I Feel Like I Have No Friends

Our complete i feel like i have no friends guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

Having meaningful friendships is an asset in life, but in some chapters you might find yourself without any close friends. If this describes your current situation, you can learn to cope by practicing self compassion and becoming more comfortable being alone. This time might be difficult, but developing a positive outlook and getting support from others can be really helpful. Finally, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there so you can meet new people. Remember, anyone can be a potential friend!

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I feel like I have no friends

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As the title says I am completely alone. Loneliness is killing me. As introverted as I am, I just can’t deal with the fact that NOBODY wants anything to do with me. When I say I have no friends I mean that 100%. I don’t have a single friend, not even an acquaintance. I’m so alone that most days I don’t even use my voice (unless you count crying).

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2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (0 was thinking the same 3 points4 points5 points 2 years ago (0 it suck that all the people in this thread live thousands of miles away from each other?. If you don’t mind me asking 2 years ago (1 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 I thought I was replying to OP. less risky than trying to befriend strangers in 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago* (0 is 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 helps.somewhat at least you get to talk to people and stuff,even if you dont actually make friends 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (0 if you live in a small city and you have rare hobbies? 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 when I had people to talk to I felt the same way. 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 are people here for you. Go out and do what you want, around and being with other people. People come and go.

hey guys so if you’ve been watching my videos recently you know that I’ve just been really into doing more advice videos as of late I used to do so many like just earlier in my career and I’m bringing them back so yeah if you want to ask me anything I got my tumblr inbox it’s leech down below and I will answer yours hopefully in a future video here’s the question from today hey I’m a college sophomore and I still only have like two friends at school I’m really self conscious about not having a lot of friends and I feel like people would judge me for it there’s a group of people I kind of know and really want to be friends with but I’m scared they’ll think it’s weird that I don’t have as many friends how can I get over this and not be as scared to put myself out there so honey let me tell you a story okay so my freshman year of high school um a lot of my friends went to because there was like a middle school and half the kids went to this high school half the kids went to other the other one and most of my friends went to the high school that I didn’t go to so I was separated from a lot of my friends verb like pretty much the entire year I was like a loner and like I would just kind of like I didn’t have any like real friends like Sonia and I were friends and I would like kind of okay so these people I just said they with these people lunch but I don’t have like my only group of friends it was definitely a hard struggle so like I understand where you’re coming from but I’m at the same time I’m so glad I went through that because it taught me that I am okay being by myself I can do things on my own I don’t constantly need a group of people around me to feel validated like I would consider myself somewhat of an extrovert I don’t really know honestly like sometimes I’m like oh yes bitch like I feel like I’m mostly nice to her even that being said I still know that I’m okay being alone I can get shit done on my own and I’m no less of a person just because I don’t have a lot of friends you know maybe that can help you maybe that can you know let you know you’re not alone like I’ve been there like even now it’s again it’s not like even anyone I feel like doesn’t have like this huge group of friends like most people have like a couple close actual friends and then you have people you like hit up to like do activities with for example me being alone now versus me being alone freshman year of high school freshman year of high school I was very like lonely and I felt sad because I was alone like I didn’t feel good about myself and now when I’m alone it’s like thriving working hard exercising like going to do things like bettering myself better in my life like putting work and time into my career into my health and that doesn’t mean I’m like never lonely or like oh my life is perfect but I think just because I have this attitude of like I’m fine like working towards better me like I’m my own best friend if you have that sort of mentality it makes it a lot easier and it just kind of transforms your entire life because you’re suddenly like wow like it’s true like I can do anything like wow I don’t need constant you know I call chat circle of people around me I don’t need constant like validation I can walk into a room and be confident even if it’s just me because I’m a badass bitch you know so I think it’s really just about shifting your mindset but of course there are some things you can do to just be more social and you know it does obviously always start with