Having Social Anxiety Video

Social Anxiety

It is a bizarre thing to have to deal with especially with such minor instances such as passing strangers on the street. . . What are ways you deal with it?

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hey guys in this video I’m gonna talk about social anxiety um it’s a very real thing and I have it I definitely 100 million percent have it so I’m sure there’s a lot of you that also have it so you can completely relate to how I feel in my experiences but basically I would say I’m like a fairly sociable person and I’m able to be be socially normal like I’m not super awkward or anything I can be I can be quite awkward but I’m like fairly okay in social settings but the inside of my body has like a panic attack it is so awful literally this and it’s not even in like just social settings like it could be something I symbolized like walking down the street and then passing by a group of people and it’s men in particular that give me like a little extra anxiety so like if I’m just walking to work or whatever and then I passed by a group of like teenage boys or even like older men like if I just see them ahead of mean I know I’m about to walk past them I hits a very weird sensation so like my chest will kind of start to start to tighten and oh my heart will start to race a little bit and then my eyes will just kind of just start like looking around because I start to panic a little bit so all I do my best to just like look straight in a well look straight look straight don’t look down don’t look up just look straight walk confidently keep walking as if they weren’t there what would you’ve been looking at or doing if they weren’t there oh I don’t know you would have been looking straight just thinking about oh that’s a really pretty tree or oh I I think someone just texted me or hmm I wonder what I’m gonna teach today like I don’t know why I can’t keep my focus on the things that are present in my mind and why I have to I have to change my thoughts to the the people physically present as passing by makes no sense they are completely irrelevant and insignificant to me they are not going to impact my day in any way aside from me happening like a mini panic attack so I’ve been like this since probably elementary school like I remember when I was really really little I took ballet and I have I was very young I was maybe five or six this is one of my earliest memories we had a ballet recital I guess like yeah so we had like a final performance and I remember sitting in the audience with my mom I was supposed to be up there but I was too shy and too scared so I didn’t do it and ever since then from my memory I’ve been way too scared and timid to do things I’ve grown out of that a lot since I’ve entered since I had started college and finished college whoo but I still get anxious and I don’t know why I really really don’t know what the root cause of this this feeling is like just the fact like in school I remember I hated walking down the halls because there would always be kids just lined up along the walls and if they heard a person walking you know reflex is to just look at me like oh there’s someone walking look back down just the thought of anyone noticing me or seeing me or paying attention to me gave me serious anxiety and to this day I am still like that to us to some degree I really couldn’t answer why it’s not that I’m not confident because I think generally speaking I am a fairly confident person but for some reason I feel very uncomfortable and anxious especially walking by a group of people I don’t want them to look at me I don’t want them to like pay any attention at all I would like to be invisible um yeah so speak II will not speaking up but kind of changing the scenario so um going to like parties in college and being in big social gatherings especially in college was really really tough for me it was really hard I pushed myself to do it because I knew I needed to get over it and I knew no well this is gonna be good for you you need to go you’re gonna feel awkward you’re gonna feel embarrassed no matter what you do even if you’re not even embarrassing to other people you’re gonna feel embarrassed about your own actions no matter what so just do it just do it you can only benefit from this so I put myself in a lot of uncomfortable anxiety inducing situations that I’m glad I did but I don’t know why I still have this I maybe I’ll have this for the rest of my life I’m really not sure but yeah I’m I was always that like very awkward person unless I had a little bit to drink I was very awkward I felt extremely uncomfortable like I don’t know initiating the conversation I have no problem like introducing myself in the appropriate situation but just like out of the blue being like hey my name is Noelle I saw that blah blah blah I just wanted to come say hi like that’s hard for me and I wish it wasn’t because I want to be more socially confident and I want to portray myself and carry myself in a way that tells people hey I know what I’m doing I’m confident don’t mess with me and yeah I’m just a happy content person and I’m friendly I want to portray myself in all of those ways but when I get this serious anxiety it’s really hard to do that so I’m oh yeah like really I think the only thing that can be done for other people too is probably just continuously putting yourself in situations where you’ve got to deal with it even though it’s stressful and you feel anxiety coming on you feel your heart racing you feel like a pressure in your chest you kind of feel like you can’t breathe for a second you just got a freakin do it right that’s my mentality that’s been my mentality for the past few years and I think I have to keep doing it I might be third by 45 by the time I can say you know what I don’t give a anymore but it is really really hard it’s really hard and to those of you who have this same issue like really I feel I’m sorry to you because this is so stressful it’s really stressful like it impacts my everyday life like I choose not to do certain things based on how I might feel doing that and a lot of people do that but I don’t I don’t want to have to do that if I think an activity is gonna be fine or it’s like wow that’s a really interesting activity but then I’m like oh wait I’m not gonna do it because there’s gonna be 40 people there that I probably don’t know I should go anyway who cares if there’s 40 people the fact that my anxiety stops me from doing things that will enhance my life likely enhance my life even in a small way will introduce new great people in my life will just give me a really great experience I’m missing out on those things because I’m just scared I’m scared and anxious and I really don’t like that I really really really don’t like that yeah it’s really really stressful literally just walking to school every day I mean it’s not so bad that I have to like cover my face or anything like that but it definitely gives me uh huh like I feel my body reacting to the anxiety and it’s very unpleasant so yeah I have improved a lot since I was young but it’s still there and I wanted to be 100% gone so if any of you who’ve had this a similar problem to me if you’ve found a way to kind of overcome this please tell me how you did because it’s a daily struggle that I don’t want to be a daily struggle anymore I want to be fully confident in my abilities and although I am fairly confident it’s very evident that I’m not because the fact that I feel anxious knowing people are going to even glance at me for one second especially when it’s multiple people I shouldn’t the way that I react I shouldn’t react like that and it’s not my fault per se but I would like to do what I can to completely just make it disappear from my life so yes if you have the same problems and/or you have a solution share them with me I hate I hate this it is stupid and it needs to go away forever anyway I thought I’d talk about this because I literally experienced this yesterday and I experienced it every day so it’s not that special but I was thinking about what should I talk about and I thought hey this is probably relatable to some people so yes have a wonderful morning afternoon and evening and I’ll see you guys in my next video okay bye.


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