Social Anxiety Symptoms

Social anxiety symptoms are tough to hide and easily seen, at least by yourself.

I remember how I physically and emotionally felt when I was very easily made anxious. My heart started racing really fast and the world felt too small, sometimes I felt like I couldn’t handle more, Other times I moved away too fast from what ever I was having to deal with. I wish knew right there and then I can read out and find out how to get rid of these horrible flashes of intense feelings, how to overcome social anxiety.

Sweat forming on my forehead and inside me, some sort of pressure was rising slowly, but not slow enough for me to feel in charge. My chest felt heavy and my head felt light. I felt like I was imprisoned in a place with no escape plan, and my fear and loneliness became much more hollow in an instance.

When I was prescribed medication for this I was told “It’s the only way” Hah!

blushingWELL, GUESS WHAT, I didn’t use any pills nor therapy and broke free of my social anxiety, I didn’t have to make chemical changes I made some changes in life. I used the training program and got out of it!

My friends and family said, “Hey, you seem to be like a totally new person”. But they were wrong about this too. This was the old me, Confident, outgoing, social, courageous and anxiety free. Ah that word… FREE !!

So once you have discovered the symptoms that  more relevant to you, you can go on and discover how to overcome social anxiety.

You may not notice this but not everyone is staring at you even when your symptoms are showing. In fact you may feel the complete opposite, you may feel like you’re the center of attention. This might make your body and mind  nervous and shaky and even nauseous in extreme cases.

The daily training program teaches you when and how to deal with these symptoms and regain control over your body. you can also read more about social anxiety here.

  • Shaking
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling restless or on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches and neck pains
  • Feeling easily irritated
  • Fast racing heart
  • Tightening of chest
  • Feeling or being sick
  • Blushing
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Speechlessness
  • Panicking  for no reason
  • Paranoia of your surroundings

These are all nothing more but a response to the threat alert your brain thinks it has recognized.

One of the symptoms include blushing. Now this is an interesting one.

Sometimes, even when you think you can hide your shyness away, your body can betray you by blushing. Turning your face into a shining red beacon of shyness.

Well, the shy among us will know how easy it can be to find yourself blushing in a social situation but it’s actually easy to stop as well. But before we work on stopping it let’s try and understand what’s actually going on.

So how do you stop blushing? And why does this happen?

So What is Blushing?

Blushing is a physical response to feeling uncomfortable funny that huh?

social anxiety symptomsYour nervous system lights up and your ‘flight or fight’ instinct kicks in. The redness showing in your face are your blood vessels opening up if you’re too warm to increase the blood flow to the face from adrenaline and release the heat through skin pores by radiation (caused by the social anxiety or fear).

Everyone will blush from time to time. The temperature, our health and the foods we eat can cause us to blush and the temperature in our body always fluctuates. But those of us who deal with shyness, Also have emotional triggers which sets this type of response off.

And it’s a bit of a vicious circle really.

Once you’re feeling shy in a social situation you can feel your face start to heat up. And, depending on how shy you are, you might be blushing in circumstances that nobody else will understand — but they can certainly see.

Code Red (Cheeks)

In a pretty extreme situation, for example, imagine a stranger starts talking to you. Maybe they’re asking for directions, about something happening locally or maybe you just happened to be sitting nearby and they felt like talking.

This might be perfectly normal for them and they’d think nothing of it. But your face starts to turn bright red — they’re going to notice. And few people are going to understand why you’d be blushing in that spot.

And the problem here is that it’s going to keep happening. You’ll feel shy, you’ll blush which will make you more awkward and shy in that situation. And it’s just a downward spiral. In fact studies have shown there to be a whole mess of problems with being shy just making the whole situation worse.

How to Stop Yourself Blushing

Now overcoming shyness itself has a whole bunch of steps to it. If you’re feeling shy in social situations you need to address that problem directly and head on. But (lucky you) you’re in the right place for that.

I used to be a blusher.

To expand on that I used to be hugely shy. Everyone who’s shy thinks nobody else has it as bad as them but I barely left the house for several years. And I’d blush greeting the postman. I’m pretty sure I blushed once when the guy was just dropping letters through the other side of the door.

And now not only do I run a site on overcoming shyness, several in fact, I’ve overcome shyness myself and helped a lot of other people do the same.

If you’re blushing in social or romantic situations it’s because there is some degree of shyness there. It can even even social anxiety. Now I recently had an article trying to look at the idea of shyness being a good trait (you can see it here titled Shyness is Nice) and, in my experience at least, there’s really no question.

Shyness and social anxiety holds you back in life. Whether it’s causing you to blush, sweat or avoid situations altogether the best answer is always to beat the problem at it’s root and overcome your shyness.

So take a look at this and learn not only how to stop blushing but to stop holding yourself back altogether. Get your answers on how to overcome social anxiety.

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