Things To Do When You Have No Friends

Our complete things to do when you have no friends guide. You only get one life stop wasting it away with shyness. Get a markable difference in your social life and overcome shyness within 7 days. How crazy is that?

This comment really spurred my thinking. I’m a proud introvert – most of the activities I enjoy are either done alone or with a very tight group of friends. I don’t feel comfortable in large social situations, though I’ve learned how to cope well with them and not come off as a deeply antisocial jerk.

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Enjoy the natural beauty around you. Collect them, then take them home for a nice reading. Dig out that book and give it a serious, long reading. Getting lost in a book is one of my favorite experiences and it can easily be a Start a workout program at home. Just jot down the most interesting things you did that day even if they dont seem interesting right now. If you look around a bit, you can often find movie showings in your community.

things to do when you have no friends

Lonely And I Have No Friends.

There could be any number of reasons you are without friends. Perhaps you pulled away from people because you were going through a rough time. Not everyone is comfortable reaching out to people when they are struggling. Or maybe you felt that a friend betrayed you, and it prompted you to get some distance with all your friends.

Another reason could be that you’ve chosen friends that aren’t right for you. Maybe they continually exclude you or are never around when you want to connect. You may have spent time in the past with people who really aren’t that great for you because you didn’t have a lot of friends, to begin with.

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The good news is that you can get out of it!. First, know that you aren’t the only one that has found themselves without friends. Having no friends can happen when your life changes, when you move, or when you go through something that no one else gets. Making friends takes effort, and like anything else, the more you do it the easier it will be. If there are issues you are struggling with that you need professional help to conquer, work on that first. There are several ways to have more friends, but remember that it does take time. Make an effort each day toward building friendships and soon your life will be filled with them.

