Introvert Extrovert Relationship

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Initially, when dating, there is often attraction between introverts and extroverts since each partner consistently offers what the other is missing within their life and character. The extrovert can liven up the introvert and motivate them to take action, while the introvert can calm the extrovert down when needed and act as a steady source of quiet comfort.

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So here are our top Take some time for yourself. If youre an introvert dating an extrovert, you notice that they tend to talk on and on and on, seemingly forgetting that theyre in a two-way not part of an introverts natural style to interrupt, but if you can learn to do this to add more to the conversation, your extroverted partner even be delighted since theyd be able to enjoy a discussion or a friendly Accompany them to some social events. This difference between the two becomes a problem when an introvert starts to think that a friendly extroverted boyfriend or girlfriend is actually flirting with someone youre an introvert, you should not immediately assume that this is the case, unless the extrovert is using incredibly or romantic language. Many extroverts are such open books that they dont realize that other people, particularly more introverted types, want to keep some details of their lives private.

introvert extrovert relationship

9 Signs You’Re In An Introvert-Extrovert Relationship

Really, youad probably need a PhD in psychology to figure this all out – but Iam too old and frankly too cash-strapped to retrain. So I took the easier option and nosed into the lives of a few nice people to try and understand why introvert-extrovert relationships can be such a winning formula. From the early days of dating to being thirteen years in, hereas what three couples told me about making it worka

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems the most likely time for an extrovert-introvert relationship to fail is right at the beginning. Dating, going out and socialising are a really common way for two people to get to know each other (unless your partner-to-be is more of the Netflix and Chill type, in which case, run for the hills now). But if one of you is an extrovert whoas always jumping at the chance to be out and about and the other needs more quiet time, it seems that could instantly pose a bit of a problem.

‘It took quite a while for us to become an official couple’ says 28-year old extrovert Tasha, whoas been with her partner Pete for six years.

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One likes solitude and a bit of peace and quiet most of the time, while the other likes to be out and about socialising. Things progressed from there. Another couple I spoke to, Maggie, 27, and Jason,also 27, started dating when they were living together at uni but it wasnat instantly obvious that Jason was an introvert. ‘Youare not like a shy introvert’ replies Maggie. ‘My ideal day is reading in the garden, having a coffee and going on a run. 27-year old Sarah and 28-year old Tom have been together for thirteen years, so, theyave had a lot of time to get it right. ‘It is true’ agrees Maggie.

