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“I was at the airport, waiting for my flight to Amsterdam, when I read an article in Harvard Business Review by Lisa Petrilli titled “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking”. It immediately struck a chord with me because I had been anxious for days in advance how I would be able to blend in at this conference where I didn’t know most of the people yet. It took me a few minutes to read the article and then a few more seconds to buy and download her ebook “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership” to my Kindle. I read it on the flight and with every page I learned more on how to make my trip to Amsterdam a worthwhile business expense.

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It immediately struck a chord with me because I had been anxious for days in advance how I would be able to blend in at this conference where I didnt know most of the people yet. Lisa has got a great tip on how this can be mitigated. With this tactic in mind, I was able to take many opportunities during the meetup to get in touch with other participants and always had great conversations. Its easy to say,.

introverts in business

Introverts Will Soon Rule The Business World

Introversion is not the same as shyness, which is about fear of social judgment.

In fact, although they tend to find social interactions tiring and are energized by time alone, introverts arent easily pigeonholed as having one personality type or another. Introversion is simply one end of a personality spectrum that has its opposite in extroversion.

The terms introvert and extrovert were introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In Jungs view, introversion and extroversion are ways of responding to the outside world. He described introverts as preferring small groups of people to large groups, and enjoying activities such as reading, writing, and thinking.

So, while people tend to be more introverted or more extroverted, most fall somewhere in the middle. Though they may be harder to identify, introverts make up approximately one third to half of the population, or one out of every two or three people.

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After all, arent introverted people shy, quiet, and even anti-social?. This thinking, however, is changing. In Jungs view, introversion and extroversion are ways of responding to the outside world. He described introverts as preferring small groups of people to large groups, and enjoying activities such as reading, writing, and thinking. An important takeaway of the new scholarship is that self-aware innies, when they maximize their talents, can flourish in entrepreneurship and other fields once thought to be only the province of outies.

