Introvert And Relationships

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It’s already difficult for introverts to find their niche in a world that predominantly values extroverted tendencies. As a result, introverts’ needs don’t get enough attention and aren’t talked about as much. This includes the way that they function in the love department. Are you dating an introvert? Here are 10 things that we need in relationships for you to consider:

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Dont take it the wrong way if you dont get a kiss from us on a first date. Sometimes when Im overwhelmed, though, I need time to go off and be alone before I see him. Although Im fairly open to learning about people in general for the most part, Im particularly careful about who I choose to learn about me. Looking back, I dont think he ever saw me for who I was. Now, we still talk, somewhat but I just feel really awkward because I feel like I botched the friendship/relationship and I just dont know what to say or do at this point. Space is important, because it allows us to take time away from a situation to see it in a different perspective, so its great that youre taking that step. Im always here if you need to talk.

introvert and relationships

How To Understand An Introvert You’Re In A Relationship With

I have a few questions as I am dating an introvert and have been for a year. Do you have an email address?

You can reach me through the contact form on or through the coaching page form on brendaknowles. Here are links to both and

I recently came across your article. I am an extrovert in a long distance relationship with an introvert. Weve been together for about 6 and a half months (but have been friends in and out of touch since high school 5 years ago).

When we first got together (it started out long distance) hed want to talk to me and Skype me every day for hours. Hes been pretty busy with work lately (I know this for sure because he has a very tough and demanding job). Ive communicated that I need more social time and I want to Skype more often (we only visit each other in person every three months). He always says hes sorry and hes trying etc and I feel bad for making him feel bad, but he also needs hours of alone time.

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Introvert And RelationshipsI know she wants her alone time. I need time. Did you ask him if he needs some time to himself? I feel as though I could love him, but I want to make sure Im doing it right. How do you feel after each time together? He feel like this is time to consider exactly where your relationship is going.

hello Caitlin here and are you in an introverted or extroverted relationship so you guys have probably seen my difference between introverts and extroverts video but I wanted to talk about something that’s very similar in terms of relationships so how our introverts and extroverts different in relationships they’re not different it’s just relationships it’s love it’s all the same it doesn’t matter if you introverted or extroverted really first you have your extroverts which I would consider being most commonly characterized in movies like the people who got to bars and meet people and end up dating or hooking up after that I they’re definitely going to be more extroverted than introverted what are you saying that introverts can’t go to bars and meet people and find the love of their life oh they could do that it’s perfectly plausible but it’s not gonna be very fun Hey Baby how you doing you’re like my drink over there mm hmm so uh what do you like to do for fun hmm cats cats I like cats okay oh yeah a cat sir cats are really cute um you want me to buy you another drink mmm no I’m I’ve got a pee good sized glass here um I’m fine mm hmm also water so great my cute coat yeah this is why I don’t go to bars it’s just generally harder for introverts to meet people which means if you are interested in dating you kind of have to meet people in order to do that or just why I would say that introverts tend to date people or be attracted to people within their own like friend group base whereas extroverts can kind of go out of that and you know meet new people and bring them into that friend group which is where you get that age old stereotype of a girl gets a boyfriend and suddenly abandons all of her friends and all she wants to do is hang out with him and then they break up and everything is just raw then you’ve got your pairings of introvert with an introvert versus extrovert with an extrovert versus introvert and an extrovert in one relationship so an extrovert an extrovert is kind of like hello today every weekend let’s go hang out with a friend the cool stuff no one double date woo whereas an introvert with an introvert is more like in contend reading my book now do you want to go do something yeah I could probably do that so it’s a Friday might be really crowded oh that’s a good thing you should just watch something enough yeah yeah that’s good we’ll just we’ll go out next weekend nope yep I’ll be fine I’m gonna change and then you have your pairings of introverts and extroverts and that can be interesting let’s pause hey Rick uh I don’t think I can do that like I love you but I mean come on you and you never want to go out in one weekend and cuddle and watch TV it’s got some fun too my friends are expecting you at the big game Katelyn I need you there to support me okay try this is not to say that introverted and extroverted people cannot be in a relationship together in fact opposites tend to attract and so I know a lot of people who are in relationships like this you just have to find a place in the middle to meet so that you know you bring out some of his introverted and you bring out some of her extroverted and you kind of make this weird amalgam in the middle because really an extrovert and extrovert or an introvert in an introvert can have just as many problems because they might be so similar that it can cause issues like you never go out if you’re an introvert or you’re always going out and maybe never really connecting on a personal level of your extroverts of my three serious relationships they’ve always been double introverted and one of the problems that we’ve had is that we want to go hang out with other people but we don’t know how to do that because we’re so introverted that we don’t really make other friends I’ve also had several extroverted guys over the years who’ve been interested in me and who I’ve toyed with the idea of dating but it’s never really worked out and I think that’s just because I am such an introvert that although an extroverted person you know courting me is very interesting the idea of being in a really long term relationship with them I kind of know deep down that it isn’t going to work I’m not going to rule it out completely but I know that it just kind of causes some stress on my part so what do you think our introverts or extroverts better at relationships better is such a biased term introverts and extroverts cannot be better at a relationship well everyone is entitled to their opinion remember to Like favorite share and subscribe if this video made you smile you guys next Thursday by travelpod member.