hey I’m Nicola yeah I’m sure and this is another one of our videos where it’s more like a podcast so we’re just going to talk about a topic for for a while so you don’t need to watch the video if you don’t want to you just put it on and listen to the audio and we’re just going to talk about something do you know what actually going to talk about today I don’t know I just comes up more naturally I don’t tell you much beforehand if I tell you to like oh you should say this then you only need to prepare something and it really need to prepare you’re like I don’t like preparing I mean like I don’t like fake and Prejudice too much about laughing I think it’s better to show the natural way yeah I so I think in these in these videos people can see see you more naturally so the topic for today is being an introvert versus being an extrovert and also being an introvert married to an extrovert right a lot of people that watch our videos would assume that I’m the extrovert and your the introvert why you love you but put aside its opposite because yeah video is a very different right like but and when people see me on like live streaming they were see yeah yeah you know it’s not the intra I’m definitely more the introvert but people see me like talking confidently on videos and seeing oh she can’t be introverted but I’m just talking to a camera here like it’s just a camera introvert love talking I’m yeah I’m too secure to talk to coming out but it is people when you feel super I took a lot of rs are introverts which people don’t kind of realize I think they’re people that were out there but we’re actually people that prefer to just sort of be indoors and talking to a camera and also being an introvert doesn’t mean that you’re shy that’s kind of a misconception like that’s the misconception that are an introvert must be shy you actually has more moments of shyness than I do but he enjoys being around people so much more and it’s different types of introverts as well like there’s a whole range of introverts and extroverts does not like the whole world can just be like one what half of the world has this personality and the other half of this personality there’s a whole range but yeah I thought we could talk about being a married to being introvert and extrovert okay okay so um how do we deal with me being more of an introvert and you being more of an extrovert in our marriage um as you know like extroverts I need to pee but I need to make people a lot of fun so if the other person can’t understand and then it will be really hard relationship yeah so I I think need to have some balance between sometimes I have to you know like sacrifice my you know like hanging out yes and whatever really hard with me but it doesn’t mean I hate or something like I just want to go out more and more like I already extroverts talking about how they get their energy from being around other people right and introverts always say they get their energy from being alone or just with a few people and recharging that way because other people drain us so my theory is that extroverts are literally draining the energy from introvert so if there’s a party situation as a bunch of interest introverts extroverts are literally going through and like something like sucking our life force out like that so they feel better so it’s basically you’re a vampire mainly because I just need to do something like motivation so I need to see people and then talk to people and then it makes me to think about oh yes I’m their person and then I recharge my energy and so I can do something more than what I was like when you have to stay home and you can’t go out like if you’re just at haha like when I stick in the countryside yeah yeah you’re not motivated ah it’s like dead body just say even like you’ve got time to do this stuff and yours are tired oh yeah I just lay down and do nothing yeah and just you play with my mobile phone and still try to talk to people with for help so I can feel like I’m live otherwise I don’t know what if I I feel like I I always have a lot of energy in the countryside because I ride my bike by myself I go for walk through the mountains by myself and it’s great and I love it but for you that environment is more draining for you killing me but as an introvert you have a whole world inside your head yes so I’m grateful walks and I love going to walk and I literally is just thinking of things in my head and I have like all these stories going on in my head but for you going for a walk you were so bored you want to have your phone so you can be talking to other people or with them and with your indicators I’d would be like I’d be like look at the beautiful nature look at the river and the mastery to life on your area okay yes I bet that some of the clashes we have um like in extrovert married to introvert but I have to say I’m glad I’m married to an extrovert if I was married to an introvert I would never go out super Idol or like socialize all but have any like the juveniles in cave everything is that I wanted to in Hammer it never really got real body you can order everything at home so you don’t need to well I would never talk to anybody ever as an introvert at home you were not really draining me at home usually so that’s what a lot of interest find that they need to either be alone but alone can also be when their partner is there when you have the right partner you are not feeling drained from that partner usually sometimes you’re dreaming when during a crazy mood but usually I can recharge fine with you at home as well unless you’re playing a BTS song over and over and over like oh my god good like good so I want to listen again again yeah that’s the archives here right but I am thankful to you that I can I can go you force me to go I like a lot of introverts sometimes once we go out we are okay but it’s that pushing to get to that point and then I have a drop off so when we go out especially in Korea because my Korean is not great so when we go out just to Korean people have sucked my energy so much more because when you know some of the language and then you’re in a situation where everybody is speaking like in a fast like we know native Korean way your brain is trying to constantly touch up it is such a brain dream like your head gets so tired because you’re constantly trying to translate everything around you it doesn’t come really naturally um so I think we finally learned that those situations and in Korean like hanging out party and girls all night like it is not unusual in Korea of people to go home at 6:00 a.m. like in Western culture that’s like wow you had such a big nerd 6 a. m. but Korea that’s completely normal that’s right lots of times when I hang out with other foreigners and they sit this is the first time I see this bit my love yeah because we stay out like sometimes eight o’clock and I already do that these days but it’s so normal to like and people will do that once twice three times a week sometimes like sometimes like especially you young young people yeah but I don’t really do this but like 4 o’clock sometimes yeah see if I if I tell you to come home early early for him is 2 a. m. right so if I got like grenade like I usually go out like after 10:00 because I want spent on you you and they go off you always judge it by a length of time that you’ve been out rather than the actual time that it is so in your mind you’re like but I’ve only been out three hours yeah where it was I want to manage the time and I’d be like but it’s already 2:00 a.
