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Offices can can be particularly difficult environments to navigate for introverts, who gain energy and generally feel their most productive in quiet and solitude — and the constant stimulation and social interactions can be taxing. Add on possible misperceptions about their personalities and work style from extroverted bosses and colleagues, and it’s enough to make an introvert want to work from home full-time.

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Add on possible misperceptions about their personalities and work style from extroverted bosses and colleagues, and it’s enough to make an introvert want to work from home full-time. “Introverts feel most alive and energized when they’re in environments that are less stimulating — not less intellectually stimulating, but less stuff going on. One study showed that when introverts and extroverts are given math problems to solve with various levels of background noise playing, introverts do best when the noise is lower, while extroverts perform better with louder noise, Cain told Harvard Business Review. “We need to talk about flex time, but we also need to talk about flexible office space. The solitude could boost focus and creativity. “When psychologists have looked at who have been the most creative people over time in a wide variety of fields, almost all the people they looked at had serious streaks of introversion. “The only sensible answer is to offer a workplace that has a lot of choice, where people can customize their individual environment.

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An Introvert’S 5 Tips For Career Success

There is an overwhelming amount of research, studies, and books on the science of smiling (including Charles Darwins own The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals). While its still unclear why people smile, this simple act is believed to bring great positive effects on our minds and bodies when practiced regularly. According to some scientists, it can even give us a short-term high. More importantly, however, in a corporate environment, smiling is one of the brand manifestations of extroversion. Smiling can help us introverts to appear more approachable, social, and upbeat. And who wouldnt benefit from a better mood? Its pretty easy tooits just a matter of practice.

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an introvert in an extrovert-dominated world is still, by no means, easy. Whether youre an introvert looking to make the most of your strengths or an extrovert/ambivert who wants to learn how your quiet colleagues tick, Field Notes offers real-world insights about taking a walk on the quiet side. A lot of your suggestions make sense. Waste of time? Its a tension Ive struggled with all my life: deciding between alone time or time with people, and sometimes, going against my nature, I choose people for the sake of read your words above Mr. Eric, hope that I could apply it to my everyday life Thank you so much, GOD BLESS used the smiling thing for a long time ever since I worked as a grocery store checker. It was her inability to understand that not every person had the same personality type as she did. There might be five people in one room and seven people individually calling in.

hey Kimberly how’s it going did you have a good weekend still working on the report huh I thought we should talk about the project and go over what we’re doing hi Dave sure but I’m still working on my part can we set aside a time to talk later this week well since I’m here why don’t we just talk now I find it really helps to bounce ideas off someone else don’t you what do you think about the research I added well I haven’t had time to really look at it carefully why don’t I send you an email when I’ve had a chance to read it now I would really like to get back to work oh I hate reading emails just tell me your first impressions I thought you did a great job with formatting by the way you really have a way with clipart Dave I really have not had time to process it all I appreciate your comments but I need some time to look the reports over before I give my impressions you’re such a perfectionist okay fine let’s talk tomorrow when you have had time to think hey are you going to the party tonight with everyone party on a weeknight with everyone I think I’m just going to stay in have a glass of wine and read tonight thanks anyway maybe next time Wow Kim you really need to get out more won’t stain home and reading be boring not at all it sounds like the perfect night to me well to each his own I guess see you later you you.

as a manager you work with many types of people some of them are opinionated expressive and maybe even too vocal at times others are more restrained and conservative with their thoughts they’re not necessarily shy quiet or withdrawn their introverts and if you dismiss their contributions you’re losing a chance to tap a wealth of knowledge so come on managers it’s time to get to know introverts what to Winston Churchill Jackie O Albert Einstein and Al Gore have in common they are regarded as being introverts people who prefer to process information internally versus externally introverts form opinions after doing research not at the drop of a hat they think first and then act or speak this is the opposite of extroverts who think out here and eagerly bounce ideas off each other as a manager you must harness the power of all of your employees so here are some guidelines for working with introverts tip 1 don’t rush to judge introverts respond judiciously to questions on our excellent listeners managers sometimes judge them unfairly assuming that lack of an immediate response means the person is unprepared uninterested or unknowledgeable wrong wrong wrong tip 2 silence doesn’t indicate agreement this is the best practice for all situations but particularly with introverts if you pose a question or provide a proposal and you don’t receive any feedback it’s false to say to yourself ok they agree otherwise they’d say something instead introverts need time to compose a thoughtful response rather than blurting out a half baked idea tip 3 give time for preparation introverts feel most comfortable responding to agendas and discussion topics that are provided ahead of time they excel at formulating detailed considered reactions and they don’t do that on the spur of the moment therefore provide meeting agendas a few days in advance also set expectations with the team on when you need feedback and how if you need everyone to provide thoughts during the meeting then let people know in advance a final thought don’t be quick to label anybody as a manager it’s up to you to bring out the best in all people and ultimately everyone is an individual not an introvert or an extrovert the best managers cultivate relationships with understanding tapping the individual strengths of all of their team members for more information go to be netcom.

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