your mindset knowing that you are valuable you know like you have something to say people have a reason to look or to listen to you or should listen to you that doesn’t mean that everyone like you know I’m above everyone else but it’s like no I don’t think that oh they won’t care or like oh like I’m probably it’s probably better they probably don’t want me here no you deserve to be wherever you want to be you deserve to talk to whoever you want to talk to you deserve to share your story with whoever you want to share your story with so you know don’t be afraid to make small talk and I those posts on tumblr I hate small talk I’d rather talk about the universe like okay we’ll get to there but like hi how are you what’s your name like how long have you gone to this school what brought you what made you move here being in LA there’s always like a few key questions you ask somebody it’s like how long have you lived in LA what part of la do you live in it depends on who you’re talking to but you know there’s always like if you go to a school what are you majoring in like how long have you gone to the school like where what part of town or what dorm do you live in like whatever there’s always those questions that you can just ask they’re pretty standard you can ask them to anyone and you know it gets conversation flowing small talk was invented for a reason so your body language does have a lot to do with it when I didn’t have Wi Fi when I first moved into this apartment I was sitting at Starbucks every day anything and uploading videos and because I was like sitting openly like I was like confident like I was just like editing my video a lot of people would come up and talk to me and just like ask me what I was doing like oh like gee make videos like what is this like I had such a great conversation with these two girls who were from Chicago I think and they were just so nice it’s so delightful but obviously there’s a difference between like sitting openly like being confident just doing your thing like sipping your chai tea latte or like city like in a ball like with your hair in your face like your hood up like it gives off vibes like don’t talk to me so I guess just kind of be aware of that as well like your body language how you’re presenting yourself because obviously it doesn’t matter what you look like like it doesn’t matter but if you want to be more social you want people to want to talk to you like it’s obvious like shoulders back be confident yes something that literally helps me be more confident and just like look if I’m ever feeling like lonely or like oh my god like everybody hates me like oh my god I just looked through my Instagram and I like remind myself not only like it’s not like just like a superficial thing but like just reminding yourself of all the things you’ve gone through all the things that you’ve done all the people that you’ve talked to interacted with like just reminding yourself of who you are and who you like what your life is like that helps me so much it literally makes such a difference in my mood because I’ll like start remembering things I’ll be like happy I’ll be like oh I forgot like when I wear that hopefully I forgot when I went to this place like hung out with this person wow my life so great love it all these tips aside it really just does start from within your own confidence your own self worth and you know do you feel comfortable being alone even if you had a group of friends or Andy that still wouldn’t bring you that confidence you know like you could be the loneliest person in the world and still have so many friends or people surrounding I think about it why do celebrities get depressed like why do they feel lonely like they have people around them all the time like shouldn’t they be the happiest people like no it really just starts from within and believing in yourself and being your own best friend I think that’s such an important lesson to learn and it’s something that’s not necessarily talked about or taught when we’re growing up like you need to put yourself first honey you need to like have inside jokes with yourself you need to take care of yourself like have fun and once you start doing that once you start doing the things you’re genuinely interested in regardless of like oh as a friend here to do it with me or not then people will start being attracted into your life just naturally because you’ll attract other people who are like the same things you are who are also as confident who are you know on the same some sort of the same journey you know like your paths are gonna cross like all my advice videos really coming into it’s like love yourself put yourself first and believe in yourself also just know I know what you’re going through because I’ve gone through that without so many different times in my life and I know that it does suck when you’re in it but it’s really about taking these like little steps day by day to transform your life so you got this you got this you got this look at everything you’ve already done in your life you know like you got this you can get through this you can be a badass bitch by yourself do whatever you want study hard and just have fun like don’t take life so seriously you know you can sit with whoever you want like make the move like make the small talk like be the one to initiate I believe in all of you and you can do whatever you want be happy you know it’s your life might as well be happy love you guys so much and again don’t forget to hit up my tumblr inbox if you have any questions you would like me to address in a video and I will talk to you guys tomorrow I love you thank you for watching.

