How To Not Be Shy Around Girls

Our complete how to not be shy around girls guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

However the reality is that rejection is inevitable, so you have to learn to cope with it. You may never stop being shy, and that’s okay, but you have to find away to shift your thinking so that you are able to override the fear and talk to girls anyway.

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So it’s understandable that you hold back. But you can get better with a shift in attitude. That way you have a new tool that you can use in spite of your shyness. This could also include shyness around men in work or social settings. This means going out socially and interacting with people as much as you can pretending to be as bold and confident as you can. You actually have to put some effort in. But what you have to do is drum up enough confidence to interact with women despite your shyness

how to not be shy around girls

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From all of my past cumulative experiences with dealing with shy guys and girls, I have realized that in most cases, the main cause of shyness is actually because they feel inferior. If you somehow feel that you are of less value than the person whom you are interacting with, then you would naturally feel shy and nervous when you are around her.

A simple way to illustrate this would be to imagine a plump or unattractive girl whom you know of. When you are around this girl, do you actually feel any sort of anxiety or nervousness? In most cases most probably not. There may be a little bit of anxiety, but it would be nothing compared to what you are feeling when you are around a girl whom you are attracted to.

When you are around a girl whom you are attracted to, you just seem to be unable to be yourself and become a shyer person than usual. This is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you really want to get past this issue of shyness, then you have to stop judging people based on their looks.

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And not just for guys, but also for girls who might feel inhibited or scared towards the what is the first step you would have to do to stop being shy around Overcoming Your all of my past cumulative experiences with dealing with shy guys and girls, I have realized that in most cases, the main cause of shyness is actually because they feel inferior. This is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with that. It is natural for guys to be attracted to a particular girl based on just looks alone, even before the guy has even gotten to know that person. No matter how shy you a guy you are, you definitely have to make the first move, for girls will not do it most of the time.

so if this happen to you whatever you do approach a girl in the daytime she gives you this sweet lovely reaction but it’s a bit too much it’s kind of the the reaction she would give a cute little dog a cute little puppy she’s like oh that’s so sweet thank you so much you’ve made my day and she kind of raised her tonality and she dips her head to the side and she kind of a little like almost like a tap on the head and then she goes ah but I’m really sorry but you know I’ve got a boyfriend and I’ve got to go and and straightaway she wants to end the interaction but her tone towards you is that of like as if you’re a child or something and we call this the thing that creates this reaction is what we call the puppy right and it’s something you’re doing you’re behaving like a puppy and we call it like the puppy phase of the learning journey through daygame and there’s a simple thing we tell the guys in boot camps no one wants to shoot a puppy all right already she shouldn’t do and the reason why guys behave in the way I’m going to describe in a second is because they don’t to be shot they don’t want the girl to reject them they don’t want to to come across as you know creepy or I don’t know annoying aggressive bold rude you know they want to come across as a nice guy so they approach the approach a girl in a way that completely eliminates any possible chance of rejection or any kind of you know any chance of anything bad happening the problem is is that you’re coming at this you’re approaching the girl not trying to achieve what you want but trying to not achieve what you don’t want if that makes sense you’re not going what you want you’re just trying to avoid what you do not want to happen because of that it’s not going to go the way you want okay because what she senses from you is this kind of this weakness it’s like you’re treading on Vice not wanting to fall through the ice alright and what it comes across as the way it looks is you’re you’re raising your tonality hi hi sorry to bother you hi can I just say something I just saw you like raise finality maybe you’re speaking very very fast because you’re trying to again you’re a nice guy you don’t take up too much of our time maybe you’re speaking quietly because you don’t want other people to hear or you don’t want to scare her or make her see you as any kind of a threat and all these things combined and also maybe you’re smiling way way too much it’s like a big what I call the big gay smile constantly smiling so all these things combined it just you come across like a puppy like a sweet innocent puppy and of course she’s no one is ever gonna say anything bad to you when you behave like this no one’s going to want to shoot the puppy all right the problem is you’re never going to get very far you’re not going to get much further then I go pat you on the head and saying aren’t you cute are you an adorable cute little boy you know so we need to move past this and the only way to get past this apart from just constant desensitization which is one path but a much quicker path is to realize why you’re doing it is to realize you’re doing this to avoid the pain of the rejection or to avoid maybe the the socially constructed ideas of what is rude and what is not good to do and how not to behave you need to realize what you’re afraid of and then you need to actually move towards it you need to go out there and actually try and get rejected to try and be perceived as rude or whatever it is the thing that you’re desperately trying to hide from the thing you’re trying to avoid if you go into the interaction and actually seek that thing out then ideally in an ideal world you’ll actually get it you’ll you’ll you’ll get rejected or you’ll the girl will look at you like oh like what not what an arse oh look at this guy being so rude to me but what you’ll realize is the behavior that’s going to get that kind of reaction is way way further way bolder the new creep you previously thought you’re operating in this lake you know treading on this thin ice not realizing that the ice is really fucking thick you know and you meant to go ice skating on this on the sides but you’ve been like tiptoeing along it you know not being able to to operate and so if you do this if you push yourself towards the very thing you’re afraid of you’ll find that girls will start reacting you very very differently no longer will you be approaching the girl like a cute innocent puppy but you’ll be approaching as a man and that’s Wayne wait wait wait more attractive finite or not don’t take everybody I mean they go out you’re the same as everybody yeah yeah they’re so nice here hi no it’s very selfish of me I didn’t know it’s gonna rain but I guess gonna rain oh this completely I’m prepared I know I’m real I’m usually very prepared yeah not today but I’m fictive no it’s all going to shit today yeah okay this is not a very good sign now in life I know you know big you must have a job that doesn’t involve any authority or responsibility actually yeah okay so I want me to talk louder to the point where you think you’re being rude I want you to talk slower to the point where you think I’m taking up her time I want you to keep your tonality down to the point where you think you’re not being polite anymore maybe you’re even sounding like you think you’re being abrasive I want you to smile less to the point where you think that you’re being impolite or you’re being rude all this kind of stuff you need to push the edges of this tiny little comfort zone that you are clearly in because if you’re getting reactions like like the puppy reactions are that’s so sweet she’s not perceiving you as a strong man she’s not perceiving you as a as a sexual being she’s perceiving it was a sweet cute innocent boy who’s kind of you know you know the dog that’s run up and said I like you right and you do you don’t want to be that guy so if that is happening to you you’re in this tiny little comfort zone you need to push those boundaries so hopeful bets hop guys and if you want to take this thing to the next level you want to push your day game as far as it’ll go then I highly recommend the the day in boot camp where me or one of the other instructors or whatever we take you out for the entire weekend in one of the major cities of the world and we get to all kinds of crazy shit and we get you to take your day game to the next level and information for that is in the link below you.

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