hey guys today I am filming a video kind of almost like an extension off of the intimacy whatever you want to call that video that I just posted because I’ve gained so many new followers from that so welcome to my channel there really a lot of you guys can relate to that and I definitely want to start doing more videos revolving those types of fears and just involving being like shy and closed off and kind of scared of humans because I just I don’t know like I don’t see much content about that out there and clearly there’s kind of a need for it and so many of you guys on my channel do that which I’m so so grateful that you did but yeah I just want to kind of start getting more advice on that sort of a thing because I feel like it’s kind of not really talked about that I’m going to be talking more about like the friendship side of things I get quite a few messages asking me about how you can attract friends into your life how you can deal with a phase in your life where you don’t really have many friends I’ve been someone who’s always struggled with that like my entire life I’ve always struggled with feeling insecure because I don’t have a lot of friends or I don’t have like a big group of friends or I never really have friends that I feel close to oh I’m just going to talk about dealing with that because it can definitely be a struggle and I know it’s a cause of so many insecurities and people especially in like high school and middle school like you’re just expected to have friends like have that be your life so it is how about done with that also we’re talking about how you can attract some friends and like minded people into your life but still how do like deal with trying to do that when you’re shy is when you’re scared because that’s what I’m trying to do right now and it’s difficult so the first piece of advice I can give to you is to just accept yourself the way you are except that you’re shy and that you may have social anxiety you may whatever is that scares you about friendships so that make friendships more difficult can you just accept that about yourself and says like constantly trying to go against it in tracks and constantly beating yourself up for it because that’s not going to get you anywhere that’s only going to make you want to isolate yourself even more because you’re going to be feeling so bad and so like guilty for being yourself um but you’re just going to want to like hide away from the rest of the world which I deal with a lot but once you just like learn to accept the shyness and like embrace it and just kind of like be able to laugh at it and be able to let go about it more lightheartedly than things start to go a lot more effortlessly um and once you’re able to accept it then you’ll you’ll find it like the right people start coming to you that are able to accept it as well if that makes for me something that’s really hard is making new friends just because I take a really really really long time to feel comfortable around a person and I think that sort of just like part of who I am I don’t know if that’s something I’ve ever necessarily going to get over unless I meet like a person that I just click with right away which hasn’t ever really happened to me not to say that it never will but yeah once you find like the right people and you start attracting the right people they’re going to accept that you know you might be a little bit more closed off at first you just have to like communicate with them and yeah the right people that are meant to be in your life will understand that like it might be a little bit harder to get to know you or maybe you look start attracting a person that don’t even have to go through that initial like awkward phase just from accepting yourself that’s like just by accepting that part of yourself you’ll begin to attract other people that can accept that part of you as well if that makes sense has to do with law of attraction if you’re not familiar with a law of attraction it just basically is the idea that like attracts like and whatever energy you’re putting out into the universe will get back so if you’re working on accepting yourself and just embracing the parts of yourself that you feel uncomfortable with then the universe will send someone that can also do the same thing something I found is if you feel uncomfortable and you kind of made me feel unworthy of having friends and it’s definitely necessary that you take some alone time to just go deep within yourself be super introspective and figure out why you feel so uncomfortable around people why you feel unworthy of having friends why you feel so closed off all the time that’s something I’m trying to work on right now and I think that’s a really good place to start if you’re looking to start attracting and your group of people into your lives just because you’re never going to be able to get that ideal sort of relationship if you’re still dealing with those internal struggles and you got to learn to love yourself and have a good relationship with yourself first it’s just like having a boyfriend or girlfriend type of situation you got to be your own best friend going along with that if you’re ever in a phase where you just feel like an outcast you feel like a total outsider and you don’t really know what to do with yourself because you don’t have any friends to hang out with just learn to be your own best friend do whatever you want you use your intuition just do things that you feel like you’ve never been able to do before because maybe your friends work into it go to the park and read your