Social Anxiety Disorder

As soon as you’ve realised that there is A problem at hand, the next step is to figure out what it really is. Now there’s actually one main difference in social anxiety and shyness and that is, how it affects YOUR life.

So let’s go into talking about what is social anxiety disorder, and then later on I can go into social anxiety symptoms, and treatments as such recommended by others and a little bit about how the techniques in our training program can help you figure out how to overcome social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety is a step ahead of shyness, it’s more drastic and has a slightly greater effect on your life and your daily actions and routine. It’s the intense excessive fear of what happens before during and after a certain event, or unplanned events. For example whilst at school or college, whilst shopping or even chatting to your neighbours when you take the trash out. Don’t worry soon we’ll get into how to take the trash out.
Basically this feeling requires you to be in an social situation, whats a social situation you ask? this is when you and one other person are involved.

Feeling slightly nervous or anxious is normal but social anxiety is more of a paranoia of different emotions, like being judged by others, feeling like you’re the center of attention and want to just disappear into thin air, feeling humiliation or embarrassment quiet quickly and reacting in an uneasy manner. Bare in mind it doesn’t just have to be face to face, you can feel this way on a phone call or even over social media.

Some people may refer to social anxiety as a social phobia. Which once again greater than normal self-consciousness and fear of daily interactions and events. It’ll strike harder than feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach before a presentation or a date, it’ll feel more like the earth beneath your feet just turned into lava and you have no safe ground to get to before you melt.

There are a couple of myths about the social anxiety disorder, and of them is that it’s a chronic medical condition. When in reality at least 99% of the people going through social anxiety CAN and will get through it and have nothing mentally or physically wrong with them. The other 1% can vary.

So medication and chemical changes in your body may help you temporarily but not in the long-term. Why? because that’s not where the problem is, you’re trying to alter and change a fault that’s not there.You can read more about this on the main page.

Another myth is that you’re born this way. No. It’s not like your natural hair colour or the shape of your nose and it is not a permanent part of you. Just because earlier on in your life you were told you are a shy or quiet person it doesn’t mean that this will never change, In our training program we go a little more detail about how and why that’s the case.

So it may feel like someone or something has just wrecked a havoc in your life and all of a sudden and as this breaks down on you, you feel like you can’t handle it. But that’s why we’re here. Just to show you different techniques and teach you different ways to help you figure out how to overcome social anxiety.
social anxiety disorder

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