hey guys thanks so much for stopping by my channel my name is Patricia and on this channel we talk about faith so and beauty and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing two ways to make friends as an introvert so if you’re interested in this topic make sure you thumbs up this video and stay tuned okay so it is the following me for a while you know that I am an introvert and a grep introvert so hard because I’m proud of it you know when I was younger I used to feel like there was something wrong with me I used to think like why is everyone always want me to talk and be so outgoing like why can’t they just let me just be quiet and buy my business but as an adult I realize now that I am just an introvert it’s not a big deal that is just who I am on the inside I love to the ZURB I love to reflect I love to spend a long time with myself I love all of those introvert things don’t up this video of you’re an introvert and you understand what I mean but like I said for a long time I was like constantly like picked that and poked that and why are you so quiet and why so shy and why are you this and why are you that I just never been what other people wanted me to be and it was really hard for me for a while to kind of make friends because I put myself in this bubble of oh and quiet I’m shy well actually I’m actually not quiet or shy I’m just an introvert meaning that if I have the option to not talk and to just listen and observe that’s probably what I’m going to do unless I’m really really really passionate about the topic that’s being discussed but a lot of people perceive that as oh she has an attitude or oh she’s upset or she’s really shy she’s really quiet so making friends was a bit of a challenge for a while it was something that I struggled with because I felt like I had to kind of like turn on a switch and be like this super outgoing person just to make interactions and to make connections with people and it felt so unnatural and I decided after a while like I’m just I’m not here for that it’s that’s probably the one thing that I that I dislike the most like the biggest pet peeve is being disingenuine like having to turn on the switches oh my god okay like when that’s not me like if it is Baird there it is not it’s not you’re an introvert you know what I mean raise your hand in the comment section and you know what I mean but I want to share with you guys a two tips if you are an introvert and you’re struggling to make friends I want to show you two tips to help you start to build those genuine connections so the first tip is to affirm verbally in Britain that you are ready for new friendships to come into your life I know that may sound oh okay what is that but it really does work when you affirm when you speak out of your mouth when you write down I am ready for new friendships I’m ready for powerful connections I’m ready for powerful mentorship and powerful women womanly godly friendships like because that’s that wish your mouth and write it down on a piece of paper and it’s something about writing actions and writing goals down that really get you into goal it gets you into action move it makes you realize that this is the goal that either firm for myself and in order for it to be a reality that means that I have to start changing my actions so start by by saying out loud and affirming whether it’s a daily affirmation or is something that you write down daily in your journal I’m ready for you and perfect for new friendships I’m ready for new friendships I’m ready for new connections I’m ready to meet new amazing creative powerful people speak that speak that into your life and be specific like when I talk about the friendships that I want I’m like I want amazing godly friendships I want an amazing godly mentor I want to connect with women that are on the same path as me I want to connect with the group of deep intellectual intellectual creative black young adults that are just creative and going after the things that they want clean that over here life first affirm it and believe that it’s possible firm and believe that this god is possible if you’re ready that those things start to flow to you tip number two is more practical and that is to get out of your comfort zone okay get out of your comfort zone and start putting yourself out there put yourself in new situations if you’ve decided that you want to make friends that you want to expand your circle that you’re tired of being this lonely introvert and you want to you know grow your circle of friends right decide that you are going to put yourself into new situations often so what I did when I made this declaration I was like you know what once a month I’m going to start with one month because I’m an introvert so I’m going to start with one time per month I’m going to go to some type of an event by myself and I know that may sound terrifying to some of you but challenging yourself to go by yourself means that you’re putting yourself in a new situation with new people you can’t cling on to your friends or your family members and just talk to them online you have to we don’t have to but you’re more likely to put yourself out there and have a random conversation with the stranger if you do that so I’ll give you a few examples it could be a networking event it could be some type of a shell like a performance it counts like a mini concert it could even be something like a Bible study it could be anything just put yourself into a new environment it’s just like you go to a bar or Aloud and just go and just sit by yourself and honestly people typically feel less intimidated when it’s just one person to come up and talk to versus a whole group of you so you’re more likely to make new friendships with people because they’ll see that oh it’s just you especially if they’re by themselves that’s a great way for a connection to go because it’s like oh hey who’d you come with and like all about myself okay cool like where are you from great way to kind of put yourself out there so go to events alone I know that it can be scary but I promise you it will pay off if you really want to start making some new friendships I also have a video called how to network as an introvert I was set up there if you want to check that out where I have some deeper tips of like how to act have a conversation and one thing I really hope that this encouraged you to get out there to start making those new friendships thank you guys so much for watching this video if you have any other questions for me on this topic make sure you leave them down below and I’ll be sure to get back for you I’ll see you guys in the next video.

