How To Stop Being A Loner in 2018

Our complete how to stop being a loner guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

I’ve been plagued by this worry for pretty much my entire life. It seems I’ve always been “that” friend, or the person that people only spend time with when they’ve got no one else. I have never quite understood why this always happens to me, but I know that I don’t deserve it. I’m a caring friend and I think I’m pretty funny too. So why am I always the one getting left out? Why am I the low value, easily-replaceable friend? What is it about their other friends that makes them better or more valuable than me?

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It seems I’ve always been that friend, or the person that people only spend time with when they’ve got no one else. The worst thing about socializing is that no one ever seems to be willing to just hang out at home and watch Netflix. Not having friends kills two birds with one stone by saving me money and keeping my anxiety attacks at bay. You don’t have to hear it anymore, and you won’t get dragged into it either. The one person you can always trust and rely on is yourself, so you’d best be doing things that make you happy. Whether it’s your best friend, or your enemy, people are people and we are all a little self-conscious about one thing or another. If nice words deposit coins into someone’s piggy bank and mean words withdraw, then you can understand that it can be hard to reject people who are raising your worth

how to stop being a loner

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I cant be one without the other, I know that now, so its time to seek out that ever-elusive space of balance its like the Holy Grail or that perfect recipe for a delicious life. Something I didnt do in my early 20s!

My experiment has been bearing the fruit of happiness, content, joy, inspiration, gratitude, intuition, connection and devotion. So far, so good.

Right in this very moment, I feel SOO ALIVE. Ive managed to get my daily dose of me-time but also feel ecstatically and delightfully FULL on that deep, heart-to-heart connection I so crave and love. Im sharing my time between the hermit and the butterfly with such ease it almost feels, dare I say it, balanced.

I also dare to declare that if you are reading this that YOU have the Hermit and the Butterfly fighting it out for prime position. It wouldnt surprise me if you are seeking out some balance a little true between these two energies.

Let me share with you a few of the steps I took to balance out my Hermit + Butterfly. You might find that you are craving some equilibrium between these two potent yet necessary energies.

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How To Stop Being A LonerIm sharing my time between the hermit and the butterfly with such ease it almost feels, dare I say it, balanced. It wouldnt surprise me if you are seeking out some balance a little true between these two energies. Then next week Ill let the introverted, inwards, quiet and reflective me step forth. I love your concept of balance.