m.she should come but I like 12 o’clock I spent only 12 hours and if it is not fair and you know what like sometimes I make friends for her and I think she’s really good good side introduces to you like I’m a carriage me them I just make I think they were like what out wonderful service customer service for you making friends this way then like for the pita mean opportunities whatever I went out and and try to make the kind of but but I’m anti really understanding of you going out there is why I’m saying that like a perfect situation that interprets me extraverts because I see so many times like my friend um the why is interpret but the husband I was going to take them yeah but of course she wants to stay home yeah and I don’t think that’s good all the time likely you have a day all time sometimes right so I think therefore I don’t really bring you all the time sometimes there are foreigners and we can hang out together and if they are not drinking we’re okay but if most of times are not like that people want to drink right so do I ask you but you usually or no and the thing is that like we’ve reached this point in our marriage where that’s okay because I want to have time by myself at home anyway oh I work late at night so I’ll just be working at home or just relaxing or watching movies that you don’t want to watch and that’s like oh yeah yeah yeah it’s so not really what lots of drama yeah you don’t want to watch stuff that much if you get really bored of it so for us we we have this balance where it’s perfect for you that you can go out and don’t need to worry about me and I say only they’ll be sometimes you’ll be at home and you’ll be crazy mood and I’ll be like Debbie are you going out tonight pretty please so I can just sit like your respect when I’m watching a movie or something it’s just they come in and you’ve got something to tell me you’re going to tell me right away up this is a crucial part of the movie can you please be quiet but I’m fine like I have many friends and types so sometimes if I feel bored I just content my friends and I can be semi I can talk with them about many many things not only hanging out and these days I don’t really drink beer or I don’t really drink alcohol so like I have a clear mind like just live tired but have a clear mind and do stuff you want to always talk about life and yeah I like to talk your life well actually creature I like talking about that stuff as well but you can talk about anything I think what are the differences like socializing move introverts and extroverts next revert wants to be where all the people are the main conversations going on talk about anything the introverts are prefer just for a one on one conversation so we literally have a situational like we’re at a party or everybody’s hanging out you will be where the center of attention like oh poor be the center of attention talking to so many people and I will be with the introvert coiler in these situations where the introvert is and then I tore through them and we’re having a very big talk about something I love having big topic discussions one on one with people and I don’t have to know them well but like you have you any type of talking discussion yes but especially something like make motivate a lot of people and picture and plans and like that kind of thing you’re very good at encouraging people I think I think so I think so something that at parties or like r brands for stuff and people will always be asking you but it’s Nicola with Nicola and if you I’ve disappeared because of the noise like so many people talking at once and so many people in a small area it just drained my energy so ever so quickly like and I have other health problems I’ve already had like other health problems that make me very tired anyway and then in that situation I’m just drained so I have to step out and go somewhere else I’m okay if I’m with one or two people so usually I find like minded people and like step out of that situation but I think you get the question all the time like where’s your wife where’s your wife with your wife she’s at home to them or I’d like out doing something else and and then so when like I do go out like I’ll have a big night maybe once a month or something people will be so sarcastic like well nuclear is he well she came out oh my god and I’m like yeah I don’t want to hang out with you guys usually salute is such a waste of energy I just want to have like one on one or just a few people hanging out not like big groups situations like that so I I’m feeling with that kind of situation so you don’t need to worry I love it I know I think you understand this now but earlier on in our marriage you would do this thing that I would say would be out with one or two friends right and I have mentally prepared myself with this but I’m going to be hanging out with these people today right so I’m okay I’m mentally prepared and then you just invite somebody else and somebody else end up in this group of people and I make these with people that I don’t want to talk to I don’t want to and I don’t mean that in like a rude way but like it’s just an added person to the situation that is sucking more of my energy I wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with this but for you your view is like the more the merrier are the more of it oh you’re out in this area you’re in the cities or money to come join us as well no I don’t really but when people call me when I bro I’m here so come over and yeah no no I didn’t I mentally prepared myself in jail with two people today this is money and they they wanna hang out with so this way they contact me how can I say no you’re so busy I can’t hang out with a busy person sitting over your heart is too big like for people you want to accommodate everybody like you I want to accommodate everybody and always you know give people these opportunities so hanging out what is it an admirer will thing but it also doesn’t always work when there’s a mix of personalities or sometimes it will be like like you have such a hard time saying oh and I’m busy or I’m hanging out with his other friends today you’re just like mixing always friendship group so sometimes friendship groups shouldn’t mix sometimes personally I never sometimes you know if I see someone and then they have something good in the device good and this person is good that we can do something together and only one that works yeah that that situation is a lot like because I have a many cool friends who are doing some amazing stuff so I say these days you could have doing that but earlier in our marriage it would be like I was in Australia to example and also when were in the countryside we’re going to g9 exercise it not wasn’t like okay what advice do you have for somebody that is the extrovert and then married to an introvert I want them to talk about like what can they do for the other person and I’m extrovert but it doesn’t mean I just erase everything and I hang out with your friends and in daytime I don’t hang out or spend time with my wife I spend my time with my wife and daytime and when she needs and then this kind of Lee was it I can hang out my friends at night so that’s how I hang out with your wife at the river bye bye Dee. Dee was in this is like good thing they’re like bad but have a bother right let’s write this if I want to say hey balance