dating advice for introverted guys these days a lot of guys are fairly introverted and they’re finding it difficult to succeed with women they really don’t enjoy socializing that much you know going to parties and being the center of attention you know a lot of introverted guys are often deep thinkers and like to think about life and focus on other things rather than just socializing you know but these guys maybe yourself as well you still want to be successful with women you still want to be able to get laid or get a girlfriend and enjoy yourself with women you know you don’t want to have to miss out on it because you’re not an extroverted guy alright so before we go any further let’s just get clear on this whole introverted thing an extroverted thing with some dictionary definition so it can be nice and clear introvert a shy person a person characterized by concerned primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings extrovert and outgoing gregarious person a person characterized by extraversion a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment gregarious fond of the company of others sociable okay so if you want to be successful as an introverted guy you want to be successful with women you don’t have to become an extrovert and be really gregarious as the dictionary definition was talking about there being really fond of socializing with others you don’t have to do that to become successful with women but you do have to become more confident because a guy that lacks confidence isn’t attractive to women and when you’re not attractive to women they’re not going to like you and you’re going to have hardly any options and opportunities with women now if you’re only a little bit introverted if you sort of got an average level of confidence then you’re going to be an average level of attractiveness to women the most attractive trait to women is confidence right confidence your masculinity you know how you think and behave and take action as a man your social intelligence whether you’re actually a cool guy whether you can get along with her and others and things like that but the number one trait is confidence right belief in yourself as a man if you’ve got a little bit of I believe if you’ve got an average amount of confidence then you’ll have an average level of attractiveness to women when I first started out trying to become more successful with women I was fairly introverted and I you know going out and talking to people in social environments wasn’t on the top of my priority list of are you know I can’t wait to go out and talk to people in social environments you know it just wasn’t a very appealing thing to me because when I would go out to social environments I wouldn’t feel that good I wouldn’t feel that good about myself you know I’d be doubting myself be worrying about what everyone else is thinking worrying wondering if I was fitting in or not and worrying about whether or not girls are gonna like me and things like that is my shirt good enough etc all that sort of stuff but now that I’m confident I’m an alpha male I’ve got more social intelligence better social skills etc does that now mean that I love going out and socializing and I want to do that all day every day no I don’t want to do it all day every day I’m a thinker I like to think I like to have time to think um you know and I am NOT like a full on out there extrovert but the big difference is when I’m in a social environment I’m confident all right and I actually am present there in the moment and I enjoy myself right I am fond of socializing with others as that dictionary definition was saying but I like being around people when I’m around them but you know it’s not as if I need to be around loads of people all the time like an extrovert would yeah because I like to have more of a balance in life you know I’m a thinker a man of purpose I’m working on the modern man all the time yeah I’m thinking about new videos that I want to make I’m thinking about comments that guys left on the side on it you know get back to them with advice I’ve got my girlfriend I got my friends you know I’ve got other parts of my life as well and it’s like you know the number one thing on my list is not okay I want to go out and socialize and be around lots of people but I’m wildly successful with women and I have been all these years all right so if you’re an introvert you don’t have to change and become a full on extrovert to become successful with women but you do need to become more confident you do need to become more masculine you do need to improve your social intelligence your social skills because that’s going to make you a more attractive option to win and when you are confident when you are masculine in the way that you think and behave and take action the way that you move your body language just your general vibe as a man when you have a high level of social intelligence you know you’re a cool guy you can get along with people you can be yourself you’re charismatic all that sort of stuff then you don’t have to meet a lot of women to have a lot of options with women because most women like you most women feel