gonna say all by myself cuz everybody tell me that I need some L goes into the city all by myself it just means my stuffing 9i if people think meal is no surprise IV yahoo romance i biagas oh man Nobel Prize I be honorable I know it has been a long time since I’ve done this how in the world that is that’s the stuff there’s no way I sat here and helpless that was going this evening this is your host rich homie baby yeah that’s enough of that maybe I could actually put this guy on the tripod there we go forgot how annoying this thing is every time we move the mic picks up so I’m going to take this guy off even though I try not to all right let’s do it hey what’s going on guys I’ve wanted to do this video for a long while now I was going to script something out but I felt like this might be better if I just talked about it off the top of my head straight from the heart which means I’m probably going to ramble and probably talk really fast as normal so I apologize for that but there’s been this interesting phenomenon always interesting to me and that is most people that I have met that are really into this fitness lifestyle consider themselves introverts and that’s something that I’ve really struggled with my entire life because when I grew up I thought it was just me I thought I was alone I thought I was the weird shy kid because I was always to myself I didn’t like to talk a lot and I’ve always been extremely introverted I mean I’m probably one of the most introverted people you will ever meet in your entire life and I always looked at that like it was a bad thing and I still get a lot of questions for you guys asking if I’m lonely because I live in this house by myself I don’t seem to be around a lot of people all the time and I guess yeah I would consider myself more of a loner and we’ll talk about that a little bit later on but I think one thing to keep in mind is just because I’m alone does not make me feel like I’m alone if that makes any sense to you at all I’m very content being being by myself and I guess that’s you know the definition of being a loner it’s not because I don’t like people it’s just because that’s where I get my energy from it’s I almost need to be by myself to be able to be social it seems it seems counterintuitive but I think this whole video the whole purpose is just to be be able to get inside maybe an introvert a person’s head if you are an extrovert or if you’re someone that’s introverted maybe you can relate because sometimes we do feel a little bit siloed we feel like we can’t relate to a lot of people which is why I love fitness I’ve met so many people that are like myself and I think one of the reasons were drawn to lifestyle like this is because it can be you know a little bit Saku civ there’s a lot of times when you’re you’re doing things on your own and the independence of it I think is what really draws me to this lifestyle I’m an introvert when it come off it’s a choice no one on the family and everybody can be from and of course people will make their own assumptions about introverts whether that be good or bad but I can say for myself one of the things I found is that being an introvert became much easier once I stopped viewing it as a negative thing and started using it to my advantage I actually tweeted that out if you guys want to follow me on the tweet box little selfless promotion right there does anybody use Twitter anymore I think it’s one of the better forms of social media but that’s just me now one of the advantages that I find the introverts have is that we are extremely good at listening and I think one of the benefits of talking less is you get to take in more we focus in so deeply on everything that’s going on going on around us that it really helps us get a good idea of what’s going on and help helps us analyze things differently not to say extroverts are not good listeners but it just kind of you know comes with the territory you talk less you got to be doing something right so I want to get into kind of a personal story with you guys that might resonate and one of the one of the reasons that I kind of started thinking in this way is because because of the situation and it all stemmed from a breakup what what does is stem from a breakup right if you’ve never gotten to go through a really good breakup I’m almost sorry for you is where does that sound to now and this is a little side note but you I mean the self awareness that can come from a breakup is phenomenal it’s really it’s changed my life for the better for sure but anyway so one of the last things that was told to me during during this time was that I am a loner and I will always be alone and that that right there it hit me like a ton of bricks it got me and my feelings guys I’m not going to lie to you so I spent the next six weekends after that yes I counted them six weekend Saturday and Friday and Saturday going out whether that to be to bars or parties or whatever it was because is not going to let that person be right about me they hated that about me that’s why it’s one of the reasons they kicked me to the curb you know and after that six weekend I was like why am I doing this this isn’t me this doesn’t make me happy and I had to had to realize that being a certain personality type is not a bad thing it just makes you your own person and that’s one of the things that I really had struggled with for so many years I’m finally to the point where yes I’m a quiet person I’m an introverted person maybe you consider me socially awkward but I cannot change the way that I am a that I am naturally hardwired now just because you’re a loner or you’re an introverted person or whatever you want to call it that does not mean that you are going to live alone for the rest of your life and that’s one of the things that scared me when I first heard that I was like you know I want to have kids I don’t have a wife one day and what I truly believe now this is very biased admittedly is that to be 100% happy to be truly happy you have to know how to be content being alone being by yourself you cannot be dependent on one person to complete you now with that said I think love is very important as as unmanned but you have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else that’s kind of cliche I might cut that one out but I think that there’s a false stereotype out there that introverted people cannot create quality strong bonds with people which is so far from the truth from my experience and a matter of fact I find that being able to love yourself and being able to to find happiness within yourself allows you to provide even more happiness and provide even more love to other humans this is honestly probably getting a little bit too philosophical but I just thought I’d give my two cents on this whole topic now I definitely think you can take it to an extreme which I probably do sometimes like it’s not good to bored yourself up and seclude yourself from the rest of the world all the time which is which is crazy when I mean I would probably be perfectly content if I was just sitting at my house by myself for like two weeks straight I mean I would I would definitely missing the outside world it just goes to show that there’s some people out there that could not do that you know I know people that have to be around others 24/7 which again is another extreme that I don’t good so like anything else it’s finding finding that balance and hopefully this provided provided you guys with some insights just kind of want to talk to this with some of you hopefully it was hopefully the message hit home and that’s how that’s how we’re going to wrap it up guys and I think that work it’s hard talking into a microphone guys Tony I used to do used to do that all the time my golden years but I guess the whole message of this video was I always thought being an introvert was bad because that’s what other people were telling me and you can’t let other people’s opinions decide whether something is good is good or bad for you now some people might think something as that is really bad like if you go show someone some we’re going to get bad yeah yeah is bad but other things maybe maybe not so much so just think about it know this was a little bit different style of video but let me know what you guys think in the comments leave a comment whatever is on your mind right now I want to know in the comments down below thank you so much for taking the time out of day to watch given on anything and you chose to spend your night or day with me it’s Friday and I’m just sitting here by myself Michael oh no please get a bigger like if you enjoyed it that really does help me out a lot and I look forward to talking you guys next time you know I’m alone this is not so bright cuz I got one deed in my life I got you if you got me and not only anyone who doesn’t agree.

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