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Our complete how to reduce self consciousness guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Self-consciousness and self-awareness are sometimes healthy signs of emotional maturity. They can help you fit in and function within a community. Feeling guilty after saying something hurtful is often perceived as showing good character. Feeling remorse after making a mistake may help patch up relationships. Positive self-conscious emotions and negative self-conscious emotions can be healthy and powerful motivators.

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They include emotions like pride, jealousy, and embarrassment. They can also cause social anxiety and isolation. Young children start to form a sense of self at around 18 months old. Healthy self-conscious emotions can give you positive motivation and improve social functioning. Unhealthy and overwhelming self-conscious emotions can result in social anxiety and isolation.

How to Reduce Self Consciousness

Using Curiosity To Reduce Self-Consciousness

I can’t help it. I try, but I can’t help it. I dread the thought of walking up to people I don’t know and making small talk. Not because I don’t like people, but because in that situation I really don’t like me. I’m not outgoing, I’m not gregarious, I’m not extroverted. I’m the ultimate wallflower.

So when he got pulled away, I did the little moonwalk us shy people do when we want to slip unnoticed to the edge of the crowd. I smiled at people who made eye contact and nodded to others, but stopping to actually talk was a prospect too uncomfortable to entertain.

(Yeah, I know, it sucks to be me. I’ll stop whining.)

Then a guy walked over. “Hello,” he said. “My name is Bond. James Bond.” (Not his real name, but he turned out to be so smooth and self-possessed it might as well have been.)

He asked where I was from. He asked what I do. He noticed the small logo on my polo shirt and asked if I ride bikes.

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But stick me in a room with a bunch of people I don’t know and expect me to mingle and everything changes. I smiled at people who made eye contact and nodded to others, but stopping to actually talk was a prospect too uncomfortable to I know, it sucks to be me. “How do you walk up to complete strangers and make small talk? I always feel like I’m forcing myself on people. If it’s painful to mingle, if it’s awkward to make small talk, use those feelings in a positive way. They’ll be too busy feeling less like wallflowers and more like people who belong–and they will always remember that it was you who made them feel that time, instead of focusing on how uncomfortable you feel, focus on making just one other person feel more person will be really glad you be really glad you you’ll never find it hard to mingle me: It works for me, so it will definitely work for.