you don’t need to hang out all the time but sometimes you laugh sometimes but you need to appreciate that like your wife is giving you this chance so this kind of all’s right at a time beforehand yeah you want cuz if you always hang out in the next day you can’t do anything with your wives then your then of course Shira play Mew and she doesn’t want you to go out again but if you hang out and you bring something and you realize next day to her all your family then why did no reason that you know telling let’s not go out well I think part of that I mean and because you don’t drink as much anymore but part of the problem especially dies in Korea because of the drinking culture and also you’ve got to have work drinks and everything that go to 6:00 a. m. is it very difficult to not drink that much in Korea but if you’re not drinking as much then you’re going to be better the next day and you can make up that time with your family yeah but even I drank before I to try to spend time with you because if I done them you will not be happy when I go around yeah so it’s kind of like like Paula making time to make the balance that yeah make make the other person to understand I think tuition when looking in a situation in the sense that we make our own schedules I think very very difficult for people that work all day and then they go out and then the wife is literally all the husband is just at home like if though it’s very difficult for some people to have that work life balance but you really got to you’ve got to have that and then I guess my advice for introverts is if you are left at home because you don’t want to go out make sure that’s time for you like in me time and you are appreciating that time by yourself and have a project that you’re working on or even just watching movies and being happy in that time by yourself and then also let yourself go out sometimes because sometimes you can meet really cool people and you know sometimes have a really a good time which is why it’s a really good thing I’m not married to an introvert it was mostly introvert and I would just I would never ever do anything I would never go out sometimes it’s the worst thing is just before you’re going out like even even when I know we’re going to something that’s going to be really great or like I might have much time I still have women’s anxiety before going out like and I get really snippy with you as well like we’re going to be laid off something like that right like you see me stress out before we go somewhere and then we go there and I’m fine but the whole act of actually getting to that place is so difficult for introverts there’s so many hurdles in our mind that we have to get over before we can then get to that place and be there and have a nice time yeah so we are not saying like introvert interpreter federal extrovert extroverts out there so in this kind of situation because it’s open it’s all right introverts and extroverts so how can we make the situation better and make the balance so don’t get wrong I think I think you know a lot of people get sick of the talk of introvert extrovert but I think it’s actually a really good thing to talk about and of course there’s varying degrees of it it’s not just one you like one or the other in different situations you can be different like that you know but being able to identify that maybe you’re a different personality type to your partner is really really important for your marriage otherwise you don’t understand each other so if you think that your partner should always be with you and be at home and doing everything with you all the time then when they go out you’re going to see that as like a personal attack to your personal insult be to you that this person is going out of the time where it’s not that at all it’s just the type of personality so they they are they need to have that external stimulation from lots of people yeah so I think the good thing about if you can identify in your relationship if you’re more introverted or you part as more extroverted or vice versa then you can then have a conversation about what makes you happy and how you want these and find that balance as well yeah that’s so other words yeah and that’s why I really appreciate Nicola and sometimes I hang out at night I felt guilty and then I asked her what you want you me to buy something for you or I just buy some chocolate ha ha and bring it and then I was it ok and then say ok I’m fine I just watch the movie I was really like appreciate what she did I I think also trust plays a really important part in it as well because there will be some people like they don’t want they extrovert partner to go out because they don’t trust them to go out like that I remember somebody committing one time being like saying like insinuating that was really bad that you go out a lot like as if they really know that much about our life anyway but it was it was like like Korea has a very different social scene to a lot of other countries people do so much socializing it’s not unusual for people to be out really late at night and I completely trust you to go out and like I know what you’re doing and you we are still talking to each other during the night as well as we know we’re each each other is and I just trust you completely in that situation so I think that’s maybe another aspect that comes in to where people don’t have trust in their relationship so the person that is staying at home is then being really worried about what could happen that’s why even though she didn’t ask me to send me some like what you’re doing what was real I you like when I’m coming yeah because she is asking me like that but even though you didn’t ask me to send your photos I always most of times I just take photo everybody that you’re with me take a photo with her ssq I’ll be like okay whatever I don’t care but it’s nice that you you keeping you’re updating their line Sonia yeah I think I think this type of relationship dynamic there’s always so many other things that are the couple of times like we’re saying like maybe the trust issue and then everybody has a different situation so we can’t just tell people like oh you should be like this and just accept or just trust like this everybody has a different situation so maybe on the comment section people can talk about their own situation if they are in a relationship how they make it work in one of them to interact one of them’s an extrovert or also what didn’t work for them in the part yeah maybe in a previous relationship they had problems that they could have you know resolved or like that and this is all kind of really vital stuff to talk about in the marriage and a relationship so that you can understand each other because the worst thing is to have somebody sulking and being upset about something and the other person doesn’t even know what it is communication again and again we always say this but communication thank you for watching this video or just listening if you were just listening let us know what other type of topics that you would like us to talk about and we can maybe talk about them and subscribe if you haven’t already check out the comics on the blog and the webtoon on webtoon calm and there was also showing each other their faces I’ll put under every a and she’s her one one and I have my own we’re here I want to take job okay bye bye thanks for watching. .

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