a business that you can do part time or full time and can be started at home with no large capital outlay low overhead no employees and no special business expertise or technical skills or it’s an automated way to make money on the internet so how does it work and why would you share it with somebody this is exactly how this works alright so you’ve got these big fortune 500 companies household names companies with household names right that’s spin they have a lot of money allocated to advertising and you see this every day you turn on your TV you see advertising you turn on the radio you hear advertising print magazines all the stuff we’ll these companies have big advertising budgets they allocate it in different places one of the places that they allocate it is to the internet they have a large portion of their budget set aside to advertise online and so what I did was I went to them and I said look would you pay me to advertise for you would you pay me if I send you a customer they said yet made sense think about it they’re pay me only if I send them a customer results oriented right performance based it made a lot of sense to them instead of paying to be seen they’re paying for customers right so they allocate a large portion of their budget to advertising this way and what I do is I go promote these companies I don’t have to work against them I don’t have to build a business and try to compete with these monster companies I work with them i’ve already got it going right i’m helping them I send them customers and in turn they send me a check they pay me for send em customers so they’re elated you know when they get when they get a new customer they’re excited they don’t mind paying me if you can change your outlook chain some of your values and change your rules you’ll find us a whole nother set of rules out there that are more conducive for people who want to be rich story of rich dad poor dad is really a story of two different fathers with two different sets of values and completely different sets of advice so I don’t mean to insult anybody or you know the damage your values but really that was the difference for example my poor dad always said go to school get good grades get a high paying job work hard I’ll live below your means save money get out of debt have a good retirement but that was my portes values my rich dad said you probably won’t get rich doing that way cuz very few people get rich following that plan but you thought saving money made you money if you take a look at this 40 year run on the dollar the dollar is designed economically to lose money every single year so why would you save something that loses money every year and what this means was somebody on retirement plans is that after you retire you’re the value of your dollar goes down and your cost of living keeps going up to my rich dad that was bad advice had made no sense again I what’s different about more in diagram my rich dad showed me when I was a little boy was a diagram known as a cashflow quadrant and the quadrant is made up of the four different people who make up the world of business so my rich dad said in the world of business there’s ease and a stand for employees an employee says you can always tell who they are by their core values and what they employee whether the President or the janitor of the company will always say the same words the words are I’m looking for sakes you care a job with benefits that’s what makes them an employee because their core values is security the other other one of the four is the S with a small business owner or the self employed and again their core values will cause them to use the same words which are if you want it done right do it by yourself s means are also solo but generally one person act or they operate by themselves on the right side of the quadrant are the bees and what rich dad said the base 24 was big or like Bill Gates Forbes you finds big businesses 500 employees or more and their words are different this I’m looking for a good system a good network and the smartest people I know to help run my business so they’re unlike the S they don’t want to run the company by themselves they want smart people to run their companies for them and then the fourth of a quadrant is the eye and I stands for investor these are people who have money work hard for them these people are people have people work hard for them and these are the people that work hard for the rich here so early on in my life it was my my poor dad who all was said to me you know Robert go to school and say get a high paying job and so my poor dad’s core value was to be an employee he wanted job security promotions a steady paycheck and all this and so it was my rich dad who said to me you know Robert if you really want to be rich learn to build businesses it made more sense to him to work hard to build a business something you owned and something you’d pass on for generation to generation to your kids whereas my poor dad said work hard but my rich dad said why would you work hard for something you’ll never own and you can get fired from right away again that was a difference in values so my rich dad suggested I learned how to be a business owner and learn how to be an investor and that’s one of the big differences on this side of the quadrant these people here work for security they work for money also on this side over here their key value that they want is they want freedom they don’t want to have to work at a job anymore they don’t want to have to work for the rest of their lives so the beauty of building a business and learning how to invest is very simply that this is passive income you work hard for a few years but possibly for the rest of your life income keeps flowing to you of all the businesses out there which type do you choose one of the reasons I consider a direct selling business a perfect business is very simply because the company will work with you to get the business skills that make you rich always remember that it’s not money that makes you rich is business skills and that’s why it’s a perfect business they’ll work they’ll take as