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Despite having about 1000 trials supporting the efficacy of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) in the long term, the average Jane or Joe still has not heard about CBT. CBT has consistently outperformed medication when you look at long term benefits. What you learn through the CBT sticks with you for life! First, it addresses the root of the anxiety by determining what is keeping it going in everyday life. Next, it tackles the underlying cause using experiments and exercises. With CBT you develop strategies that you can use for the rest of your life.

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Some of the best programs walk the client through the principles behind for every high-quality program, there are many more poor quality programs created by self-help gurus. The purpose is to advise individuals on how to better manage their on other people in social situations. For example, assume that I deal with my social anxiety by only telling people about the positive aspects of my life (like many of us do on Perhaps I believe that this will stop them from judging me negatively. Social situations become extremely this type of safety behavior might make people judge me negatively. Also, this maintains my social anxiety in the long run since I can never test if people approve of me for who I really the surface, common sense advice like people dont want to hear about your problems focus on the positive sounds great. Unfortunately, many self-help books are full of these sorts of are some great self help books or programs out there. My advice is that if you do follow a self-help program make sure that it is (1) is created by a qualified professional with training in psychology/psychiatry, (2) uses CBT to tackle the core problems, and (3) does not promote behaviors that might end up making the problem Helgadottir, PhD, MClinPsych, is a clinical psychologist, a senior clinician at the University of Oxford, and is a co-creator of an online CBT treatment program for overcoming social is owned and operated by AICBT Ltd., registered in England, Company No.

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The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety
Lynne Henderson and Paul Gilbert

Shyness is a universal human emotion, a blend of fear and interest, and is associated with many positive personality traits: a considerate nature, thoughtfulness, and the ability to be a good listener, among others. However, withdrawing from people has negative consequences also, and if you’re very shy, you?ve probably experienced some of them: loneliness, depression, and self-blaming thoughts. The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence offers a compassionate, supportive program to help you move beyond social anxiety and the self-critical thoughts that propel it. 2011, New Harbinger Publications

Dying of Embarrassment: Help for Social Anxiety & Phobia
Barbara G. Markway, C. Alec Pollard, Teresa Flynn, Cheryl N. Carmin

Americans struggle with anxiety. Among the disorder’s most common forms is social phobia, a persistent fear of scrutiny and evaluation by others. Social phobia cripples the lives of some 15 to 20 percent of the US population.

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social anxiety books quoteThe Compassionate-Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence offers a compassionate, supportive program to help you move beyond social anxiety and the self-critical thoughts that propel it. 2005, Da Capo Shyness and Social Phobia: A Step-by-Step Guide Ronald book provides a detailed program for eliminating social anxieties based on cognitive-behavioral treatments for social phobia. Acknowledging the challenges of being shy in western culture, the teaches readers to live a successfully shy life rather than attempting to turn introverts into extroverts. Zimbardo helps people to understand their shyness and how they got this way. Possible reasons include: criticism, fear of being rejected, fear of intimacy, and lack of adequate social skills.

hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m Scheer and today we have a special Q&A video all about the subject of highly sensitive people from how to deal with overwhelming emotions to how to function in public places when you feel a lot of anxiety or stimuli how to bring the subject to your romantic relationship all kinds of rituals and ways of thinking you can implement in your life right away that will make you feel a lot better last week I uploaded a video called my life as a highly sensitive person that got an overwhelmingly positive response from you guys so many amazing people from all around the world coming together on the subject of connecting to yourselves and learning to love your true selves and it’s absolutely incredible and I am so thankful for each and every one of our new subscribers to join our beautiful online family so this video is all about your questions from the comments on that video to the private messages I got to my Instagram account you sent them and now we’re going to talk about them so without further ado let’s start so the question that seems to come up the most regards experiencing a lot of emotion in public places or experiencing social anxiety or feeling things you don’t want to feel in places that you don’t want to feel them in general a lot of highly sensitive people have a feeling of getting lost in their emotions just losing it completely and I definitely can relate and understand what you’re feeling there is one thing though that I implemented in my life in the past couple of years this made the biggest difference with how I deal with these emotions and it comes to something very practical you can do in your daily life I’m talking about mindfulness meditation the art of observing what is going on without judging it at first it might be hard but once you realize that you are highly sensitive and you understand that these emotions are part of this thing that you live in and you will feel pain and you will feel things that you are not comfortable with you can start to learn how to observe them start to learn your personal emotional waves things come things go some ways are small some waves are huge but they all pass eventually and when you stop fighting them you don’t drown in because the only way to escape a tidal wave is to learn how to write it it will lead you to somewhere so deep and loving inside of you that you can’t even imagine because in the end we can’t experience happiness and pleasure and love if we don’t experience pain and bad feelings and darkness all of these things together work as one and when we become very in tune with our emotions we can see the beauty and the painful waves as well now when it comes to rituals you can do in order to balance yourself I find that the most basic things are the most helpful again we are all different and the most important thing is to listen to yourself and to learn yourself but I know that in my case to eat a very healthy vegan diet made the biggest difference with my emotions because once I cut out hormones from other animals my hormonal system balance so much more and like I said in my other video I try to get enough sleep and to rest as much as I can I do practice mindfulness 24/7 I have a whole video about it I will link it down below and those are the main things I do in order to maintain my inner balance and some specific rituals I do besides listening to calming music because for me music is just pure medicine I love using sage or incense in order to cleanse my space if I had a very negative day or spend time with a very negative person I take sage and I burn it a little bit and I feel like it’s cleansing me I like taking warm showers and feeling how they just clean me from all of my anxiety and all of my fear and all of my sauce I also love crystals like hematite or smoky quartz which really calm me down if I am feeling overwhelmed I think a lot of highly sensitive people are looking for this one routine or one thing they could do in order to balance themselves and the one thing I can say about that is that the only thing you need is yourself you are the best indicator to what you need being highly sensitive means you are moving and flowing with the nature of life whether you like it or not you’re going to experience it and life is ever evolving and changing in nature some weeks I need to go out for long run every day and to sweat everything out other weeks I need to completely rest and relax at home every single day and both of these things are ok and the more you learn how to trust your natural instincts and what your body needs you will find your personal balance now let’s talk a little bit about relationships first of all your personal relationships with people in your life or people you might encounter out there there are people that are very overbearing and negative in their nature and I found that the more I learned to be in tune with myself and the more I connected with my sensitivity there were some people that I could not have in my life anymore that the interaction with them was not good for me they were just drained me emotionally and I couldn’t be the friend that they needed me to be so with time these relationships have ended and yes those endings are painful but again we all change in life all the time and it is part of the nature of life and once we see that we can learn to forgive ourselves and to forgive others if things don’t work out if you can grow together and change together this is a good friendship some of my friends that I absolutely love know that I can see them so much anymore because I just don’t have the same time emotionally like I did before and they understand it and it’s ok and I will always be there for them if they need me they know it you know if you’re watching this video right now you know I love you I love my friends more than anything in the world but this is the whole point of growing together and even if we can’t physically see each other all the time we respect one another for who we are some people might call it selfish but I personally don’t think it’s selfish I think that by taking time for yourself and learning what you really need you can be a much better friend family members sister brother mother whatever your your title is in this moment by being in tune with yourself you can be so much better for the other person in front of you now when it comes to romantic relationships I think this is the biggest difference I experienced in my life ever since I started this transition my husband and I have been together for almost 10 years now so we went through a lot together and in the past I was always feeling like I needed to run after him and I was always feeling so great when I couldn’t do the amount of thing he does at home and on the other hand he thought I was lazy and dramatic for reacting emotionally so strongly to everything and it was just not so healthy to say the least but as I started respecting myself and learning Hawaii really am as I read the highly sensitive prison book and read parts of that book to him he started realizing that maybe I’m not this lazy dramatic person maybe there is something to it and the more I communicated with him openly and lovingly about the subject the more I talked with him just without any masks without anything this is hard for me I can do this can you please go without me today or can you please do this instead of me and the more I saw my value in the relationship that might not be the physical thing but the other things I bring to the relationship the more we learned how to live together with this high sensitivity and how to bring the best out of this in their relationship I really do recommend giving the highly sensitive person book to your partner as well if he has it or to send my video that life as a highly sensitive person to your partner because it can show them that you are not alone in this there are more people that live like this there are studies to back this up and you have a lot to give to the relationship even if it’s not the actual physical thing in the end being the highly sensitive person is another title and titles are not everything we are we are much more than a highly sensitive person an empath a Pisces whatever title you might put on yourself you are much more than that take the things that work for you but mainly learn how to learn yourself because you are much more than any book could ever tell you that any other person could ever tell you you are an entire universe and incredible universe on your own and the most important thing is to learn yourself and to learn what works for you and I think the greatest gift I got as a highly sensitive person is to learn how to listen to my heart and in my heart I feel that everything is one and I feel the want to love it all and to learn how to love it all and this is probably the greatest gift I got in my life in general and from this specific place so I am thankful for that so that’s going to be it for this Q&A video hopefully I was able to answer some your questions please feel free to leave any question you might have down below I will try to get to as many of you as I can and again if you watch so far and you haven’t subscribed to my channel make sure to do that we have an amazing beautiful community here and it is so great to connect with all of you online I feel truly truly blessed thank you so much for watching and I will see you really really soon bye.

