Dealing With Social Anxiety – Phobia Of Talking To People? (Self-Help) Video

Social Anxiety

Feel awkward in social situations? Do you dread talking to complete strangers or going to social functions? Does it affect you in day-to-day life and cause you massive problems?

Ninh Ly explains Dealing with Social Anxiety, is a short video on how social anxiety works and how it can cripple us, and how to stop social anxiety and fear of speaking to LIKE, RATE & discuss on Ninh Ly (2017)
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Ninh explains: Dealing with Social Anxiety.It’s more than just shyness. Sometimes, it’s a complete avoidance of

interacting with people. Believe it or not, it’s something that I’ve

suffered from in the past. That horrible feeling when you first meet

a complete stranger. You start panicking and thinking that you

have nothing to talk about.

You worry that you’ll embarrass yourself

in front of people.The worst case scenario follows a vicious

circle. Even before you’re due to speak to anybody,

you start to build up a level of stress, anxiety. You don’t look forward to it, it’s making

you physically ill. You’ll suffer from physical symptoms, dry

mouth, stuttering, excessive sweating andthis doesn’t help how you see yourself. Now, whilst you are attempting to talk to

this person, you’re probably thinking thatyou look stupid, say stupid things, and you’re

probably thinking that the other person isthinking the same thing.

And when it goes horribly wrong, you’ll reaffirm

those negative beliefs, you start beatingyourself up and the cycle repeats itself.It can be difficult to overcome, for sure. So what do I do about it. ?First things first, try and understand what’s

going through your mind when you’re panicking. Write it down if you have to. What is it that you’re actually thinking?Next … ask your self – is it really true,

or is it something that I’ve exaggerated?Most of the time, it’s not actually true,

but it’s worst case scenario that we putin our own brains.

But no one has actually told us that.We’ve concocted that ourselves. Now it’s time to shift your focus. Don’t think about how others see you, rather

focus your attention on them. If it helps, keep them talking, ask lots of

questions, take the pressure off yourself. Try and enjoy being in other people’s company.

Focus on the positives, instead of dwelling

on the negatives.If you’re struggling with stuff to say,

I highly reccomend that you watch my videoon Conversational Confidence!The last step is to gradually, gradually expose

yourself to social situations that you’dnormally avoid. Maybe take a friend or family member one on

one to a coffee shop to work on your conversationalconfidence before upping the ante and going

to a slightly more formal social occasion. The idea is to wean you off your negative

thought patterns, and start gradually replacingthem with positive good experiences. Think back at a time where you actually enjoyed

being around the company of others. Wouldn’t it be great to be like that all

the time?Well, you can!It just going to take a bit of work.

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