favorite book just be your own best friend and pretend like you’re hanging out on the front but like you’re hanging out with just yourself you know I got a lot of messages asking me like what should I do it on the low do whatever you want like literally you can do anything you want alone like there’s no rules like you have to be with people all the time and I feel like that’s just kind of a weird thing Society is like in graves are mine engraved in our minds but do you want to really go have fun by yourself and if you go have fun by yourself and you go to places that you love you’re doing things that your love your energy is naturally going to attract like minded people and if you’re in places that you love then other people that love that place might be there and you can meet people through that so with that being said if you’re going out getting out there the next step would be to be open to meeting new people and this is a difficult part I really struggle with it I’m good at being my own best friend and going out there and doing things I want to do but I’m not open to like chatting with people when I’m sitting in a park I’m not that scares me that scares me so much I get so much social anxiety whatever someone like even just approaches me even today I was walking home and these two guys stopped me just to have a conversation like just a chill friendly conversation and I was like I like tensed up and I could tell they kind of sensed it but they were really nice and I feel like once you’re open to the thought is at least like little things like that happening the universe will start like bringing those little situations into your life they start getting more comfortable with them like what I just had today it wasn’t like supposed to be like oh my god they’re going to be my best friends or anything like that but it just helped me get more comfortable with the idea of talking to like random people on the street even though it really scared me after it happened I’m just kind of like oh like that was okay no big deal so yeah again it’s just about getting out of your comfort zone watch my last video if you haven’t already I’m just kind of like pushing yourself in little ways to be more open people talking to you even though that’s so hard and I know what so scary and there’s so many people on for like just being open like you’ll start to attract people effortlessly with like for people like me and probably like a lot of you guys that’s really hard and it’s still something I’m working on so it’s okay to give yourself time and it’s okay to I don’t know just like accept your own tastes and accept the way go about things um because like I said earlier there’s no point and like trying to go against yourself and trying to I don’t understood giving yourself up for not being at the point you thought you would be at or being you know super outgoing like idealized person it’s okay I think the most important thing that we can learn in this lifetime is learning how to be our own best friend and how to like really know ourselves and love ourselves and just accept all that we are and once you’re able to do that I promise you that friendships and people are going to just be such an easier thing so yeah if you’re struggling with just the idea of friendships or the idea of being on people you have a lot of social anxiety whatever it is i really suggest that you just kind of find that place within yourself and try to identify the root of that because if you’re feeling really uncomfortable and insecure around people all the time there’s going to be something inside of you that you’re insecure with yourself when you’re closed off there’s kind of like something that you’re trying to hide within yourself you’re trying to you know you don’t want other people to see all that you are so I think that’s like the most helpful thing you can do is just be really interested but then you also have to learn when enough is enough and you have to get out of your Alumnus and go in the world try and talk to people so yeah I just remember it okay to be alone a specialist used to like within you that needs healing take your time with it and don’t beat yourself up for it and just accept accept where you are and life is something I’ve been really trying to focus on random little tidbit I recently got my astrology chart read for the first time about like an actual astrologer and she told me that I don’t remember what is transiting what but I think Chiron is transiting over I don’t remember something so like I’m really focused on healing myself right now I am really focused on healing my Chiron wound which is actually about intimacy fun fact but um yeah and I felt like really stuff recently I felt like I had been spending too much time alone I felt like I need to go out there and I need to start interacting with more human but when she told me that I’m just like funny like I am where I’m supposed to be like I am supposed to be kind of on my own healing my own things for I can go out there so don’t feel guilty or sad if you are very lonely whatever it is you know you’re just worried you’re supposed to be and like make the most of it have fun by yourself it’s going to be alone want to be your best friend so yeah those are my picks those are some things that I have learned in my lifetime from being quite the loner um I hope you guys got something out of this video I would love to know you guys think about this whole topic and if you have any other tips or tricks to share leave a comment and I’ll talk to you guys next time thank you so much for watching I.