hey dr.Z’s here today I’m going to share with you a short version of my story which I also call how I know that you are not stuck in shyness and because of my story I know that no one no matter what they’re telling themselves no matter what you’re telling yourself is stuck in the way that you think you are now let me explain because I myself was stuck in shyness for many years when I was a little kid I was just born shot my mom said when when people would come visit even if their an aunt or an uncle or a family friend I would run and hide behind her legs so I was just born shy but it wasn’t really a problem when I was a little kid until I got to middle school now middle school is when everything started to shift that’s when I started to really see I was different than other people other people could just go talk to someone but I just couldn’t I’d feel nervous I wouldn’t be able to go talk to other kids if there was a dance or something like that if I even went I would be able to go dance or do those other things I would just feel totally restricted and uncomfortable and anxious in myself and I didn’t know what was going on and so what I started to do is just come up with stories I remember one time this is just a little snippet into into how much it was bothering me on some of the smallest little things is I remember one time I got to school and I had socks that had a couple of red stripes around the top of them and I noticed that every other kid in my class who was wearing shorts had just straight white socks with no red stripes and I remember I was so uncomfortable all day long I just couldn’t stop thinking about it like oh my god what if people noticed my socks I’m so different I’m so weird and then it just progressed from there I mean I was the beginning the beginning of the end right and just all these stories started to come up like I’m different people are gonna notice me and think less of me they’re gonna judge me I started getting more and more anxious and then I got to high school and it just got worse you know I’m a rat a good friend Chris and we would hang out a lot spend a lot of time together and somehow Chris would always have a woman that wanted to date him first Jessica wanted a date and then Danielle wanted and then Meredith wanted and always women wanted to date him and we were friends we hung out all the time I didn’t see what he was doing to get all these women to come talk to and so I came up with some very powerful conclusions I realized that Oh Chris is stronger than I am he’s in better shape he’s taller he’s buffer that must be what it is I must not be strong and fit enough for women to like me and then I noticed that you know Chris is a white guy he’s Caucasian and I’m mixed and I have pigmentation around my eyes and I started to get really obsessed with those like oh I have these terrible dark circles underneath my eyes and that’s why no women could ever want me and I was just stuck and I was just telling myself the worst stories that you can imagine my question for you and maybe what you’re thinking about right now is what stories are you telling yourself right now about your attractiveness about your appearance about your desirability to women or just your capability in the world any case I got really stuck in these stories but here’s one thing I told myself that allowed everything to stay in stasis everything to stay the status quo you know what I told myself I said things will be different in the future ah yes when I go to college there will be women as far as the eye can see and many opportunities to make friends and I’ll just stumble into those things and everything will work out so I don’t need to do anything differently right now and so I didn’t and so nothing changed and then guess what happened I went to college and what happened did I have women lining up to date me that I have new friend opportunities was I comfortable around people and speaking up in front of groups or anything like that no no because I wasn’t doing anything I was just hoping it would change and be different and it wasn’t and then I spent years in that same place I mean years where I would take me months to work up the courage to ask a woman out and if I had to do a group project where I’d to speak in front of people I would have a panic attack beforehand I couldn’t breathe when it was when I was up there and needed to talk to talk to people and my life just got smaller and smaller and smaller and I’d avoid it and did less and less and less until I just felt like I was hopeless like nothing was gonna change and the stories that I’ve been telling myself the futures gonna be better what’s gonna come after college when we go to work and and how’s my life can be any different they broke down that story broke down and I realized something clicked in me one night and like 2:00 in the morning I couldn’t sleep