long as you like to get the skills to make the money and that’s a lifetime skill thing the other part about it is the low startup costs and a where else can you get in for under five hundred dollars and get these skills for people who want to make the shift over to the B quadrant which is what I would recommend for people one of the beauties of a network marketing company is that you can do that for a very low price and that’s why I talk to people about considering network marketing if you’re to build a Microsoft it would take you hundreds of millions of dollars but a network marketing company allows you to start at a very low rate they’ll be patient with you they’ll take their time to transition over here and the reason why that time is so important to most people is it takes time to change those values and the most important thing is once you take the time let’s say it takes one year two years five years whatever time to taste once you see the value or the core values of this side on this side you’re unstoppable today I would never go back and get a job why should I I’d rather to stay on this side build companies pay less taxes and make more money but the key is a person needs to change the values from my poor dad through the values of my rich debt and that’s when the beauties of network marketing companies they allow you the time and a very low cost they’ll work with you to make that transition over there the number one asset a person can bill is build a business that is a smartest thing you can do years ago I decided not to follow the corporate ladder simply because again it was values you know my poor dad always said go to school and get a high paying job with the government of big corporation but my rich dad said why would you work so hard at something you’ll never own you can’t sell your job you can’t pass it on to your kids so to me it never made any sense it made more sense to build my own business and hire other people the other reason is that you really don’t have much control if you’re in the corporate ladder world for example you can get fired at any time or today we have what’s called mas or mergers and acquisitions for another company buys another company so you could be a great employee but the company that buys your company just fires you wait a minute this sounds too good to be true like one of those get rich quick schemes it’s not a get rich quick formal you don’t just do it overnight it takes time I used to remember the first time I made that transition was back in nineteen seventy eight when I fully quit my job and I had to depend upon my company that I was building support me so I understand the fear the beauty the most important thing to remember is this there’s two kinds of people in the world and all the types i will say you’ll never make it and there was a lot of I alot of people all our friends and family saying that you’re stupid don’t do it and the second type were the people that said go for it you can do it don’t worry about it we’ll cover you so the most important thing is support of friends and family one of the beauties of a direct selling company is that they provide that personal support to you for as long as it takes you to make the journey from the left side to my rich dead side one of the challenges of being self employed is that you’re your own boss you’re the solo act like an S quadrant you’re the individual you do it on your own whereas in the B quadrant you’re a team player you have to depend upon your team and calm your team so the problem of being an S is that let’s say you’re in a traffic accident there goes your income and let’s say you get older and you have set enough money aside to retire on that means you’ll probably have to work for the rest of your life because you don’t have anybody else to fall back on not a team to count on so one of the problems with the s although most people say its most satisfying of all work it is a solo act and you’re totally on your own personally I’d rather be a member of a team you know they can count on me and I can count on them we all know the world has changed but sometimes the hardest thing to change is ourselves and being an old guy I sort of know the older I get I sometimes get more set in my ways and I think that’s one of the things that a direct selling business offers people why is the perfect business they allow you to take your time to make the mental emotional and physical changes required to move from the left side to the rich dad’s side I think that’s a big thing it’s a very gracious it’s a very elegant way it’s a patient way of supporting you in making the changes of your life so please remember change always creates upset but sometimes we all know we have to make those changes and if you know it’s time for you to make that change then the perfect business may be a direct selling business for you after had my son I just never saw him anymore I just I was giving him to the babysitter before dawn and picking him up after dark so Patti found a way to work from home cuz working from home gives her the time to raise her four year old son and two year old daughter I think it’s the best of all worlds because you do get to spend your life with your kids I just love to talk with my kids I love to see them develop advice for other moms who want to get into a work at home business research and just take a look and keep keep your mind open to find a different opportunity her lucky flying shirt reads look ma no hands she showed us how she controls her plane and I would have my right foot right here on the yoke and my left foot here on the throttle and i’m using my big toe to push on the push to talk switch so you feel perfectly safe I do yes is there any issue of safety at all you know there’s not after you know an hour just like driving with her in a car after an hour so you don’t even really realize she has no no arms our cameras were mounted inside the small plane to see Jessica in action watch as she takes off Jessica uses her left foot to control the throttle then her right foot pulls out the wheel as she lifts off it looks scary but she doesn’t like a pro.