everybody this is a steer funnel silence within me coming to you from this location all these a bird web it’s so beautiful don’t fly away buddy please whatever come on come on oh he’s right here look at that he’s right in front of me oh he flew away and he’s right back he wants to play with us oh that’s so cute sorry buddy calm play right now making a video yeah anyway people so today’s video is going to be on why having no friends is actually 100% okay and why you sometimes feel that you need friends desperately and you need people in your life when in reality your life is completely fine even without friends now I’m going to start this video off what this most people have no friends yeah that’s right I’ll repeat it people most people have zero friends I mean when you look at the definition friend I mean I’ve heard a lot of people say what is a true friend order when you look at the definition of what a true friend actually is it’s a person that’ll stand with you will stand by you something’s on my leg and I don’t like it and it’s way to feels pretty big and luckily it flew away but a true friend is somebody that’ll stick by you through absolutely anything and how many people in your life realistically will stick through you stick with you through anything how many people can say they have a person like that that’s why most people 99.9% of people on this planet don’t have friends and you might hang out with people alone and you might have people that you know are in your company a lot of times you might share a lot of laughs with people but when it comes right down to it all that same person have your back will have your back through anything like let’s say you’ve robbed a bank right will that person be right there and go you know I’m going to turn you in now cuz it’s the right thing to do or they say I’m your friend you know I’m not going to turn you in even though they know that could potentially get them locked up too because that’s conspiracy kind of like you’re conspiring kind of in a way with with people so they can lock you up for that to knowing so there’s those sort of moral dilemmas you know will that person go okay you know just stop with what you’re doing stop at these better ways of making money for example that was just a random example knowing that that could ruin their own lives potentially would they do that we how many people would do that for you that’s what I’m saying when it gets right down to the very basics of being there for somebody how many people in your life can you truly say we’ll do that for you like I asked that same question of myself you know it gets really if you get right down to it becomes really weird you know I have to ask myself how many people am i that type of friend how many people would I do that for and the funny weird thing is I would actually do that for most people that that’s the weird thing I would actually do that for most people that’s the scary part that’s the type of person I am now I don’t know what that says about my personality am i good person in my a bad person I have absolutely no idea but that’s the type of person I am but I’m anyway I’m just gonna try and sit down because I’m standing and this is really I hope there’s no spiders or anything here cause really there’s just so much nature and I’m getting so distracted because there’s like butterflies and bees and everything at the same time right here because it’s such a beautiful day but anyway people yeah I got all bitter about this a while back I got all bitter about having no friends I went through that stage as a teenager where I’d be better about not having friends and then I realized most people don’t have friends people society expects us to smile me and my father we talked about this a while back Society wants you to put on that smile and laugh at the jokes that aren’t funny and society wants you to put up that front otherwise you know if you’re not a team player and you’re on you’re not a nice person you’re not always happy we’re not going to employ you for a job for example me my father talked about this you have to be fake in this world to succeed as well and it drives a lot of people beyond what their actual personality is it makes people do things that they would never do under normal circumstances for example I’m searching for a job at the moment right so I have to be able to communicate with people and be friendly and act all outgoing and social when in reality I’m the farthest thing from that but I’ve decided that I’m going to try and carry over this positive attitude to tomorrow and there’s a bunch of a places holy shit that was so fucking awesome he nearly flew to the camera the same bird he’s here the whole time playing with us I don’t know what he’s doing but he’s fucking awesome this is worth sharing wait please don’t fly away please please please stay oh I’m not going to be able to put the camera on this bug this bird is really fast it’s not a hummingbird but it looks kind of weird I don’t know it’s got like it’s a letter confound and if it’s like a fantail or some shit I don’t know what you call these birds but this is literally one of the most badass birds I’ve ever seen it’s not afraid of me it actually wants to play but anyway people yeah if I could capture it I would but yeah that that’s what I wanted to say to you people today is it’s okay to not our friends and the world makes us act fake in order to be successful in this world which is what I’m going to have to do but when it comes right down to it when I’m talking to people when I’m having conversations with people when it’s man to man woman to woman or when I’m just talking to women men whoever I’m conversing with I myself and that’s that’s the one thing you need to always keep is to stay true to yourself no matter what life throws at you because that’s how you determine whether or not you’re a real person or a fake person and I’ve never lost that even throughout my young adult life nobody’s ever pushed me beyond to the point where I’ve decided you know I’m going to turn into a different person and I’m going to become mean and those people are walking past they must have seen me I don’t know if they have but yeah like I said they built a walkway through here and there’s a lot more people coming through here and yeah that was actually so scary yeah but anyway people this has been Steve fun silence within me and just remember having no friends he’s completely okay cause most people throw their friends and I’m not better about having no friends you know except that you have no friends that’s what I’m saying to a lot of people if you don’t have friends except that you have no friends I’ve accepted that a lot of the reasons I don’t have friends is because it’s my own fault I’m not very outgoing I’m not very social and people are so conditioned in society that they have to be that way that they’ve convinced themselves that that’s who they are and a lot of people aren’t that way but they’ve convinced themselves so I can pick up a lot of faith people and I’ve just got a you know a big bullshit detector I can detect when people’s not displaying their real personality in front of me I know when people are doing that and unfortunately that comes with its downside which means I won’t make friends easily and I’ve come to a point in my life where I didn’t really want to make friends to be honest I’m perfectly fine with the way my life is and friends add a whole lot of complications because you don’t know how real people are you know I’m not saying no you know if somebody comes on very strongly and they like me and they want to be my friend I’ll be that person’s friend if they’re there they’re in the real world and there are a lot of bumblebees yo people they’re huge they’re like as big as my big toe these bastards I’ve seen big bumblebees in my life but these ones are really big but anyway yeah people that’s what I wanted to say is I’ve got a big bullshit detector and I know when people are being fake and that obviously like I said it comes with a massive drawback you kind of ward off a lot of people you you repel people and that’s why you end up with no friends like I am right now you if you’re not very social and you’re not fake a lot of people have a lot of friends but they’re not real friends people they’re more like acquaintances and if you’ve got acquaintances they’re not the same as friends and it took me a long long time to learn the difference between those two but I did and I’m happy I did and I’ve accepted it you know I’ve accepted I am the person I am and sometimes I wish I was a different type of person but it’s my personality it’s what I am I’ve been that way since a little boy I’ve never changed and if people have been open and honest with me and they’ve opened up to me in the real world I’ve become their friends a lot of people have tried opening up you know towards me online but that doesn’t really work because I’m one of those people I like it if you’re in front of me I don’t regard online friendships as real friendships call me what you want to call me because they aren’t real you’re not physically talking to the person you’re not physically going out with the person spending time in that person’s company there’s no real emotional connection and I’m one of those people unlike that I want that emotional connection and that doesn’t mean I don’t value people I talk to online I have value everybody but when it comes to friendships or deeper things like relationships loves relationships sexual relationships these types of things I’m a very emotional person I like that connection that one on one you know that touch feel type thing where you give somebody a hug and you know the person’s there I’m one of those people so yeah so it’s been Steve fun silence within me comes you with yet another video on social anxiety this time on why it’s okay to not have any friends and why you should accept it and I will see you in the very next video love you people and have an awesome day Steve Hodel silence within a year once again just reminding you to give this video a like if you enjoyed this video and check back weekly for more videos on social anxiety and just my personal journey or if you’re just pretty much bored follow me around alright people take care see you in the very next video. .

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