Introvert And Extrovert Meaning

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Right now, it is very hip to label yourself an introvert. Part of this is due to the well-researched, profound, well-written treatise by Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. If you haven’t read it, you are in for a treat (and for some strange reason, it costs less than three dollars on Amazon).

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Part of this is due to the profound, well-written treatise by Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It’s not about being anxious around other people. Extroverts, in contrast, love social attention. The same level of importance can be said for knowing the predictable situations when the spotlight is more of a punishment than a reward to others who are a regular part of your social world.

introvert and extrovert meaning

The Difference Between Introverts And Extroverts, In One Simple Chart

You enjoy other people, even larger groups.

Some introverts really prefer time alone or just with a couple of close friends. But you like social gatherings, meeting new people, and even some amount of small talk.

You can even be the life of the party or the center of attention for a short amount of time.

But unlike most extroverts, you can only take so much. You suddenly feel depleted and eager to be alone again to recharge. It’s not that you’re having a bad time. You’ve just run out of your social gas and you’re running on fumes. You need time between social events.

Many extroverts can socialize all week long and feel energized by the activity. If the weekend is packed with parties and group outings, they feel excited and energized.

A social introvert may like the idea of a party lifestyle, but the reality of it would send them into a tailspin.

As an introvert, you need time between events to hunker down and recover. I can handle one or two group events a month without feeling completely drained.

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You need time between social events. This kind of conversation energizes you and makes it worth your effort to build on the connection. You find group settings where you can be alone. Other people think you’re an extrovert. In fact, extroverted introverts are smart to have a close friend or confidant nearby to help them recognize when it’s time to leave the party.

introvert opposite of extrovert a person who is energized by spending time alone often found in their homes libraries quiet parks that not many people know about or other secluded places introverts like to think and be alone contrary to popular belief not all introverts are shy some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time to be alone to recharge afterwards the word introvert has negative connotations that need to be destroyed introverts are simply misunderstood because the majority of the population consists of extroverts introvert extrovert oh my god you’re so shy you need to get out more introvert but it’s so training I don’t have a problem with going out I just want to stay at home and read sometimes you know jessie is an introvert he doesn’t mind staying home on a Friday night introvert int RL e RT introvert.

so first are you an introvert or an extrovert and this has been a topic of great conversation is especially since the wonderful author Susan Cain wrote her book I think it’s called the quiet revolution really brought the notion of introversion or extroversion to the fore and this is a place to begin determining your personal style it’s commonly thought that introverts introvert means you’re shy and an extrovert means you’re outgoing know the definition I’m going to offer you has nothing to do with shyness or non shyness for example I myself am an introvert I’m an unsure introvert I there are people who are shy extroverts and so on so it has nothing to do with that it has to do with everything to do with where your energy comes from introverts gain energy from solitude when an introvert is alone the gas tank refills ah phew when they’re out too long in the world with others talking or socializing or whatever that tank drains and they need to go back and be by themselves for it to refill understanding comes in solitude more apt is more apt to come when they’re alone than it is in dialog people who are more extroverted understand what they think in the act of talking about what they think that’s not as true for people who are introverted this is what I have noticed extroverts on the other hand they gain energy from interacting with others when an extrovert leaves a party they’re like I can’t sleep I’m so buzzed that was so much fun or whatever it is and their interview partner is kind of like oh just please get me Oh get me home I’m exhausted because their tank fills through engagement has nothing to do again with shy or not shy but it’s like I get energy from you and you and you and it just feels so great and when I have to spend too much time by myself I start to get restless and I lose energy and I’m not comfortable and I’m unhappy I need to get out there and refill my tank and the energy the understanding comes through engaging so you know ask yourself as far as this sounds right now which one are you do you get more energy from being alone or with others and you don’t have to know the answer but that’s the first thing to start thinking about where is my energy source and how can I construct my day my relationships my life so that I can have access to that energy source on an as needed basis so I know that after this day which I am going to love this is like actually perfect for an introvert because we have a start time and we have an end time and if this was open ended let’s hang out and talk about personal styles the introvert person would be like I don’t think so but give me an end time and I will show up with all my guns blazing and full force and no problem because I know but it’s gonna be gonna end so that’s cool so does that make sense a little bit do you have a question yeah some of both absolutely and then what are you then more introvert I mean absolutely that’s a really good question and you do have some of both everybody has some of both it’s nobody is it’s not black and white so if you have some of both that’s awesome you can be more balanced one of them is probably predominant and if you think about when you were a child for example which one was more true not as the pitcher processed adult that you are now but say in your teens which one was more true for you that can be a way to so I think I weigh a little bit more on this side than this side but you can definitely be a mix you.

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