Book Review – For Introverts in Business “Quiet” By Susan Cain

Why it is not only okay but very cool to be an introvert?
Turn around all the hogwash you hear about introversion – how people have said it is negative to be introverted.
The benefits of being an introvert in business – you will be surprised.

hi this is Susie Jacobs from the authentic branding company today I’m going to be talking to you a little bit about what it’s like to do marketing when you’re an introvert a lot of people who meet me would laugh at the idea that I’m an introvert what I’m actually very good at is being a very socialized introvert very short amount of time so when people meet me they think I’m an extrovert but I’ve just got very very practiced at being the right frame of mind when I have to go out and do person to person marketing but when I started my business ten years ago marketing myself and my business was one of the hardest things for me I found it really really frightening and it took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t bad at being an extrovert I was an introvert and one who found it very scary to go out there and literally kind of feel very vulnerable and and put yourself on the line and the thing is with brand building and marketing it’s all about building relationships and you can’t do that if you’re not going to go out there and meet people so it took me a long time to find ways that I felt comfortable with and that used my skills in a slightly different way from what all of the you know the marketing rules tell you to do you have to go to networking events and all this kind of stuff I did for a bit and sometimes it was great and sometimes it left me literally going back to my car and sitting and crying and so if you’ve ever felt like that you’re not alone believe you me so what I’d like to do is to share with you five tips that I use myself and that I use with my clients as well to help them market in ways that aren’t too scary that you can do if you’re an introvert and certainly that work for me so the first tip is make things as easy as possible for yourself don’t bully yourself into doing things that you don’t want to do if you feel massive resistance against doing something like networking then don’t do it because there is no point you won’t do it well you won’t enjoy it and you’ll come out not only feeling crap but also you won’t have got the results that you want so it’s like a double whammy of bad stuff so don’t even go there you know be kind to yourself when you know what it is that you can and due to market yourself or if you have to be in a situation where you have to go out and meet people make it as easy as you can for yourself by preparing and practicing make sure you have researched the company that you’re going to meet or research as many of the people that you’re going to be meeting as possible make sure you know the messages you’re going to say about your business and the key ones there are what you do who you do it for and how it makes their life better what problem of theirs it solves once you know that and you’ve practiced it and practice it and practiced it it’s an awful lot easier to go out and meet people in a way that comes across as confident and will be successful so that’s number one make things as easy as you can and don’t believe your self into doing stuff you’re not going to enjoy number to know what you’re good at and leverage that instead of doing the things that you don’t feel comfortable doing now many of us don’t know what we’re good at and it’s because it’s very hard to look at yourself objectively so I found two really good ways of working out what you’re really good at the skills that you can then leverage in your marketing so number one is ask people ask your friends ask your family ask tame clients you know clients that have been with you for a long time that a loyal all that have recently worked with you and can give you some very honest kind of fresh in their mind feedback about the things that you do well people will be more than happy to tell you this stuff don’t feel embarrassed about asking it but if you do feel embarrassed about asking it then my real tip is to think of the things that for you I like falling off a log you know the stuff that you find really easy that you can’t believe other people find hard you know and that’s that’s different for everybody for me um years ago when I was I started out and I was working as a life coach and I was working with lots of other holistic therapists and they would say I’ve got to write these you know brochures and flyers and websites and I just don’t know where to start and I’d go oh give it here i can i’ll write you out you know an introduction and i’ll write you a structure of what needs to be on your website and our lives a lot it’ll only take me a couple of hours and I quickly realized that that was something I find quite easy to do and other people find really hard so that’s one of my skills it’s organizing information and writing it so you can do the same thing think about times in your life particularly in your work life where or in fact even it could be with your friends and your family if it’s something that other people find hard and you help you find yourself going I’ll give it here I can do that no problem at all easy then that’s one of your natural skills so it may well be that you’re great at writing in which case leverage that skill and you can write blogs you can my ebooks you can write articles you can make sure your websites well written all that kind of stuff it might well be that you’re more of a technical person and you’re quite happy on social media and with working online a lot more it may be that your natural skills aren’t particularly aligned with marketing in which case you know what the best thing to do is hire someone to do it that’s not failure don’t let the inner critic inside your head so you failed because you can’t do it yourself I can’t do my accounts myself I hire an account what I could people take me forever so I hire an accountant to do it if you honestly don’t think that marketing is going to use your skills hire someone to do it that is intelligent business sense okay so if you can leverage your skills and market in ways that play To Your Strengths if you know you’re better writing than the meeting people then that’s the way to go about it tip number three social media can be your friend now I have to say I was very skeptical about this for a very long time and I’m still skeptical to a degree but it has to be said there’s no getting away from social media we all have to use it if we have a