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Social Anxiety

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about five years ago I went through a very traumatic experience in my life that resulted in a very acute case of depression and I just couldn’t get out of bed it was horrible I was critically ill for two years due to taking the wrong prescription medications I couldn’t walk a straight line I could barely stay awake they just couldn’t really put a pin on what was wrong with me one in four Americans in their lifetime will suffer from a mental health disorder and less than half of those patients will respond appropriately to their treatment and gene site is able to help their physicians every day get them on the appropriate medications gene site is a simple test where we use a cheek swab to collect your DNA we process that DNA in our lab to understand how your genes will impact how you’re going to respond to medications in three clinical trials we’ve actually shown that patients will double their likelihood of responding if a doctor knows which medications to avoid and which medications are genetically appropriate for that patient to select from the gene side test is a great breakthrough in our field of selection of medications for patients for the first time we have some real science there I really believe in the science behind it I can choose the right medication on the first or second trial and to bring them to remission and the shortest amount of time possible I wanted to have my life back I found this test and it changed my life after I got better I went back to graduate school and got two masters degrees now I’m using both of them in a library position and I love it that is something I don’t think would have happened if I had never gotten the gene side test it’s just cheek swab get it done just get it done.


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