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We are all a bit of both, some leaning more towards one side of the spectrum. The general consensus is that anywhere from a third to half of the American population is more introverted. However, our society and, as a result, the college environment seems to value the traits of the extrovert over those of the introvert.

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by Julia Fawal 8:10 pm EST 13, Granger had many introverted qualities, but she also had no problem speaking out in class. But college tends to elevate extrovert traits, and the result is that many students potential is stifled and they fail to realize the true value of developing the introverted side of their introvert, Julia Fawal, rhodes college, student personalities, CAMPUS LIFE, VOICES FROM CAMPUS TODAY College is to choose a student new tactic to teach freshmen about assault: pm EST 18, 2017 Holly Epstein Ojalvo and Taylor from USA TODAY College. pm EST 14, 2017 the one thats right for you. Then get on LIFE 6:16 pm EST 13, 2017 The can do it.

introverts in college

How Does It Feel To Be An Introvert In College?

To those of you who feed off socialization like Oxys squirrels feed on fear, congratulations, you have nothing to learn, skip to the next blogger. For the rest of you, I know your pain. When I was first considering the daunting matter of living with a roommate for at least the next three years of my life, I was effectively considering the timing and course of my resulting madness. By my senior year of high school I couldnt even stand living with my family. It wasnt that I didnt like them, I just hated having them up in my business and barging into my room unexpectedly. I couldnt imagine what sharing a room would be like, especially with some stranger, except to think that it would end in bloody destruction and mayhem.

Since Oxy is still standing, obviously nothing bad happened. In fact, me and my first roommate hit it off great! I can tell you that when I got Oxys roommate-matching questionnaire, it was not nearly as thorough as I was expecting. Basically they asked when I tended to wake up, go to sleep, my policies on sharing, and my likelihood of partying in, or out, of the room.

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In fact Im very much not a partier. That doesnt mean I hole up in my room all the time and snap at people when theyre in my personal space and suddenly turn off of social mode and. In fact, me and my first roommate hit it off great! I dont even mind having people over occasionally, but I never, ever, want my room to become the party room. I never thought about it before, but this year my boyfriends room is the party room. And even if my roommates there, its still our private space. In fact, I feel like Im trespassing if I go over to her side of the room, even if she isnt around.