business Oh have to but it can be very very helpful and content is king really and these days people expect to be able to find out what you’re good at and be given an example of it so using social media and getting comfortable on social media is a great way of demonstrating your expertise to people now that doesn’t mean you have to tweet five times a day and it doesn’t mean that you have to you know be on every single social media channel spend a bit of time thinking about who your target clients are and where they’re likely to be if you’re selling two teenagers there’s probably a social media channel that I’ve never heard of that they’re wrong but if you’re if it’s a business to business you know professional companies they’re more likely to be on linkedin for example than they are on facebook or pinterest so find out where your target clients are and focus just on the channels that are going to be right for you and right for your clients tip number four out in fact go back to number three one of the things I wanted to say was there are so many courses out there that you can take a lot of them free online to teach you how to use Twitter or Facebook or whatever so don’t feel you have to work it all out for yourself there’s a huge resource of information online that you can use to to get comfortable with it okay so number four is use video like this and it’s a great way of building a relationship with people which is as we said at the start what branding and marketing is all about and giving your customers the feeling of having met you I mean look you’re in my living room isn’t my picture beautiful behind you you’ve met me now you know what I look like you know what I sound like and when we do actually speak on the phone it’ll be as if we’ve already met before but for me as an introvert I haven’t got to go out there and be vulnerable to the world I can do this from the comfort of my own home I can be practiced I could be feeling comfortable and confident and if I don’t like this one I can delete it and I can do it all over again until I’m happy with it so the video is a great way of giving that immediacy and that connection but in a way that actually feels quite safe as an introvert because as I say you can make sure that everything is in place for you to feel comfortable and confident and if you don’t like it you do another one the other thing is brilliant actually is also to do and webinars which is where you kind of talk over the top of basically a Power.Point presentation so you’re not even having to be physically there visually seen it’s just using your voice so if you’re not comfortable writing staff and you’re concerned about your spelling or grammar your punctuation whatever it might be or just not knowing how to structure stuff then speaking out loud can be an awful lot easier and doing a presentation of just bullet points is a lot easier than writing something happen for so these are great ways that you can get the same effect as meeting people or running workshops but that you can do within your own control so you don’t feel too vulnerable the fifth and final tip I’m going to view today is to ask for referrals because really and truly when it comes to marketing the holy grail of marketing really is word of mouth referrals if you’ve got enough people recommending you they’re doing your marketing for you you don’t need to even lift a finger we all know what it’s like you imagine if you need a plumber and you are see you know you can you can look through a list online of plumbers but you don’t know which one to choose but if you found a friend who lives up the road and say do you know a good plan when they say oh yeah you must get in here’s his number his name is Chris you must give me ring is fantastic really reliable you’re going to go and phone Chris because it comes from it’s a recommendation from somebody you trust so if you can get your clients to recommend you to their friends and family or to their colleagues and contacts those colleagues and contacts are much more likely to get in touch with you than if they’ve just seen your name on a list on the internet or in the yellow pages or wherever else you might have been marketing so word of mouth referrals are the way to go and to be honest the way to get them is to ask for them you know when you’ve done a great piece of work for a client or you’ve sold something to a customer and they’re happy it’s actually not very scary to say to them who else do you know that could benefit from that and if they don’t know anyone don’t worry you just say well you know if anyone pops into your mind please please give them my details please give them my card I’ll be happy to hear from them you can reward or thank the person who’s doing the referral in any way you like there’s pros and cons to having a kind of referral reward scheme because it then loses that authenticity that is this person referring me because they want to get kick back of some money or whatever or do they actually recommend me but you know it’s it’s entirely up to you but ask for the referrals and if you can get your clients to recommend you to people then you’re absolutely onto a winner so those are my five main tips for marketing for introverts I think the most important thing to say is whatever marketing you’re doing it it’s okay to feel a bit scared it’s okay to want some help and support and it’s okay in fact it’s really important to give yourself some down time afterwards introverts are sensitive Souls and sometimes we need a little bit of time and a bit of space just to process things and to recover from putting ourselves out there so if you are doing things if you are being big and brave and putting yourself out there well done make sure you give yourself time and space to to recover from that afterwards and if I can help you to grow your business to do your marketing in ways if you know if you’re struggling and you and you’re just not sure which way to go then please get in touch I’d love to help you I love working with people who are passionate about their business and want to make marketing their business easier and more enjoyable so please get in touch go to my website it’s the authentic branding company code at UK drop me an email and i’ll send you a free copy of my ebook which is a branding workbook branding and marketing workbook which will help you get started on branding clearly branding your business and marketing in ways that feel great and that feel right for you so please get in touch and i’d love to help you and am i hope to hear from you soon. .

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