attracted to you most women enjoy their conversations and interactions with you and you know if they’re pretty and you want to have sex with them or start dating them you just do that and women just go along with it because you seem like a great option you know there aren’t many guys who have got you know full on confidence you know high level of masculinity and social intelligence now that those sort of guys are rare and when women come across a guy that isn’t afraid of them that isn’t nervous and anxious in a social environment that is alpha yeah then it’s amazing it’s like you’re a diamond in the rough you know you’re a rare thing you’re a rare find now as for being an introvert throughout human history a lot of the greatest men in history have been introverts they’ve spent a lot of their time thinking and working on things right so it’s not as if you’re going to be a failure in life for being an introvert right but if you’re an introvert to the point where you’re afraid and you’re nervous and you’re anxious in social environments that it’s not going to serve you well in terms of dating success because women aren’t turned on by a man’s emotional weakness and insecurities all right so there are some women out there who will happily take an introverted guy who is nervous and self doubting and insecure and things like that but often those type of women just want a guy that they can control in a relationship you know they can control him with the threat of a breakup all their women who have had relationships before with confident men and the woman’s opened her heart and truly loved the guy and then got no heart broken so from now on she just wants to close her heart off and be with the guys that she doesn’t truly love respect and feel attraction for so that if the relationship ends she’s not going to be too damaged by it now a lot of women go through life like that but those women often will cheat on those type of guys if an alpha male comes along if a really confident guy comes along and shows a lot of interest in her and also makes her feel like you know she can trust him and then she’s not gonna break her heart and they’ve got a great connection then you know boom he’s gonna take her but I mean that’s it there are some women who won’t cheat on you and dump you for being an introverted guy right there are some women who are very introverted themselves and don’t really want to socialize and be out there mixing it up with people all the time and they want to sort of live a a quiet existence away from all the the social bars and things like that and they will enjoy the fact that you’re also introverted but at the same time you’ve got to make sure that you can maintain the respect and attraction of your woman because if you don’t in a relationship she will fall out of love with you all right so to maintain your respect and attraction you need to be a confident masculine man who’s socially intelligent right you need this be this other guy who is going to be respected by people when he interacts with them you need to be the sort of guy who is not going to be insecure in a relationship with her you know she may accept you initially and she may like the fact that you’re both pretty emotionally vulnerable and and all that sort of stuff and you know don’t really feel comfortable socializing but you know if you lose a respect over the years because you become insecure or you’re you’re when you’re around other guys you sort of they dominate you and you sort of get pushed around by them things like that then she is most likely going to lose respect and attraction for you over the years and then fall out of love with you an interesting thing about dating as an introvert is that it’s actually a lot easier for women to be introverted and you know have options be out of date guys and find a boyfriend and things like that compared to guys because for a guy if you’re introverted and you’re lacking confidence then you’re not going to be very attractive to women but for us guys we don’t most most of the time we don’t judge a girl like ah she’s not very confident I don’t like her I don’t feel attraction for her because we don’t feel attraction for women based on their confidence level you know we feel attraction for women based on how they look and that’s why men are very visual men go to porn sites and jerk off to porn as women they’re more attracted to a man’s personality and confident in how he makes them feel which is why when women masturbate they often close their eyes and imagine a confident guy doing whatever he wants to them you know having sex in a very you know masculine way you know he’s bending her over is you know getting her on her knees and all sort of stuff she might fantasize about being you know having sex with two guys at once three guys at once things like that but women generally speaking they’re not going to porn sites and opening up a bunch of videos and then playing with themselves right so you know for a guy it’s a lot more difficult because when you’re interacting with women they’re going to feel attraction and they’re going to feel turned on by you based on your confidence level your