yo didn’t do that your friendly neighbor Jack Slade is here and I got this question on tumblr or a while ago and I was just reading through it and I thought this is actually make a pretty damn good video idea because it could feel honestly help a lot of people out cuz I feel a lot of people just go through this thing so let me read it to you dudes and dudettes real quick hey Jax you seem like a really energetic person who makes the best of any boring situation my question to you is this besides you know what are some fun things to do while you are alone all my friends are busy with either their day jobs college work date life or just don’t feel like talking et cetera I’m on discord all day waiting for someone to show up but they don’t I feel like I’m wasting my life away on video games and so any ideas Blackall might love your work and your channel Oh trust me man ago whoever sent me that message like I know that routine all right I’ve been dealing with that crap for awhile because sometimes you know friends can be flaky whatever so I completely have like a whole contingency plan of how to like have a fun day alone or like just minding my own business without going like oh I need someone to talk to I need someone to validate my existence you know stuff like that because you know it’s good to have people to talk to but it’s also good just in like not just have a day where you’re like alright I don’t know what to do because someone’s not here so I’m gonna give you guys some tips because this has happened to me so many times and this is one of the best things you can do okay think of it like this alright my philosophy is this think of every practically every cartoon show you ever seen I won’t say every one because like you know their shows like lucky star and something else where forget worries you know everyone says vegging out talking about day to day lives like Seinfeld in animated form but that’s not the point what I’m saying is there are so many shows out there where they are barely ever inside just vegging out watching TV playing video games because that would be boring to watch again unless it’s lucky sorry cuz that’s just that doesn’t count but like they are so fun to like watch their adventures and hijinks is like oh we are living vicariously through them okay we are living vicariously through them so this is my advice to you on how to mimic that in a day to day life by yourself while having fun number one the beginning of the day you work out or do yoga one of those either those like what you want to do is you want to do something that’s gonna get you some nice energy in the day so like either lifting weights doing some calisthenics while watching your favorite TV shows like what you could do there’s a little workout you can do is like watch a TV show and then like every 2 minutes just do as many pushups as you can or during commercial break do as many you know push ups sit ups squats like that’s how Herschel Walker got jacked his hell when he was a kid so that is a way to do it also doing yoga just it also sets the entire basis of your day because when you start the day off and say you know what I’m gonna work out now you’ve got all these endorphins pumping through all the blood is flowing and you just feel nice and not missing it’s like wow I just start the day and I feel like I accomplished something so yeah definitely do that start the day off with either yoga or workout and trust me it’ll set the date it doesn’t have to be anything too intense you could go for a jog or whatever just just work out have a good fun workout number two this is where my inner 90 student comes out because I used to do this all the time when I was a kid before I got chubby and that’s just go exploring by riding your bike or rollerskating or riding your skateboard or scootering just you know then I just kidding scream sup bro why do you think I got the cap on bro when I’m kind of spaceship but no like seriously going out by yourself just exploring a safe area safe area don’t go wandering them to like Camp Crystal Lake or the woods or some of the where bears or some live but like in the safe area and just exploring the area on your bike or something like that and listening to a ipod like May gonna see like oh yeah I have my own freakin adventure I can go on that is I’m telling you this right now activity promotes positivity activity promotes positivity okay the more active you are like if you’re just like lumped down and I feel of course you’re gonna feel bad for yourself and you’re gonna wanna you know fuel crappy but you can get out and just move around in like even if you’re on wheelchair just move yourself around just move back and forth wherever you can go or like have someone take you somewhere if you you know can’t there’s something like that then it’s just fine having activity like playing fun game like go shoot hoops by yourself go play tennis you know like Oh hit baseballs like that you know what stuff some is really making me realize how much stuff I did in the nineties is a little kid but yeah like all that stuff activity promotes positivity and it’ll also just make you feel a lot better number three I know you said you don’t want waste your entire day playing video game or maybe just set up a time to play that video game like think of a game you haven’t played in a while like all right my personal game that I play all the time his spider man for ps1 I play that game once a month to completion I don’t know why I’ve been doing that every single day since I was like 13 years old because I love that game it’s my favorite video game of all time I just love that game but I’m saying just play an old game or game even playing a lot like jak and daxter I played jak and daxter all the way through the other day I want to say like one two three weeks ago and that was just a fun experience so Kingdom Hearts like if you’re getting tired to just play an over watch the same thing over and over again then yeah just try a new new old game or a nostalgic game cuz nostalgic games just make you feel good or heck watching this all Jake TV alright you can watch hey Arnold you can watch any of those shows you know that saber spark talks about and is you know what Bruins series and stuff like that and by the way go check out saber sparks new video cuz it was really good but yeah there are tons of stuff like that that you can just do in the day and it’s just fun number four treat yourself to some tasty food honey man what you gonna do you got to go online and you’re gonna look up a recipe of whatever you want if you have to go to the store and pick up supplies and that’s another adventure for you to go out and do for the day but I’m saying this go out get your stuff or just get food from the house and then cook cook something tasty cooks on whatever tasty like oh I want to bake some cakes like I’m a beast of brands like first off I’m just a beast cook like that’s not even cockiness okay like tons of women have told me that but it’s just a thing where I can go I love cooking and cooking is just a fun hobby of mine that I can make it healthier I can make it you know tasty and I can be healthy tasty or I can make just you know say you brief or one cheat day so that’s what I was just you just take some food from like any recipe online you know go to Gordon Ramsay Channel look up some recipes whenever you want to try out and then do it cook it that’s a nice little thing you can do by yourself it’s another productive thing and you rewarded yourself or I worked out this morning so there you go treat yourself number five make an epic marathon movie TV night alright whatever like you on Netflix or you go on whatever site you want to go on and you watch whatever cartoon you want or whatever show whatever TV show you love from beginning to end all right