The Best Jobs For Introverts

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Being an introvert is hard in a world designed for extroverts. Crucial aspects of career advancement, from networking to public speaking, can feel like insurmountable hurdles for those of us who gather energy from time spent alone. However, introverts excel in jobs that reward their unique abilities. If you value your alone time, check out PayScale’s list of the 10 best jobs for introverts. These jobs have high pay and don’t require a great deal of interaction with others.

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Crucial aspects of career advancement, from networking to public speaking, can feel like insurmountable hurdles for those of us who gather energy from time spent alone. However, introverts excel in jobs that reward their unique abilities. If you value your alone time, check out PayScale’s list of the 10 best jobs for introverts. These jobs have high pay and dont require a great deal of interaction with others. They spend their days modeling large engineering projects and analyzing data.

the best jobs for introverts

Best Jobs For Introverts

Janitor, garbage collector, truckie.

What is a respectable job and what is not, is a fallacy. All jobs serve a purpose. Dont base your career choice on what you think others will think about you. Choose an employment path you think would suit you best, not based on peoples opinions of what is and isnt respectable. Remember: your worth is not gained from a title, a job, or from others. Your worth is intrinsic. You are in intrinsically worthy. Dont fall for the respectability ploy. Unfortunately, many parents pressure their children to pursue law and medical degrees. Failing to get into college or university is seen as a crime against humanity. In the end, children end up submitting to their parents to please them, but often times, parents are submitting to their own preconceived ideas of what is and isnt respectable. Essentially, they are molding their children into what they think will please and impress others. This common dilemma creates endless unhappiness. No one is being genuinely themselves, instead, they are being what they feel others want them to be.

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The context of the job is the most overlooked part of job seeking. Its hard to be the quiet person, and go into a extroverted world because you always feel left out and like you dont belong, and I have low self esteem because of this. Id really like to be a full time photographer/videographer, but I cant for the life of me think of how to make that work without a lot of dinero. It would be great to have a day job that pays me enough to live on and gives me enough time to actually invest time in building my own thing. I appear to be a very extroverted person according to one personality test that Ive done twice 5 years apart however I have a hard time believing that the results are conclusive enough to change my path.