masculinity your social intelligence how you’re making them feel whereas you could be talking to a girl and she’s hot and pretty and she could be lacking confidence or she could be ditzy or very intelligent or whatever and you’re still going to want to bang her you’re still going to be feeling turned on by it you might not want to have a relationship with her but you’re still going to be feeling attracted to her whereas you might be a really good guy you might be an introverted guy that’s a really good guy but if you lack a lot of confidence then women are gonna really feel much for you are they’re gonna be like you know I’m not really feeling it now you’re a nice guy but ah I’m not looking for a relationship right now sorry you know like in other words I’m not feeling it with you and a final note about dating as an introvert is that it’s not as if you hate socializing and you hate being in social environments it’s just that because of the level of confidence that you have the level of social confidence that you have you usually feel bad emotions negative emotions undesirable emotions in social environments so you might be feeling unworthy you might be feeling self doubt you might be feeling left out you might be feeling less than other people we might be feeling resentful towards other guys who are good with women you might be feeling resentful towards women who are really confident and test guys by being challenging and things like that you might be feeling all these sorts of bad emotions whereas when you’re really confident guy and you’re masculine in the way that you think then you don’t feel any those bad emotion Jesse you’re free of all that bullshit in your head you don’t think of any of that sort of stuff and instead you’re just enjoying yourself in the moment and nothing around you it’s going to make you feel nervous or anxious or anything like that you’re going to be that masculine force you know one way to visualize it it’s like you’re you know if you’re standing in a bar there’s all the chaos of the bar around you and you’re either going to get pulled into all that into the cyclone of it all or you’re just going to be this strong masculine force this pillar of strength that is not you know you just doesn’t get affected by all the different distractions going on around you no you’re just this strong force and you’re present in the moment because you’re not all up in your head worrying about all this stuff that’s going on or how do I look here do I fit in has my shirt look you know that sort of thing am i standing the right way that girl looked at me this way how do I feel now sort of thing you’re not like that you’re just free of all that sort of stuff all that unnecessary thinking and you’re just there in the moment enjoying yourself it’s like yeah you doing I’m Dan what’s your name and I thought I’d come over and say hi you know and you’re just there enjoying yourself present in the moment I remember what I felt like when I was an introverted guy you know felt lonely I felt left out I feel frustrated at myself for being nervous and anxious and things like that you know I appreciated the fact that I was a thinker and that I liked you know myself and I like the way that I was approaching life but I was frustrated that when I was in social environments I couldn’t really you know open up and be confident and be myself or you know start doubting myself start feeling nervous etc but when I became successful with women the transformation that I made didn’t turn me into a full on extrovert wanting to socialize the people all the time the difference is that it’s just when I’m around people I’m no longer that nervous self doubting guy I’m a confident guy I’m a masculine guy I’ve got better social skills which means that I get along with people better I mean it’s easier for me to make friends it’s easier for me to get along with women to connect with women and because I’m confident masculine it naturally attractive to women so I know I’m still I still like to have time to my self to think I still like to think about all the big perspective big picture philosophical ideas that I think about you know with life and the universe and things like that but you know when I interact with people I’m there and I’m able to be confident and connect with them and you know and attract women and things like that so it’s just it’s a much easier life to live so I mean it’s up to you I mean you can go through your life being an introvert who is also nervous and anxious and fearful in social environments you know every guy’s going to have a different level of that or you can decide to become a really confident guy become really masculine in the way that you think so you don’t get affected negatively by any thing that’s going on in a social environment and as a result you come across as more attractive to women because women are attracted to the strength in men they’re attracted that strong alpha confidence of you being who you want to be doing what you want to do feeling how you want to feel and not being affected by all the things going on around you.

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