you get a whole bunch of tasty food with you you know get some drinks get some pizza burger popcorn whatever you want to do like this is I’m saying this like this is only a one day a week thing you don’t want any no do this every day because you’ll get but every but I’m saying do this when you’re just you know you’re feeling really isolated and alone it’s just it’s a nice little thing just like a marathon TV um got all my food with me I’m enjoying it I can watch this like a marathon feeling great like I just marathon Bojack horseman over the last few days because I love Bojack horseman it’s a great series you definitely check it out the four season just came out but yeah that is a fun thing to do so there you go another thing to have fun by yourself number six all right now this is what I’m gonna get real old school on you guys all right make it four make it four I’m not even lying okay like I don’t care if you’re 20 or whatever like make a fort and that will make the whole thing with the Netflix thing I just talked about way better because like oh I’m watching a little stuff and my newly built for it and that thing is just worth it I don’t care about 20 years old okay growing up means you know how to act in public and you’re responsible and you know how to feed yourself pay your bills take care of all the stuff that you have to be responsible for but when you’re alone but gives a damn just be as childish as you want all right just bounce around do what you want to do all right that’s the point of being an adult and having fun like you have to be responsible in certain areas but have fun by yourself okay and no it’s not no 40 year old virgin shit like exciting I got no problem with that and by the girl over she’ll help you with the four and then you go have a fun little place that you know okay it’s one of those things but yeah if you’re having time by yourself forts forts Netflix all that every day I’m telling you it’s great seven draw or paint something it doesn’t have to be no Picasso piece of art or some freakin Yusuke Murata a piece of art but you can just draw and paint something and have a good time all right that’s what I’m telling you right now like just draw our paints I mean it doesn’t have to be some masterpiece of art just it’s drawing is nice and relieving and you feel good and she’s like yeah yeah just draw my favorite character I’m drawing myself Jax blade hooking up with Mia because I’m one of his gray this subscribers and anyone who would do that is one of the best subscribers who I would totally give a shout out to wink wink nudge nudge you know what I’m saying that but anyway whatever I’m saying just takes that a moment and draw something or watch some bob ross bob ross had some great videos you can watch and just like mimic him like do that that’s another thing right there to keep your mind off of it and have fun remember even picasso started off crappy so all you gotta do is keep at it and build and build and build and you can impress people but most importantly you’ll impress yourself and number eight now this is gonna seem boring and whatnot but it’s actually really fun read a book read a book I’m not even like so many people like to read these days well screw those people they don’t know what the heck they talking about I really like it reading Harry Potter and reading The Hobbit The Hobbit was a book I remember like being invested I would stay up late reading that book because I hadn’t seen the cartoon yet and so like um I was just imagining what Smaug look like and how he was and trying to get Bilbo and that was just a fun read so really take your thing I know I’m sounding like a you know 90s lie Reading Rainbow you know do that it’s good for your kids whatever but I’ll tell you reading a book is actually a fun little thing you can do also is great for your brain to keeps your brain nice and strong as well so read a book any book you want to read besides that one yeah you know what I mean but yeah Pepa number 9 go for a walk like honestly just go for a walk like walks help with ideas live like sometimes you just want to be alone with yourself it’s good to be alone with yourself and just realize like I don’t like am I happy with my life so far what could I do to be better what can I do like it’s a nice little way of self reflecting and then if you want to you can also listen to an audiobook but what I like to do is just like literally take a walk by myself and when you’re doing this you’re burning just fat by the way like that’s a nice little bonus of walking and then you just think you just think to yourself you just have a nice little conversation with yourself and sometimes people realize okay I have a dark side to me some people have a light side to me confront it and then just realize okay this is what I could do this could be better I don’t like that part of me I’m going to fix it so that’s what they are really great for walking is phenomenal for that final thing you can do the tenth thing laughs just laughs okay like find something to make you laugh okay for me instantly I’ll get tell you this I love puns okay I’m that friend who no matter what you say like if someone tells me a stupid pun I will laugh at it like if you’re the one who makes puns in the group I will automatically that I don’t know it is I just love puns also I love them me and my mother have this thing where we just realized we were horrible people because I love scare pranks like you remember that shows scare cactus they used to come on in 2002 when people would just get horrified like seeing someone physically afraid that they’re going to die I don’t know why that just cracks me up I just I love that so much it makes me laugh so are so just find something to make you laugh okay whatever it may be you know go look up poops whatever or go look up comedy shows you know Dave Chappelle key and Peele skit stuff like that just laugh laughing is great for your body laughing is just one of the best things you can do and I’ll make you feel a lot better and you’ll feel like less alone when you’re just cracking up at this funny ass thing or watching so there you go well I hope this video helped give you guys you know some little things you could do by yourself besides you know go into that certain place but yeah that’s a great thing you can do just like going off doing these 10 tips having fun by yourself like you’re not obligated like I never want anyone to feel like you’re obligated to be with people to have fun because that’s just going to be burn out like the only person you can really count on is yourself like that is the truest thing in life like that is the truest thing I’ve ever learned like the main one you can count on is yourself and yourself is like should be the best friend you have because you know if you’re your worst enemy then that’s not gonna be good for you in the long run so get to know yourself see what you like see what works for you but that’s what I just wanted to say that I just wanted to make this video because I thought it’d be great helpful for people out there because I know a lot of people always tell me that I feel so alone but like watching your videos makes me like feel happy and positive and when I see comments like those I’m like oh thanks guys but uh and gals as well so appreciate it and you know I hope you have a great day and remember like I always say Keep Calm booyah on don’t forget moment I I probably have some new jack snacks I’m working on because I found this really great recipe that I like to share with you guys and it might be a rap or a sandwich or something like that I also got a new shape too so I don’t know yet but anyways Keep Calm booyah on don’t forget mom Thai have fun get to that fan art if you do I love you forever bye.

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