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or I will write articles and post them on my website to share it with my readers so that is basically what I do on this channel is nothing exciting it’s nothing um Brandi oh so this is basically just sharing some leads and work from home leads with my subscribers on the many ways in which they can earn extra income or you know getting involved in the career working from home okay so welcome to Melissa at home and this video in particular I just want to give a shout out to my introverts out there how y’all doing some rainy today so I don’t know maybe you’re at home drawing on your drawing boards or reading some interesting books or writing some interesting books so on today’s video I wanted to you know address you guys more introvert or shy or you know quiet and so forth and let you know that you can work from home and find careers online that doesn’t force you to interact with too many people at one time because that can wear you out and your energy out so coming from an introvert or self I know what it’s like to you know be the quiet one I don’t like to work in large groups of individuals I always like one on one conversations or by myself working by myself so you know introverts they work best when they’re by themselves or in very small groups you’ll be energized faster when they’re alone by themselves when they’re in big crowds it tends to take on so many different things going on and it just can be like to the brain of an injury it’s just too much sometimes so we’re not chaotic we don’t deal too well with chaos and around us we like things to be pretty quiet and calm so we can focus in on what we need to do so I perfectly I do understand where you are coming from as an introvert or as a quiet person and you don’t want to deal with too many stress of you know too many things coming at you at once so I perfectly understand that but the best opportunities that would fit an introvert in that type of personality of course is a lot of talented and creative freelance writers out there they’d love to write poetry they love to write short stories just write about any and everything they love to do research what you want to do is you know look for opportunities that fit those types of um those that fit your interests and what you’re good at so if your introvert who likes to write then you may want to look into freelance writing there’s plenty of opportunities out there for you to mark market yourself as a freelance writer or if you desire to work specifically for a company directly with a company then you definitely can do so it isn’t my article on the link that I will provide below I posted you know information about freelance writing and companies that tend to hire freelance writers so you can go to that article and click on a link for each category and it will take you to you know to me these that are out there for you again if your introvert and you’re really good at writing and you’d like to spend your whole day just writing and writing about different things and doing research then definitely look into freelance writing opportunities you will excel in this area another opportunity that you may want to consider if your introvert and you spend a lot of time fixing web sites and building websites and fiddling with HTML and CSS is those introverts out there love love web developing you know what I’m talking about you could be a web developer or a graphic designer so you can you know design websites develop websites build websites and get paid for doing so either as a freelancer or working directly with the company okay so those are areas that will never die out and you get paid really well for doing this definitely check in to know graphic designing where you can design product labels for small companies or big companies you know do web developing and so forth and you can build your portfolio as you do these types of work and work for small companies or even individuals who have small businesses and are looking for websites to promote their businesses so you know does something that you may want to consider okay also other opportunities if you’re not into creating creating things and you’re not really a creative type of interim introvert but you like to type you can go into data entry and I post tons of opportunity that are available in the data entry area so definitely check out that information in the like also you can look into you know being a proofreader you know and editor and editor proof readers and editors work in different fields in different areas as well you can proofread student papers college student papers proofread articles you can proofread blog blog sites and so forth and you know people like me I’m not really good at editing I’m more so with writing I like to write poems and so forth and I just really got my hand into writing blogs or my website but I’m fairly good at that so I manage my website all by myself and sometimes maybe a little bit too often I may have some errors in my blog in my post and we’ll need an editor or proof reader to come in and look at my blog and you know make some Corrections and so forth so definitely check out you know doing proofreading or editing articles online you can reach out to companies reach out to different web you can even network with web developers and the graphic design introverts and you know get jobs that way as well where you can you know proofread or edit web content okay so that’s another way you can earn some income as an introvert you also can look into web site evaluating testing websites you can look into chat support job is in customer service field where you’re not talking on the phone but you just you know helping people through chat or emails you’re not speaking to them directly and also looking to you know being a blogger yourself as well so those are some of the opportunities there’s tons out there but I don’t want to overwhelm you as an introvert so you know I just listed maybe 10 couriers that you may want to consider where you can work from home work on your computer all by yourself in your safe space like your cocoon as an introvert and succeed and do your best at what you do okay so you know introverts are really awesome people they are they are a great asset to any company and you know they work really well even by themselves they perform really well and they will produce quality work okay they’re hard workers they like to focus and some of them are perfectionist so you are like the ideal type of candidate for any company so definitely check out these types of opportunities if your introvert or quiet person you don’t like to talk to many people or you don’t like chaotic environments with too many people around you then these are the type of opportunities you may want to consider as well all right so hope this was helpful for you guys know I’m looking out for you fellow introverts and thank you so much for subscribing I will see you guys next time happy work from home bye bye you. .

number one graphic designer you can definitely go far with graphic design in terms of salary and career growth and you don’t even need to sit in the office the whole day what you’ll need is a more or less powerful laptop a keen eye for detail some knowledge of the special software that’s used in graphic design like Photoshop or In.Design and lots of free time it’s a job that’s usually done solo and all the communicating can be done via Skype it’s a real heaven for people haters number social media manager we all know that interacting with people in person and online are not the same thing real life is just so much scarier and if you’re into Instagram Facebook snapchat and other fun social media platforms then you should definitely try working as a social media manager what you’ll need is some gadget laptop smartphone good internet connection and authenticity you’ll find it much easier to connect with people online and the salary is not so bad either number three plant scientists hey if you don’t like humans then how about working with plants instead they will require all your attention but they are certainly less chatty and some of them are quite pretty magnolias roses bonsai you’ll get to study lots of plants in a lab categorize all their parts and research all their potentials plants are used in a great variety of fields so you will always have some interesting research to do who knows maybe you’ll find a miraculous plant that cures all diseases you’ll also get to visit a considerable number of forests number four computer programmer IT is one of the best paying fields of work these days programmers and coders of all sorts are not only witty smart and well paid they also get to do tons of interesting research and create programs for various purposes you can work for Facebook if you think out of the box and like to invent new things or you can code for space programs if you are more in working with NASA and the universe itself you can even program robots computer programming is something that will definitely stay popular for years to come number five librarian do you remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her know it all librarian Giles well you don’t need a degree in demonology and special fighting skills to become a librarian in real life but what you do need is love for books reading and all things related to literature you’ll need to do a lot of organization and categorization you will also learn more about different authors and genres of literature that you’ve ever thought possible this job requires dedication but it’s ideal for all the introverts out there. .