and I just gotten rejected by a woman that I’ve taken six weeks to work up the courage to go ask her out and she’s like you’re nice but no and and I just was there at 2:00 in the morning just like aching inside but something clicked the stories all broke down and I said I I’m going to change this I’m going to do whatever it to do whatever it takes I’m so desperate I need to make something different happen or my life’s gonna just be this never ending series of tragedies and that was the turning point for me and that’s when I realized that I can make a shift in my life if I do something different I didn’t know what I was gonna do yet I just knew I was gonna do something different and that’s how I know that you’re not stuck in shyness right now because I know that whatever stories you’re telling yourself about why you can’t why it won’t work out why you’re not attractive enough why you don’t have what it takes to succeed in business or whatever it is you’re telling yourself you can’t do that they are BS they are bullshit they are lies and I know this because I was telling myself the same things and the reason I know that they’re not true is because when you take different action you will get different results and that’s why I started to do and so I started to go to the internet and I looked up pickup artists stuff and I and I applied all the stuff I learned from David De. Angelo and all these other pickup artists guys and you know what it actually kind of worked and that was shocked and so I started to go talk to women and what it did is it gave me confidence because I believed I had something to say oh this is what this guy told me to say so now I can go do it and I started to have success I started to get positive responses when I never did before but you know what it only sort of worked because I wasn’t really being genuine I wasn’t really being myself I was just being this kind of pickup artist suave guy doing stuff like peacocking and all the things that I thought I had to do in order to attract women but you know the reality is you don’t have to do that stuff the reality is what got me the success in my life was the fact that I started trying that I started going over and talking to those women that I started to approach what scared me that I started to look for opportunities to go public speaking I joined Toastmasters and it someone asked someone to you know give a presentation in class I would raise my hand and I would start doing it because I said you know what nothing’s gonna change unless I take action to make that happen and so that’s now what my dedicate and mile I have dedicated my life to doing this my work my mission in the world is to help anyone else who’s stuck in the place that I was in learned that a they’re not stuck a you’re not stuck and B there’s something you can do about it and I’m gonna show you what you can do about it so in all the videos that are in emails I’m gonna be sending to you over the weeks and months to come it’s gonna lay out for you what you need to do in order to make a drastic shifts in your life there’s very specific actions and if you take those actions you’ll get different results you get better results and your life will change and that’s exactly what happened to me and it’s happened with everyone that I’ve worked with whose been willing to take the risks and who’s gone to that point that says I’m gonna do whatever it takes and if someone says those words to me I’ll smile and say you just said the magic words because if you really mean it if you really mean what you just said then your success is inevitable whether it’s you want to talk to women you want to find a girlfriend you want to marry a woman and have a family you want to start giving bigger presentations you want to create your own business you want to step up to senior management and really be able to talk to people at all levels and not be intimidated all that stuff’s possible and I’ve done it myself and I can help you get there so thanks for listening to my story and stay tuned to follow up emails and more information from me and you’re gonna learn exactly how to break free from shyness in fact we’re going to start with the five steps training program free video coaching sessions that I’m gonna start sending to you this week so stay tuned for that and I look forward to talking to you soon you. .

Are you a worrier – always anxious and fearful about the future? Today’s Book-of-the-Day shares a lifetime of work from one of the top scientists in the world.

It talks about fancy concepts like, “Fear memories requiring protein synthesis in the lateral Amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval. ”

But guess what?

Scientists have also found 4 old fashioned, practical techniques that you can do today to make you less anxious and fearful.

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