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Social Anxiety

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hi how are you all doing I am no longer sick I am no longer dying I am no longer a hermit I have entered the world and I am a new woman so that’s exciting I felt like I was dying like I have not been sick for two years and it really like kicked my ass a little bit so I’m excited to be like breathing normally now and smelling things and tasting things and not feeling like I have to sneeze all the time anyways today’s video is about my journey and how I have overcome social anxiety and if you know me you probably don’t really know that I have social anxiety you can probably know that I am a terribly terribly awkward person I say things that aren’t appropriate I say things at weird times I’m just awkward I make situations very awkward and it’s because I do have a little bit of social anxiety and I really don’t know when what to say when to say it you know when to stop when to start so when I was young I had a lot of social anxiety because I was bullied a lot that’s not what this story is about it’s not about a pity party I’m not going to make it about that but I did have a lot of bullying happening and I really was an only child didn’t have a lot of friends growing up so I did have a lot of people to talk to so I really didn’t develop my linguistics and I’d really didn’t know how to you know talk to people carry conversations especially with new people acquaintances now that I’ve gone through a couple of retail jobs and now that I’ve gone through life a little bit more I have gained the skills to be a little bit better at you know talking and carrying conversations and just overall being less awkward so growing up I’ve always had social anxiety it got to the point where I couldn’t order for myself at restaurants had to get my mom to order for me I couldn’t go into subway and get myself I did to go in for me god bless you your heart mother thank you so much and it just kept kind of piling up until I kind of was like hey this you know this is stupid I’m ready to grow up so it twist degree I had to get angry at my own social anxiety I had to get very mad and be like yeah you can’t run my life this is enough I have a couple tips you know three or four tips that I want to give you guys my number one tip though is exposure therapy I know that people with anxiety they want to you know not deal with anybody they want to they want to hide from whatever is causing them in xiety but that’s what that exactly is what keeps you back it keeps you five steps back in regards to recovery you need to go out and you need to go to subway and you need to order for yourself at restaurants and you need to go out and do these things keep doing them and learn that the more you do them you know nothing’s gonna happen nothing Bad’s going to happen to you another tip that I have learned over my my years of being a human is it’s really important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable so I am an embarrassing person I say things sometimes I don’t know where they’ve come from I trip I fall I do stupid stuff I make mistakes I’m not always the smartest person so I get embarrassed a lot and when I was younger I when I would become embarrassed or be in those situations I would stay awake every night for a month thinking about that situation and like how could you like you should know better why would you do this and it was so self destructive so self that I recently tried to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable with being embarrassed I’m learning this year and like you’re a little bit to laugh at myself I’m a funny person and when I make mistakes it’s hilarious cuz I’m just I’m awkward and then this ball of like human that tries to do things but most of the time fails and it’s hilarious and I’m wanting to laugh at myself and when people make fun of me or whatever in social situations I add to it it’s it’s funny and it’s empowering because I’ve never been like that ever in my life I’ve always been perfectionist and things have to go this way I have to be perfect I have to always talk without stuttering or you know messing up my words now I know the laugh of myself like of course you know and because of that I’ve gone down a couple levels when I’m speaking to people I’m very much more down to earth this is my level this is the level I was up before because perfectionist I wanted to be perfect and people can sense it and they were like well this is really awkward and really tense so I’m gonna move on to somebody else um so that’s something that has so benefitted me with social anxiety in just every other aspect of my life most of the time lately I’m pretty good I don’t really have social social anxiety anymore and when I do have it I just try to go step by step I just try to do whatever I can to mediate the situation at that time I don’t run from it running from anything and xiety wise will only make it worse so lately I get really bad social anxiety at the grocery store um I don’t know why a lot of men like to speak with speak to me at grocery stores talk to me at grocery stores and I don’t like it I don’t really like it I get old men telling me how to wear my purse so people won’t steal from me and you know or they come up to me they’re like smile bit more and it just bothers me so much and I hate it so one of the things that I do is I listen to music I listen to music whenever I’m in a place crowded place and it really helps me focus and be like yeah we’re here for groceries we’re not here to look everybody else we’re here for groceries I really have issues with people looking at me and so I’ll look at everybody before they can look at me so focusing remembering what you’re there for you’re not there to deal with any of your social anxiety you know you’re not there to look at anybody or talk to anybody you’re just there for the purpose and I think reminding myself of that and putting music in really helps me sometimes I have anxiety at the gym but again music helps me again and just focusing in remembering what you’re there for you’re not there to socialize you’re not there to do anything nobody’s expecting anything of you just focus and be present and be there remember to you know your biggest critic is yourself nobody is judging you as hard as yourself so if you could lower the bar a little bit more and be a lot nicer to yourself I think it’s really important be kind to yourself you know you are your own best friend and self talk you know talking to yourself and saying you are great there’s no reason you should have anxiety right now it is really going to help you anyways that’s pretty much it if you have any questions let me know but thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you some other day bye.


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