I an introverted experience man because that’s who I am hope you hear me because I really own draft with my air conditioned and I enjoyed but on thailand experience man the codes like I said that’s who I am and to begin to college I was a very shy person no this one is a mechana big leap year so I can’t say no nice shy now please instead here’s a freelance that I kind of like enjoy joy being around around a whole lot of people I don’t know so you know I got no problem with small crowds I won’t talk about how colleges win for me before I started when when orientation my happy you know freshman orientation I was a real short I don’t know that was real scared and I didn’t know they expecting I didn’t know it was ahead and I knew that I knew that I didn’t like you know big crowds and such things but you know and I’m real and I’m kind of socially awkward person I’m not as much as I I’m probably not unless I will affect them but I know yeah like back then it was kind of horrible business but we had to go to orientation you know I barely you know saying words that people are very confined why didn’t talk to me one guy real cool and up being my roommate my second year and that’s a skilled oh my but yeah you know apparently anybody and actually basically from Long Valley smoking that I actually know now there are attention whether yeah you know it kind of creeped me on the night night stay there you know I mean I Spade race / class the next time when I got back home I had like what a mindless own waiting to well you know we actually begin semester kind of hard when am I first few weeks I hated you know like I I was coming home every weekend and I wasn’t personal asst used to being away from home but you know I I was coming home every weekend not necessary well I want to be at home with man the figure that he knows I didn’t have anything to do out there Oh I want that far right now yeah you know mainly mainly I was always in my room for much time either studying or gaming or watching for my laptop is going on I have more time to free time to do stuff like that Batman and then I you know sometimes our bodies work out my first year okay in stock my I see you know things have with easier to work as you know to point where you can’t even stand more of us if you want to high grade everything something can do without someone student but I’m not attack person I and I actually enjoyed you know learning more in a way more different time it’s yes somebody seems like it’s becoming more requirement it’s type of grace but yeah and then I guess I jump up and talk about sweets you know when this one thing that definitely a fine if you are going right right now like I mean I’m majoring in your place in computer information systems and years something like that I’ve been having it you know I’ve been taking programming class spider because like just like everything else is getting more it is getting more before grinding spend more time program extreme more time you know how my laptop Cody if I wanted to get the assignment project done and I’ve been doing pretty good at that I just pass them as it includes to the point i thought the previous message was crazy but you know not necessarily crazy with just a figured i was taking off you know for you know grab classical crawling in stereo lose the same time and then come back to my room program from 623 am more antinatalism is best for this previous message but follow overall I thoroughly enjoyed it you know me and my girls hang out like that right there with ya and I’d be sitting there I’ll be sitting there going crazy when something business that is not going crazy but there’s something sometimes there’s aggravate night we spend the whole night trying to try to get one single thing going and then you know the night’s almost was night is over and it’s past 12 midnight in you know you’re finally getting close then you wake up in the morning and be like oh ok this this is this is what I be wrong you get it working then or you make some partners in but yeah I enjoy I throw this or things that’s why I enjoy my major because like I get a chance to focus on what I’m trying to do in program is that’s one of the things you gotta help kind of me being I am I overall my you know the three years up in here in college I really attend any social mystery man not because I’ve been so busy it’s not my first investment just because I didn’t want you there but now it’s just like somebody asked me uh wanna go do this want to hang out or something like that right there and I’m like oh you want to go study for this in here in the library or something and I’m like well I would but I kind of got something this and I kind of pressure myself is like I’m always trying to work I’m always staying or something dentists I want to keep everything I want to do I’ve never a good man I’ve only made average trapeze into classes my second is kind of crazy my sexy lesson I was crazy because he was because i had read a story too me too girly no avrohom the book yeah for western civ and i read it early I really like a thursday in the testimony TV I got in here and then I kind of got enough room to test out real bad and then probably would maybe get a feeling that class another year I was taking another typical class and I thought that I was going to get an A in it I mean I thought I was gonna get to be in it so I put more time in a steady for it in class I thought it going to get it ani made a vm so it was kind of silly mistakes on being both when and where extra spring semester but you know sighs bitch I’ve been taking five class per semester and I could have like a 3.9 2. 9 3gp right now so I think that’s a pretty good put on when it comes to doing stuff like speeches i mean i can write great paper in there come so like screech like I said I’m infant work I can develop your speech I can practice it on my own but because of saying that I can drive my friend I call it cat and mouse get drive up and you know get nervous and everything you know I started shaking and stirring a bit and it’s visit me I took speech my first semester because one other classes I trying to take care for and then I decided to get foreclosed on and I want to try to deal with someone who problem during I so it really did help me and if I hadn’t taken I think I open for the world first off we gave it a little experience speaking in front of people which is one of the things I’m still trying to get better I’m getting better but you know I think the main thing is just need to have the companies no material name not blink out people with try to showed it you know you’re talking about that you know like i said i have really teeny anything like that right there I hang out hang out with it cuz i like i see it up to kind of and these final couple of semesters he is home we’re not far but you know like i said i enjoy program i draw that I really do enjoy I enjoy the chalice damn close meeting bit last I enjoy cat it get their printer and it was hectic when you’re in it no just compressor when it’s going on that’s kind of crazy but when it’s over you know you look back that’s how I kind of feel about a foot off yeah yeah that’s kind of who I am and that’s kind of hot in me you know your arrangement work and you know you’re an introvert you shy and you’re dead type person that kind of you know like spend time alone now that sort of thing when you uh know when you go you go to college you made when you first start you may find it kind of difficult you make kind of plan it kind of scare in you know Wilma can be like I don’t know how I’m gonna do this or maybe you’re not that type person will your work think you do just stick with it you know and over time you’ll get you see people develop relationships and everything go start paying out for it alone but yeah that’s let’s kind of all I want to talk about in this video certainly in it’s kind of funny cos instant life resolves my first job is different summer with blessed it up I’ve finally gotten a job and I’ve been trying fancy hopefully I hopefully my Creole pan out but you just got to get one day the time anyway I want to thank you for watching you watch this far thank you watching in well ya see you in another video I have been without my video simply cuz you know times are just resting hopefully I get this in something better yeah so we have a great day or night or whatever and see you you. .

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