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Social Anxiety

Do you get anxious in social situations (or thinking about them)? A self-esteem boost can ease your anxiety. Find out how. Watch.
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hey everyone my name is Emily Roberts and I am a blogger for healthy place comm I write the blog building self esteem today I want to speak with you guys about confidence and social anxiety so oftentimes and we’re in social situations whether it be with people we don’t know new situations we’re here at a gathering or a networking event or even if you have to go into a situation that’s slightly uncomfortable like asking for something that you need from someone you already know that can bring about feelings of inadequacy it can bring about feelings of doubt and bring about a lot of anxiety people get nervous right everyone does the way that you manage your nervousness or your lower confidence in those situations is to practice a few quick tips but I want to teach you guys today one of those first things is above me we’re actually in this blog it’s a link to feeling mindful and mindfulness is really key in any situation whether it be a situation where you already are feeling comfortable but you’re not sure of your emotions or a situation where you don’t know anybody when you’re mindful when you’re able to be in your body you’re not like up here right you’re not in this face that you don’t feel in control you’re in a wiser state of mind we can make decisions from your from your wise mind right versus his emotional state the state of mind that goes kind of rapid fire and you know all or nothing and really makes you feel less than so when we start getting mindful we can become in the moment a little bit more confident and a little bit more assertive the second and that’s in the link above um the second thing you can do is kind of practice with the script so let me give you an example of front a friend of mine recently was talking about a situation where she had to ask for something that she needed and she really really was running it she was afraid of all of the what ifs and the things that could go wrong when she really needed to focus on what she wanted to ask for and the best way to do so so she kind of came up a script she wrote it down beforehand she troubleshooted what if they say X Y or Z and was able to go in there with a bit more confidence than she would have if she was just going in and saying like I really need this and can you please help me with this she was assertive she was confident and she got what she needed so coming up with a script kind of a way you want the conversation to flow and what you want to say beforehand is super helpful in new situations the third thing I would say the third tip would be in new situations to kind of have a few things in your back pocket to talk about I had her gathering recently I only knew the host in the hostess and I could have sat awkwardly in the corner and said nothing right or been on my phone but what I decided to do was they tried to find common ground I tried to smile and approach people not in a weird way in a way that if I was at the buffet table and they were there we kind of talked about similar interests or how we knew the host and the hostess I had a few things in my back pocket that kept me from leaning out of the social situation when you lean in you gain confidence you also gain more self esteem because you know that you kind of tried your best even if people weren’t receptive in my case I wanted meeting a couple new people which was great and I also got to know the hosts gnosis a bit better as well because of those people so a few things mindfulness having a script and having some things in your back pocket some tools or some guidelines will really really help you when you’re feeling anxious or in your situation that’s uncomfortable okay well you guys have a great week and if you have any suggestions put them below and I look forward to talking with you all soon take good care you.


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