Social Anxiety Medication

Some of you may have already went down this path of adding certain chemicals to your bodies, thinking it will actually make you feel and act better. In the whole process of trying to figure out how to overcome social anxiety some people become a little bit desperate in the way it makes them feel.

Bear in mind this kind of thing takes will power and a lot of self help to over come and no over the counter social anxiety medication can treat this completely. I’m not going to say medication doesn’t work but I can assure you it will not work the way you want it to as well as being only a temporary fix, with a whole lot of side effects.

The medication usually given out by doctors would be an SSRI which means Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor. Now these are commonly used as anxiety medication or antidepressants.

How Do SSRI’s Work

Now I am trying my best here to refrain from using too many biological terms so I’ll explain this in the simplest way possible.

social anxiety medicationSerotonin is a neurotransmitter its job as a chemical messenger is to transfer messages from the nerves to the brain. After the message is delivered it’s reabsorbed by the nerves, this is known as ‘Re uptake’. This drug prevents the re-uptake process trying to make sure there is more serotonin available to pass more messages on to the nearby cells.

BUT it has not yet even been proven that anxiousness or depression or shyness are directly caused by low levels of serotonin. So if you think about it you’re taking a long term chance with loads of side effects just incase this is the issue.

This was initially created to treat depression in adults, they cannot be taken or use by anyone under the age of 18. I wonder why

Side Effects

I know I keep mentioning the side effects of these drugs but that’s because they are quiet important. It’s most common and experienced side effects are

  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Feeling agitated, shaky or anxious ( wait is this not meant to prevent that ?  )
  • Feeling or Being Sick
  • Difficulty achieving orgasms
  • In men, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

SSRI’s are not Bananas

Even though they are handed out like they are. When psychotherapy wasn’t offered and available to everyone these drugs became easier to hand out to people coming in with issues in relation to social anxiety.

Now, a few more ways are opening up and more and more doctors and psychiatrists are discovering that the self help system and psychological help and talking treatments are much more effective than drugs on their own. So make use of the training program, maybe our techniques may work better for you as an individual.

Self help has no permanent side effects.

Other Anxiety Medication

  • Benzodiazepines – These are habit forming and can only be provided for short term use, they don’t do you any good long term and may even make things worse for you. They also sedate you and make you very sleepy.

Trust me, dealing with a social situation by sleeping through it wont make it go away.

  • Beta Blockers – Now Beta Blockers are also pretty short term usage type of medication. They work by reducing the adrenaline released by your brain they can also reduce the heart rate blood pressure, shaking voice and limbs. These are not recommended in social anxiety treatments, they have short term effects and infrequent use is recommended. No use is also recommended 🙂 but that’s just by me.
  • Other antidepressants – There are so many different types of antidepressants on the market, they only way to find out which suits you is by taking them and sticking to them for long enough to see the side effects caused. It takes a very long time to figure out which suits an individual but some might even get lucky and take the right one to start with by mistake. They also have a crazy number of side effects.

Basically by taking medication and forcing chemical changes in your brain without actually trying to get rid of the issue it self is a silly idea. Least to say. These medications all have several side effects which in no way are actually making you better and may even make this worse. My advice to anyone thinking of taking medications are to think.

  • Is it worth it — are all these horrible feeling and body destroying side effects worth it ?
  • Can you do this yourself
  • Have you tried every single self treating method for long enough — if you have then the problem would have been solved by now.
  • Have you considered psychiatric help instead
  • Have you tried our training program? – If not then do it. It’s not just there for no reason and it has no side effects.

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