I have the experience of being in my head most of the time I had recently in acting class I’m I want to be a professional actor and my teacher asked me to sing my lines trying to get me to be playful and to even do my scene as a dance and I halfway got there but not fully and I just want to get past that somehow cause I used to be the person that pulled people out on the dance floor not the person that had to be pulled on the dance floor if that makes sense so would you describe yourself as being self conscious yes right now yes I had a hard time getting you to come up here even a little bit it’s like I wanted to yet you were still holding back a little bit even though you were fairly certain we were pointing at you being self conscious the component that is the most significant in being self conscious is not trusting the opinion or perspective of others who are looking at you and life can kind of train you into that because not everyone who is holding you as their object of attention is tuned into source energy not everyone is wobble free and for some reason when somebody holds you in their gaze or when you’re the object of their attention somehow you will almost all of you seem to take that very personally when usually the way they’re behaving towards you has very little to do with you it has everything to do with how they’re doing with where they are in terms of wobbling with what’s going on with them and then as they’re giving you their attention their response to you is more about what’s going on with them than it is about what’s going on with you we’re just trying to help all of you out in this self consciousness thing in other words if you don’t trust the way others will feel about you that’s really normal because you can’t control what anybody else is doing vibrationally and the sooner you give that up the happier that you’re going to be because they’re sort of uncontrollable and a lot of them are wobbling and a lot of them are not in alignment and so you have to make that not important to you it’s part of those conditions that we are wanting all of you to sort of leave aside and not that be important so if that’s not important what is important your relationship with the source within you who adores you who knows your talent who knows your ability who knows your fun who knows your timing and so it’s really about the preparation that you’ve made before you get there for your class or the preparation that you’ve made before you get there to interact in whatever it is that you’re doing than it is once you get there because once you get there it’s sort of kind of too late because you’ve already set the tone of it as if you show up self conscious it’s pretty hard to be distracted out of that self consciousness yes if a writer has written a really good scenario and the people who are playing with it the directors or the actors are understanding who the characters are then it’s easy for you to just let loose and be who they are be whoever your character is but you sort of have to practice that a little bit what is it about acting that appeals to you I love to play characters that will say all the things that other people won’t say in a room so you think that by being a pretend character that you can be more real yes so you can mask your own self consciousness what kind of things as a person or as a character would you like to say that you wouldn’t say otherwise what kind of things do you think need to be said that you’re holding back from just being able to be close to somebody to express a closeness to somebody or wow that’s a great question do you think it’s to eliminate your concern about their response and just say what you mean because what we can feel from you is that what you’re really wanting in all of this what you’re really wanting is alignment and therefore clarity and therefore power and therefore the ability to present yourself as you mean to be presented what you’re really saying and a lot of you can feel it too can’t you with this conversation you know how if you haven’t really tended to what you’ve got going on and you sort of stumble or show up in an environment where there are others who are strong willed or clear about what they’re saying have you noticed how sometimes they evoke from you what you didn’t mean to be evoked for example they might evoke shyness from you or they might evoke self consciousness from you or they might even evoke anger from you or the mind evoke pity and so what all of you are wanting is to be stable in your own vibration and not to be controlled by what’s going on with others it’s really a wonderful conversation we’re having here because we’re approaching it from a way that we have not approached it before Jerry and Esther met a woman some years ago who was teaching languages to people and she said that she had found or was part of a really good system because she found that children could learn new languages easily but adults were very slow to learn the language the new language and so they signed them all different personas they gave them different names they gave them different backgrounds they gave them different living conditions they taught them a character that was new to them and everyone in the group accepted them as the new character whenever they would come to class they were that new person not the person that they had originally been when they signed up and those people learned the new language ever so much more quickly because they left behind all their wobbles they left behind all their negative expectations and so that’s kind of what you’re talking about playing the part this character doesn’t wobble in this way this character hasn’t had that background this character hasn’t been molded in this way but we want you to understand that’s sort of what we’re talking about by finding this wobble free perspective you are recreating your persona by deliberately syncing up with who you really are and how the source within you really knows you to be who you really are how you really are what you really know what you really want it’s the same conversation that we’re having isn’t it yes really interesting so wouldn’t you like to rework your character sometimes actors will say Abraham I’m concerned because I’m playing the part of this crazy person or I’m playing the part of a depressed person or I’m playing the part of a dysfunctional person and I’m worried that if I play the part really well will it negatively affect my vibration and we say yeah we say it could but there’s a difference between being typecast because you are a dysfunctional person and so you’ve been chosen for this role and being an actor who can play that part who is confident enough to get the part it’s the way you really feel that matters you see so wouldn’t you like to enter into the inquiry process to the presenting of yourself process as someone who’s just confident and knows that you can play any part and not be playing the part because you’re trying to cover something else up yeah and we think there’s a lot of that already present within you so we’ll just ask you again why do you want to be an actor I want to tell powerful stories about people persevering and having real dreams like movies have always inspired me in that way and going to show the theater has always inspired me I’m from a small town called flippin in Arkansas and so I from a very small town and so going to movies is like my outlet with you know my father and my family and then I discovered that I could be on a stage and have something to say to my peers and then I realized oh well there’s actually people that like these people making these movies are making a living you know and then I moved to Austin and it was actual possibility for me so that’s kind of a long winded answer yes sorry it was a perfect answer and it’s a perfect vibrational answer for what you’re feeling in this conversation about wobble free you get the idea of that all of you are understanding that so let’s tell that story in a wobble free way and let’s start at the beginning and be as wobble free as we can be as we move forward so I really like the idea of having something to say now is there a wobble in there already sort of kinda because it’s almost like I’m trying to overcome something by doing this so I finally found an outlet where I can really say what I mean to say well there’s wobble all over the place in that so let’s see if we can find something about this act that is wobble free so I was delighted with movies when I was a young girl that’s wobble free isn’t it love movies love the possibility in movies that’s wobble free love messages that are being told in movies love how if a picture is worth a thousand words what must a motion picture be worth to present something with the sight and sound movies are such a wonderful way to convey things that really matter still wobble free isn’t people lining up with that seem happy in their process still feel wobble free to you mm hmm a lot of people make a good living at this for the most part wobble free we can’t feel anything so now you begin talking to us a little bit about acting and let’s feel when the wobble comes because this really is the work isn’t it you go forward till you feel the wobble and then you back up now we could leave the subject all together and you could focus upon other things that aren’t wobbling but this is the thing that you want to do this is the thing that you want to talk about this is the thing that is wobbling and so let’s just make it wobble free if we can okay so you start this time what is it about making movies what is it about being an actor that is appealing to you full self expression full self expression now is there any wobble in that there’s wobble in that in the full self expression but you can say that better you can say that and feel that better so try to say it in a way that it doesn’t wobble I get to tell stories less wobbly I get to introduce inspiration into people’s homes pretty good not too much wobble there here’s an idea is it fun yes it’s fun I’m pretty good at it yes so keep talking I really want to do this because I really want to do this because it’s fun because I get to be Who I am in several settings and in in lots of different environments that I can learn new skills and master them by throwing myself into different characters and different roles it’s really good that’s pretty wobble free in other words that’s pretty cut and dried isn’t it I’m getting better and better at it I can feel myself getting better at it expansions always feels good I love learning new things it’s really fun to learn it’s really fun to have an idea and execute it I get to be up close to people who are also good at it who can guide me a little bit I can feel myself honing my craft and getting better at it I really like the whole idea of it then all that’s wobble free so now you talk a little I get to be creative and I get to collaborate creatively with you I love my whole creating the love co creating with others I love all of us getting into our characters and then responding to each other from that point I love feeling the mastermind of that I love the whole creative collaborative experience I was all getting together and doing this now can you feel how far it is departed from it gives me a chance to do stuff I wasn’t able to do before can you feel how you’ve left that behind can you feel how you’ve left behind because when we go back to you can feel how much distance there is from now I get to speak my mind and I’ve never been allowed to do that before can you feel how you’ve left that behind just with that much attention to a subject with the interest of being wobble free you’ve accomplished that isn’t it fun yeah wouldn’t you like to be the actor in your own life would you like to play the part of someone fantastically rich or incredibly intuitive or really in touch with who you really are really live in life the way you mean to having fun at every turn uplifting those with whom you interact meeting them in a place where you can uplift them now that’s what we really heard you saying what we really heard you saying is there are a lot of people out there that want to feel better and don’t have a path and I want to be part of a process that lights up within them something that makes them feel better for just a little while and helps them practice a vibration that will leave them in a better place than when they came in that’s what we heard you say yeah go do that.

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