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So a book came out a while ago labeled the power of introverts. I won’t get into it too much but the basic idea was that introverts should accept being introverts because the world puts too much emphasis on being extroverted.

To an extent she has a point. There’s nothing wrong with being introverted if that’s what you actually like.

If you enjoy being alone then by all means do it.

anxietyBut my issue with the idea of living with social anxiety is that nobody falls completely on that side. And if you feel like it’s something you’d like to change then there’s no reason you shouldn’t. People have made up some crazy ideas about how they’re just stuck being shy, introverted and lonely. They treat it like a disease of affliction and talk about having to “recharge their batteries” by being alone. Some fall to such levels of extreme self pity it’s highly concerning.

It’s crap. It’s an excuse to not make any effort to change. Infact make your first part of the effort by reading more here.

Nobody is a full introvert and nobody is a full extrovert. We all have a little of both in us which makes it incredibly easy to have our cake and eat it too. If you’ve read my previous posts, I talk a bit about balance, because that’s what’s important, and constantly keeping a balance can something be a mission to start with, but then becomes a part of you.

If you’re honestly one of these people shaking your head at this page right now and telling yourself that overcoming social anxiety isn’t an option and I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Not only did I beat shyness, loneliness and social anxiety myself but I’ve been doing it for a number of years with other people around the world. I know how easy it can be to learn how to overcome social anxiety. The problem is that it’s hard to see it until you’re at the other end.

And I know an excuse when I see one. So no excuses. Just find out here what your next step should be.

If you’re honestly happy with the idea of living with social anxiety then that’s great. I have no problem with people accepting who they are and what they like regardless of what society thinks they can or should be doing.

But if it’s something you’d actually want to change then there’s no reason not to make it happen. If it saddens you or bothers you even the slightest then no, you’re not happy about it.

We’re wired to want to resist change. It’s scary and uncomfortable. But that fear is a big reason why some people would choose to learn to live with social anxiety rather than overcome it.

If overcoming your shyness and social anxiety is something you think you’d at least want to try? Then take a look at the I have no friends story and see how easy it is for yourself by clicking here.

Support groups

social anxiety supportNow you can get two different types of support groups available for social anxiety support. The first one is a social anxiety support group specifically and  only  for those who have been diagnosed with clinical social anxiety. The reason for this is when you interact with people who are going through the same cycle as you, it is believed that the recovery rate is better.

The other type is pretty obvious, the group therapy sessions consist of people going through different forms of depression and anxiety. You are asked to put your self into situations that make you uncomfortable with people who can sometimes be just as much uncomfortable as yourself and figure out the best way to approach the situation.

Now I don’t have all bad things to say about this, because support groups can actually be one of the best ways for some people to go our and face their fears with others who are trying to do the same, but one of the greatest cons of depending solely on a support group is consistency.

It becomes tough to fit your support group times to your schedule or if you have to travel there, you can get lazy and what not to turn up and not stick to it for long enough to actually make a difference. As well as turning up for long enough another problem can be that you can sometimes end up in one that makes you worse than better.

The thing about having a training program at your fingertips is that you can access this at anytime of the day and night, maybe during your lunch break and know that if you don’t do this no one can make you. Step by step yet at a fast pace you can learn how to overcome social anxiety, and actually do it. You need to be held responsible for not checking this training program out because hey what’s really the excuse.

Another reason why social anxiety support groups don’t work is that when you are already a shy person, turning up to a room full of people who are wanting to listen to you and have their eyes on you whilst you are asked to talk is the last thing you need. That’s why having a training program which you can actually learn from in privacy to start of with might be a better place to start. I turned up to a few support groups to back when I was going through anxiety, and all I can remember is the kind of effort and guts it took for me to force myself to turn up in the first place.

As I mentioned earlier you don’t want to end up in the wrong kind of group. By this I mean imagine getting into a discussion or group with people who do nothing but whine about their own problems and life, and do just that. Where will you get with all your time there being spent listening to problems and that’s all? Where’?s the training to get rid of the issue there? I am not saying that’s what all groups do, I am saying that some of the ones I have heard of, feel that people just talking about their problems to one another is all it takes.

If you think you want some sort of training program (click here for more about that by the way) that can help you figure out how to overcome social anxiety and you’ve come this far then you’re already one step closer.

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