subscribe and tap that notification bell don’t miss out on new video uploads welcome back to another video so thanks for joining me today and this video was inspired by my video that I did specifically targeting introverts and I got a lot of feedback from that video I did it a couple of months ago I post a link to that video but I got a lot of you know feedback from that video people are asking more questions they were relating to the fact that they were introverts and they wanted to find out more information more if I had more companies more opportunities more you know ways in which they can earn working from home or online without a phone without having to you know directly interact with people so I perfectly understand that those types of opportunities can also work for extroverts it can work for anyone so you know even if you are not an introvert you can still do these types of opportunity so it’s going to list some of these you know companies that you could try out in these various categories and some of these will offer you entry level type of work they pay really well they’ll pay you side income full time income you can make whatever you want just got to know how to work it okay so here goes the first type of opportunity that you may want to consider is doing some data entry work online of course you don’t need a phone to do data entry if you’re really good at typing then you definitely want to consider data entry transcribing type of work so you could check out Amazon Turk is a popular one that tends to hire your data entry workers they also hire for writing jobs and they also pay to do surveys and so forth it’s a great way to make some additional extra change income with Amazon Turk so don’t look to make full time big bucks with Amazon Turk it’s just some sidechain really you can also check out other sites like clickworker micro worker smart crowd one space there’s tons of them out there and I’ll try to list as many as I can below this video so definitely you know doing data entry work is a great way for you to earn income on them online without being on the phone and you also want to look into maybe doing some online moderation moderators basically you know manage websites like social media or forums for various companies so you could check out companies like crisp thinking live Worlds Mod Squad and a few others all lists for you know online moderation jobs and with online moderation you just modern monitoring activities on social sites and forums and and the next type of opportunity that may suit you is doing search engine evaluation jobs companies like app in leaf forest line bridge hire for search engine evaluators and search engine evaluators are people who evaluates search terms on Google and see what comes up for those search terms so it’s a very simple job to do and some of these companies will provide you with some training they pay really well up to $15 per hour and you can do them do this type of job almost anywhere in the world I believe line bridge and with leaf force you can work anywhere in India in your in your country but I would definitely double check with these companies to make sure that they hire in your location the next type of opportunity that may work for you is writing jobs if you see like lights flashing on me or behind me it’s not spirits and remember someone was like you have ghosts in your house and it was actually cars passing by and their lights worse was reflecting behind me that’s all that is and I’m sitting in front of a window so it’s no spirits or ghosts in my house I just want to clear that up yes the next type of opportunity that you may want to check out is writing jobs you can check out blog mutts they tend to hire writers to post articles and write for blogs and so forth you also want to check out content divas and crowd content there’s other companies that I can’t even pronounce the names of these companies but I’ll list them below this video so you guys can check them out and you know they can provide opportunities for you to get jobs as a writer if you are into writing another type of opportunity that you may want to consider is reviewing calls you know like listening to calls and making sure it’s quality calls that it meets company requirements and so forth so you just be you know reviewing and evaluating calls and you don’t have to talk to anyone you’re just listening on these phone calls and a company that sends a hire for this is Hugh Mann t’k I try to find a few other companies but you Mantic is a company that came up that were popular for you know providing review calls types of jobs so I definitely check them out I believe they also hire for other positions as well and another type of opportunity that you may want to look into is chat jobs like you know being a customer service agent and just providing your assistance on chatting online or you know providing email support you don’t have to talk directly to people you’re just typing in assisting individuals on various companies websites ok a company that hires for that is called the chat shop and there’s other companies as well and list them all below this video so to check out all the information below this video in the description section that’s where I posts all the links and information for you guys ok so those are like six types of opportunities that provide non phone work online jobs that you can check out they also offer those who are just beginning to work online or from home their type of entry level type of positions as well so it hits wherever you may be you’re working home journeys so if your introvert or extrovert entry level then these types of opportunities will work for you as well okay so that’s basically it for this video hope it was helpful for you guys if so give it a thumbs up don’t forget to share you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram check out all the links below this video and thank you guys so much for subscribing I appreciate you all so much I have some good things in store for you guys some more opportunities as well as ways in which I can interact with you guys a little bit more personally even though I’m an introvert myself and trying to step out of our shell so I can help you guys on a more intimate level so I’m working on some things so stay tuned for that and I’ll see you guys next time happy work from home bye are you the work from home be your own boss business entrepreneur type well take all the credit it’s for you we provide business funding and credit assistance for the work from home entrepreneur independent contractor and small business person take all the credit has helped multiple businesses receive thousands of dollars in business funding so stop being modest and visit take all the credit calm where we get you the credit that you deserve.

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