunch with them you know gossip with the modem laws share recipes get home cooked food for them or I don’t know break their head you could share some of your hair gel with your male professors go for it you’re not impressing your teachers and you will not come home disappointed okay so we need to appoint a student representative ah okay okay can someone please collect everyone’s homework okay can you please carry my bag okay can somebody please crash my left Sonora TDT I think I have lice in my head number three is not that pleasing but you know it’s important for your life so make friends with some student friends now once you stay way too much for teachers you gonna need somebody to gossip and bitch about the teachers too so that’s when the students come in handy I mean trust me it’s gonna help your luck now it’s kind of difficult to make friends once you go to college because it’s like a whole different environment and its really scary but that’s okay I got you covered you can do simple knickknacks like start rumors about yourself trust me it’s a tried and tested method nothing won’t spider hi i am raadhika did you hear that there is some girl named project I in this college who is Ranveer Singh’s girlfriend hi I’m project ah nice to meet you did you hear there’s this girl called Raja who has been awarded the most sexiest woman alive soft hence my friends soft hints not too much in the face just keep dropping boop boo boo boop soft hints now all these things I’m going to take a lot of your time so by the time you reach to number four you’re going to be like three four months into college life already so number four is being unique now this is going to take you to kind of have a good rapport with people around you so that people actually notice you being yourself now there’s a few things activities that you could do in order for people to know you and for people to you know think that you are so different like for example you know you could talk to yourself I mean that always helps argue even better you shut up no you shut up you shut up oh my god you are ugly oh my did you just call me okay shut up alright fine I’m gonna shout out the day you become pretty oh did you just oh yeah yeah I don’t know you yeah haha lol okay too heavy haha okay today we will face hahaha which we have learned all through our school life but we still haha children yeah people are gonna think you’re crazy at first but then they would really respect you for being you and now finding number five what comes in when your college festival kicks in baby that’s the time to shine that is the time you get rid of all your inhibitions and go all now to making sure that you are the most popular person on campus ready ready ready here it comes here it comes here is a secret be bowling now a lot of you guys are gonna think like yeah right Dragic oh you are so cheesy you are such a drama queen but hey that’s what got me to be the most famous girl in college to do that make sure that everything you do in your econ effects is so Bollywood girls are literally girl fall in Bollywood love with you I’ll get your run today we shut up sit down shut up and sit down you know no dancing or you call it channel 3 get out oh that was my guide about how to be amazingly popular in college but it is sometimes when I tell people about this they look at me like I’m all crazy and just be like Vegeta stop talking I’m so glad you guys understand me also now that you’re done watching this video why don’t you go to google for me and type a word write it down s a are CAS M if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I come up with new videos every Tuesday and every Thursday baby by the way coming to you J is a video which you’re not and you are a very excited about so wait for it and the next Thursday I’ll be back with another bunch of nonsensical bunch of nonsense so yeah I’m glad we settle on that I will see you again next week after we need know sit down shut up and sit down you know that no dancing on college channel 3 get out.

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