Social Anxiety Treatment

Other than medication there are also of course other ways you will realise how to overcome social anxiety and you can learn how here. First of all the most effective methods are mentioned in our daily program. For example the 4-2-6 technique or the pyramid technique. If you’ve been reading this so far and decided to continue reading than these techniques and the training program in the whole is probably something for you.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Every psychiatrists go to.

Oh how I could go on and on about the Cognitive behavior therapy(CBT). Introduced and used all around the world to treat social anxiety, and about how it doesn’t actually work for many. Yep. Now Obviously everyone to their own, you may find a way to help you out that will suit you best and others may find that way absolutely useless and vice versa. But! CBT (If you do a little research) actually has a certain percentage of effectiveness on a person and an even lower percentage of  how many people that are put through CBT actually overcome their social phobia all together even when taken off medication.

What is CBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for social phobia typically involves:

  • Getting your physical symptoms in control through relaxation.
  • Replacing negative thinking with balanced views
  • Trying to face the social situations you fear in a systematic way.

The therapy itself is a mixture of medications and talking therapies with your psychiatrist. they may talk to you about how you feel, how the therapy is going and whats effecting you and whats not. The whole process may still be a little bit more effective than some but you need to learn to rely on it for a very long time (i’m talking years by the way) for it to actually affect you.

What we  want is for you know how to OVERCOME social anxiety not cover it up and hide it. Get rid of it. One step at a time, a couple of mini jumps here and there with a whole lot of learning and success.

Group Therapy

Social Anxiety TreatmentI’m not interested in telling you what you already know. I’m not interested in wasting your time or bogging you down with useless information. I run several websites on shyness and social anxiety, I’ve overcome it myself and I’ve helped countless others do the same. WHY ? because I wish someone had saved me a whole bunch of my time (life) and a lot of money the way I want to for you.

The name kind of gives it away.

This kind includes social skills training, role- play in a group is also often a part of this type of therapy.

Group therapy for social anxiety disorder uses acting, videotaping and observing, mock interviews, and other exercises to work on situations that make you anxious in the real world. As you practice and prepare for situations you’re afraid of, you will become more and more comfortable and confident in your social abilities, and your anxiety will lessen.

How often are they available and where? not many really know. How long will you last going to these before giving up, only you know.

I know exactly what it takes to turn your life around and take you from hiding away on your own to building a brand new social life. And it’s really not that hard. But it doesn’t involve platitudes and useless information. Read more here.

Social Problems?

The only way you’ve bothered to read this far is if you know you have an issue with your social skills. You know something is wrong. You see people around you making friends and having a social life making it look so easy and you wonder how you can do the same, right?

The thing is you can. It’s just a matter of understanding what you are feeling, what you can do about it and the techniques to work on your social skills without making it worse. This is exactly what I do. This is exactly what I teach. This is exactly what I went through myself.

I went from hiding away in my room for years barely seeing anyone to being socially comfortable. Several different social circles and always meeting new people. And I don’t say this to brag. But it goes to show if I can do it anyone can. And now I have a training course for people to learn to do exactly what I did.

My point is you know there’s something wrong. You don’t have the social life or ability you want to have and attaching a number or rating to that won’t improve anything. But an actual training course like this will. Find out how.

social anxiety group

Understanding Your Social Anxiety

I’m maybe coming across a little wrong at this point.

It’s not that I don’t think you need to understand why you feel the way you do. In fact a huge part of learning how to overcome social anxiety and shyness is understanding why you feel that way in the first place. And I do go over that in detail. But I don’t agree with the way a lot of other sites answer these types of questions.

But you’ve got no direction, no real idea of what to do and sooner or later you end up back at square one. The trick is to learn to understand your feelings and reactions in context. It’s basically the lower levels of your brain acting as a self defense mechanism. You see certain people as socially superior and instinctively fear them and worry about their opinion of you.

It’s not logical. And this is why you can’t reason it away with something like “just get over it”. But knowing why you feel the way you do alone doesn’t help you. People will experience different levels of severity but at the end of the day the techniques you’ll use are going to be the same and everyone will improve at different speeds.

Help Yourself.

Self help techniques are only for those who actually want to move on grow into the kind of confident person they want to become and actually TRY. This takes time and patience just as anything else, but we’re not offering you leaflets or appointment times. We don’t want you to fit us into your schedule to see us once a week for a year. We just want to give you the solutions straight up. so join us and get rid of that crappy feeling caused by your social anxiety.

Overcoming Your Social Anxiety or Shyness

If you’re having problems socially you’re holding yourself back in so many areas if your life. And the one thing I constantly remind people is we only have one life.

You don’t have time to waste your time away being shy. You don’t have time to waste it away with useless information. You know you need to work on your social skills and we could spend days going over the psychology behind why that is OR you can grab the training and start learning how to overcome social anxiety and turn your life around today. We have more than enough to get you started if you click here.

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